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Scott Morse and Skottie Young launch webcomic

Acclaimed artists Scott Morse and Skottie Young took their six-month-old sketchblog in a new dimension this morning with the debut of a not-yet-titled webcomic starring Asher and Spittle, anthropomorphic animals described as “our dynamic duo, our Laurel and Hardy, our Artoo and Threepio.”

“We’re creating these one page at a time with no outline to work from: we’re shooting from the hip,” Morse writes. “This could backfire and destroy comics and the internet itself … or succeed and make the internet a better place and comics the medium of choice for storytellers. Or at the very least make you smile twice weekly.”

Morse’s pages will update every Monday, while Young’s will appear every Friday.



Maaa-aan, Morse’s work is so enjoyable to look at. Thank you for posting about this!

Way to go Skottie. You rock. It’d be nice to see an animated toon come out of this. Nice hand-drawn feel to it.

Dude, Asher’s a beaver! That’s awesome!

I will study when I’m not keeping track of this comic.

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