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Slip me some samosas, baby: Archie goes to Bollywood

It’s not too often that we get Archie Comics news from CNN’s Mumbai office, but this report on Archie’s venture into Bollywood is likely just the beginning. In the World of Archie Double Digest #9, out this week, Archie’s friend Raj gets to direct a Bollywood film and somehow the whole gang ends up in India:

In the “Archie” comic, notorious glutton Jughead replaces his pizzas with samosas and vindaloo; Veronica and Betty drape some saris and alternate these with lehengas; Archie remains fairly confused, but this time in a kurta.

They all absolutely love Bollywood. And find everything about Mumbai “amazing.”

Of course, it’s always strange to look at your culture through the eyes of another, and the CNN article is a bit critical of Archie for picking up on the superficial aspects of Bollywood. But hey, it’s Archie! And to give them their due, they aren’t stopping there—plans are in the works to have the Archie gang travel around the country, as well as to launch more comics in India and possibly to translate them into Hindi and Malayalam.

In fact, Archie comics have been popular in India for quite a while; when I interviewed Archie co-CEO Jon Goldwater for a Publishers Weekly article in January he noted that Archie had just opened an office in India and added, “Even though we are big in India, we should be bigger. We are big in Australia, but we should be bigger. We are not big in Europe, but we will be.” So maybe this is just the beginning.



First, India… and then… THE WORLD!!!!

>> the CNN article is a bit critical of Archie for picking up on the superficial aspects of Bollywood >>

Yes, CNN, it won’t be anything like Archie’s previous in-depth, nuanced portraits of the music industry, space travel and modern-day high-school social situations.


To be fair, I’m Indian, and samosas are the first thing I think of when it comes to Indian food. Maybe because i snack on them so damn much. Regardless? This is pretty awesome, as Archie has a HUGE following in India. That’s where I was introduced to them myself, when I went to visit relatives when I was about nine years old.

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