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Superman changes into Clark Kent in new page from Action Comics #1

A brief interview with Grant Morrison at Fast Company is accompanied by a page from Action Comics #1 by Morrison and Rags Morales featuring a denim-clad Superman hitching a ride on a dirigible before swiping someone’s laundry for a quick change of identity in an attempt to evade police.

The article itself is pretty straightforward, with Morrison conceding the daunting task of relaunching the title and the character — “I felt the weight of history with this one” — his initial apprehension about taking the gig, and the story behind Superman’s little red cape. “It came with him from his home planet and is indestructible,” he says. “No one’s depicted it as a security blanket before, protecting him from all harm. It gives it a fairytale feel, before his powers fully develop.”

Check out the rest of the page below. Action Comics #1 premieres on Sept. 7.



I dunno…SuperLinus?

Um, actually, the indestructible cape has been depicted before, along with Superman’s indestructible costume. They were sewn together by Ma Kent (with Clark’s help) from the red and blue blankets he was swaddled with on his spaceship from Krypton in the Silver Age version.

Thanks for the heads up for the interview. Personally I am on the fence about this book (being a Superman fan who is apprehensive of DC again rebooting the character for what appears to be the umpteen time in less than a decade…) Might give the first issue a chance at least.

I am deeply impressed by how you could actually hear Comic Book Guy’s voice immediately upon reading Mark R’s comment.

Brilliant. I love the psychological aspect of it. Those interested check out the psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott’s thoughts on the “transitional object.” Given the tragedy of his origins–Supes would need a transitional object.

The Morrison quote is, ““No one’s depicted it as a security blanket before …,” which is different than the (nonexistent) line Mark R. is commenting on.

HOLY SH*T! That’s a dirigible! YEAH! Nice touch for Metropolis. Not to say it hasnt been done, but it’ll be cool to see them design the city from the ground up.

What I’m curious about now is how he got the shirt and came up with the symbol. Although looking at the cape it looks like the symbol is etched on it. So mainly how’d he get the shirt did his mom make it, did he go in a store and have it made?

Hey, maybe NOW Neil Diamond should play Superman: “IIIII’d much rather be… Forever in blue jeans, baaaabe!”


It’s The Amazing Superman!

Is he Bruce Banner?

Looks pretty good.

Looks like Superman changed into his Harry Potter disguise.

I’ve missed the indestructible costume ever since the Byrne/Wolfman reboot, so I’m all for the cape thing. Some story even established that Kal El made the lenses of his Clark Kent glasses out of the windows of the Kryptonian rocket, thus explaining how he could all the time secretly use his heat vision while in disguise. I loved that crap.

so he doesn’t wear the costume so he makes his own, cool. now he is reduced to stealing clothes off the clothes line. this better be a good story line enough to pick up the issue.

@omgtheman: LOL @ That post

Are you kidding? Really? to nitpick a detail like that

Your post just proves Superman has been dead for YEARS with no interest in his book(s)

Even the cbr WW fans are more open minded

Well, I have followed too many DC reboots and origin stories lately. We just got Superman Secret Origins and All Star Superman; which are going to be hard to top. I’m pretty sure there were more.

I am looking forward to the Superman books, They are going to be excellent !!


Depending on the timeline, he could just have bought Iron On Transfer paper and used a printer :-)

Whos art is that? Because it looks nothing like Rags Morales previous work…. and not in a good way.

I really don’t get the blue jeans and t-shirt and farm boots…

Oh look, it’s Super-thief. Or maybe he returns the clothes he takes off the clothesline later on in the book….

I was actually looking forward to this title (and only this title), because of how great Morrison’s All-Star Superman was. I’m not sure about a Superman who steals clothes, though. It might seem like a minor detail, but a super-powered Kryptonian who steals anything is not Superman. Superman’s moral code might seem too rigid to some modern sensibilities, but he does not waver in upholding it.

We only get one page. How do you guys know he’s stealing those clothes? That could be his clothes line on top of his building. Not saying it is, just saying we don’t exactly know the context. Or, as someone else pointed out, he could just be throwing them on for disguise effect and will return them shortly. But if he is stealing them, I’m ok with it. This is a younger Superman. He should make brash, stupid mistakes. I don’t want him to be the mature pinnacle of moral fiber that we see in the Superman series.


That was my first question when I saw these pages as well. It could just be the inker but those pages don’t look like Rags Morales pages.

He even liberated tennis shoes! And where did he hide those big logger/work boots? I was hoping maybe he… borrowed the clothing from Lex Luthor, but perhaps he would have been grinning impishly instead of looking sad and depressed and… shades of Smallville! Another mopie teenager with incredible powers and world-saving potential? And we’re trading in Krypto and Power Girl for this? Well, I still have Invincible…

Yeah, this is actually the comic garnering my biggest concerns.. This is probably too much of a reboot on the character at the indulgence of Morrison. I’d have been content to let the recent John’s/Frank Secret Origins story stand (it’s less than 2 years old..). In terms of pop culture zeitgeist, it hit all the right notes from both comics and the movies, preserved Legion continuity, and really set the table. (Still trying to figure out how they let all the good work Johns/Frank set up in Action Comics just get totally squandered…) Anyway, keep him in original get up in the early days, get rid of the tights ‘5 years later’ if you have too, and reboot the marriage.. and you’d have been be good to go.

I’m skeptical blue jeans Superman is going to resonate with the base fan, let alone create an entire new generation of readers by wearing worn out blue jeans with PATCHES on the knees. I’m not sure I remember the last time I saw someone sew patches on worn out jeans.. must have been 1976… but every teen ager pretty much just leaves the holes there now.. Visually, it’s almost as jarring as seeing Arsenal have hallucinations on heroine.. which is not a hallucinogen..

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