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Sneak peek at Daredevil: Season One and X-Men: Season One

Daredevil: Season One

Marvel has released previews of Daredevil: Season One and X-Men: Season One, part of the first wave of its recently announced line of graphic novels the features modern creators retelling classic superhero stories.

“We’re hoping to introduce folks who have never read any of these characters to these characters in this format, and also provide an interesting and illuminating story for people who have read a lot of Fantastic Four and Daredevil,” Tom Brevoort, Marvel’s senior vice president of publishing, said last month. “If you want to dip your toe in the water and find out the essence of what Marvel is all about, here is a nice place for you to start in big, sizable, meaty chunks.”

X-Men: Season One, by Dennis Hopeless and Jamie McKelvie, will debut in March, followed by Daredevil: Season One, by Antony Johnston and Wellington Alves, in April. Check out a page from each graphic novel below, and visit Comic Book Resources for the full previews of Daredevil: Season One and X-Men: Season One.

Daredevil: Season One

X-Men: Season One



So X-Men Season One is just like Professor X and the X-Men?

OMG! How many times are they going to tell the same story?

And I bet Kirby’s heirs won’t see a penny for the retelling of the X-Men.

Why does Marvel waste so much time on retelling the original 5 X-Men stories over and over again? Why not use some of that page time on the back history of the other X-Men. There are so many X-Men’s histories that have been unexplored or have had past plot lines that have just been ignored and left unfinished.


And how many times can you retell the Daredevil origin? Why not just reprint Frank Miller’s DD: Man w/out Fear? We need new stories! We are all tired of the rehashing…its getting redundant. And honestly, Miller already peeked the DD origin, these other people cannot hope to match it.

totally agree. Man Without Fear was just brilliant… that’s really the one main reason I’m such a DD fan

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