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Taiwanese animators tackle Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man

Next Media Animation asks where are the Asian superheroes

Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese studio responsible for offbeat animated explanations of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark and The Dark Knight Rises teaser, has moved quickly to address the announcement of a half-black, half-Latino Spider-Man. But NMA wants to know why Spider-Man couldn’t be Asian “or, better yet, Taiwanese.”

“There are few well-known Asian superheroes,” the narrator says. “The most recent was Kato in The Green Hornet, which bombed at the box office. Asians traditionally have been portrayed as villains, such as Fu Manchu characters or dastardly dragon ladies. Asia’s time in the superhero spotlight is long overdue. What are you waiting for, Marvel?”



Black Mask?

Isn’t that a villain?

There’s a bunch of Asian X-Men. And we’ll stop treating Asians like villains when China and North Korea stop acting like them!

Oh yeah! Good point there. IIRC the X-Men anime featured a Japanese heroine. Artemis on Young Justice is also half-Asian, not sure specifically which group though. Heck Grant Morrison created two teams a few years back, one Japanese and one Chinese. The first issue of Batman Inc. featured a “Japanese Batman”. I mean if we’re really going to run down this list we can.

Green Hornet wasn’t a huge smash hit, but far from a bomb — its worldwide box office almost double its production budget. That being said… not enough to warrant a sequel.

Black Bat /Cass Cain Batgirl
Well for another 3 weeks till she gets DCnUked out of existence

Cassandra Cain…. Now being called BLACK BAT, and was once called Batgirl. She was 1/2 asain and white.

“And we’ll stop treating Asians like villains when China and North Korea stop acting like them!”

I’m sure the millions of Chinese and North Korean citizens who have nothing to do with the policies of their governments appreciate your nuanced approach to cultural diversity.

Asian characters are either villains, dragon ladies, geishas or played for a joke in comics. Or all do karate/kungfu.

The only ones I can think of who break that stereotype are David Kim/Xombi (Korean), Nico Minoru (from Runaways) (Japanese), Ryan Choi, Amadeus Cho. Jubilee (until they messed her up and turned her into a vampire).

The Great Ten and Super Young Team had potential, if they weren’t written in such a patronising way, from a Western perspective.

Psylocke, from Marvel, isn’t even a proper Chinese character (she’s an English woman transferred to the body of a Chinese woman!)

** “And we’ll stop treating Asians like villains when China and North Korea stop acting like them!”

Are you that gullible, that you swallow what the press/media/government tells you about China and North Korea without question??

Why is Sara Pichelli depicted as a French man? This animator is sexist!

Connor Hawke was part Asian. Magnetron ( WOOT!) is Asian. Marvel’s got quite a few Asian heroes but most of them have martial arts as a stereotypical gimmick.

Would be nice to see some more iconic non-gimmicky Asian heroes in DC.

“And we’ll stop treating Asians like villains when China and North Korea stop acting like them!”

The video was created by Taiwanese animators, and while Taiwan had cultural and linguistic ties to mainland China Taiwan is a democracy– that was the whole point of the scene where Taiwanese Spider-Man was fighting a villainous panda bear wearing the emblem of the People’s Republic of China.

Artemis from Young Justice is half-vietnamese. Also Cassandra Cain and Rose Wilson are half-Tibetan and half-Cambodian respectively. And lets not forget Ryan Choi as well

pretty sure there was a Sentai Spider-man series featuring a Japanese character….just saying.

Seriously New Media Animation? They are probably in those hundreds of manga books that outsell most of Marvel’s and DC’s output anyway.

@ Jon C
Psylocke’s Asian body is Japanese, not Chinese.

And you know something, I can name a decent amount of Asian heroes besides the ones most of you guys already named, some of which are NOT gimmicky:
-Striker Z from Power Company
-RAM and Gloss from New Guardians
-Tunnel Rat from GI Joe
-Amadeus Cho
-Ballistic of the New Bloods
-Big Hero Six
-A few Power Rangers
-Chance from Fallen Angels
-Colleen Wing
-Deep Blue
-Doctor Light/Kimiyo Hoshi
-Fever of the Doom Patrol
-Grace Choi
-Grunge from Gen13
-Wally West’s kids Iris and Jai
-Jolt from the Thunderbolts
-Green Lantern Kai-Ro
-Karma of the New Mutants
-Maya from Justice League International
-Mystek from Justice League Task Force
-Nacy Lu from MC2
-Neal Sharra
-Sillhouette and Turbo from New Warriors
-Sunfire and Sunpyre
-Taki Matsuya
-Traci 13

Has everyone forgotten about Japanese spider man?

Its not just Asians its minorities in general. The only main black superheros out there are Storm from X-Men and the black Green Lantern from Justice League. Black Panther is ehhhhhh. I don’t know ANY popular latino superheroes and the only main Asian superhero out there is Jubilee. All other minority superheroes are not well known.

But hey, that’s America for you. We’ll see how this new Spiderman plays out.

I’m more annoyed that the average got diversification race IS black. Blade, Bishop, Cyborg, Jon Stewart, John Henry, Black Panther, Storm, Static…the list goes on. Heck, the only Batman to get an ongoing was the one from Africa (WHY didn’t DC hire Joshua Dysart to write?!) Its not just comics. Its everything from TV to movies to advertising. You rarely see asians having their own sitcom or star in a movie compared to blacks.

As a latino myself, I like Jamie Reyes, the newest Blue Beetle. His whole book was really, really Latino, but also americn

The latest black masked superheroes are Graham and Brody in The Sons of Liberty, Books 1 & 2, created by the Lagos Brothers. Their story is highly original and not exactly what you might expect from a graphic novel set during pre-Revolutionary War America!!

I read the Sons of Liberty graphic novels and they are awesome. The best African American superheroes EVER!

I found their website, it’s actually:


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