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See Amy Reeder’s Batwoman variant covers that won’t see print

Batwoman #1 variant by Amy Reeder

Amy Reeder, who’ll share art duties with J.H. Williams III on Batwoman, reveals on her blog four variant covers for the upcoming series that, for unclear reasons, won’t be published.

“We had it set up that I would do variants for J.H.’s run and he would do variants for mine (meaning, the main covers during my arc would be drawn by me),” she writes. “AND I got to ink and color these, which really got my creative juices flowing.  It’s been a while since I’ve had that opportunity and I had a blast! So, I’d done four of the five variants, when I had found out that DC decided not to publish any variant covers on Batwoman.”

A second cover can be seen after the break. Visit Reeder’s blog to see more, as well as an unpublished Supergirl cover featuring the Teen Titans. Batwoman #1 arrives in stores on Sept. 14. Reeder’s story arc begins in February.

Batwoman #3 variant by Amy Reeder



These are great! At first I wasn’t looking forward to non-JHWIII-drawn Batwoman so much, but I do like these covers. Maybe with the insane amount of lead time they’ve had on this book, she might get to ink and color some of her own interiors? I’d really like to see that.

Amy Reeder is an amazing talent. I hope she gets her own high profile book soon. Being “the other artist on Batwoman” after JHW3 is probably not the best way for her to win recognition in the industry.

Case in point: Had it been any other artist on covers for Batwoman, DC would have leapt at the chance to publish these unbelievably gorgeous variants.

I hope DC includes them in the hard and soft cover collections of Batwoman 1-6, if there is going to be such a thing.

Oh wow, if that first variant cover up at the top were sold as a print, I would buy it RIGHT NOW.

They’re well executed images in and of themselves, but I’m not sure they suit the visual tone established for the book/character by the initial Rucka/Williams run. They don’t really establish a mood the way Williams covers do. They’re good art, per se, but I don’t think they’d have the same kind visual impact staring out at potential customers on the stands. It almost looks like she’s trying too hard to create something “moody.”

The Supergirl/Titans cover she posted on her blog, however, is great stuff.

“Amy Reeder is an amazing talent. I hope she gets her own high profile book soon. Being “the other artist on Batwoman” after JHW3 is probably not the best way for her to win recognition in the industry”

Really? Being JH Williams III’s second is not something people will notice?

I disagree.

If that meant for the end of this boring gimmick, I’d be pleased. As it is not the case, it’s just a pity.

Its a shame they aren’t doing the varients, even in a very limited run.
The artwork is beautiful, but most of them could easily be used as posters and pinups. If DC is a serious about getting Batwoman into the mainstream as Didio has said in interviews then they would need more paraphanalia than just the comics for the new fans to invest in. We should petition DC to release them in such a format – he face image and the one on Reeders blog with the city would make great door posters!!

Dan DiDio: “And just where would we publish them, SIR? Now if you’ll excuse me as a member of the male gender I have horrible OMAC scripts to write.”

Thats a shame. It seems like easy money. I know DC are restricting there variants now – but if they are already produced, whats one more a month?

If we’re lucky the Batwoman issues will go into a 2nd print – and they just use it!

That should be ….. their variants…. :)

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