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Trailer emerges for DC’s Resurrection Man #1

Another day, another trailer from David Macho promoting one of DC Comics’ relaunch titles. This time it’s Resurrection Man #1, by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Fernando Dagnino, which marks the return of Mitch Shelly, the character created in 1997 by none other than Abnett, Lanning and Jackson Guice.

It’s the return of Mitch Shelly – and he’s still dead.

Resurrection Man can’t stay dead for long, though – and with each rebirth comes new and unexpected powers. But his many returns have not gone unnoticed, and forces are gathering to learn what’s so special about him – and to see which of them will finally stop Resurrection Man dead.

Resurrection Man #1, which sports a cover by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, debuts Sept. 14.




Really? Nobody caught this?

Well, no one’s perfect, Mike. :p

Oh dear. That video wasn’t put together quite as well as the previous ones. The quotes made very little sense so didn’t really help ‘sell’ the comic to me (lucky I’m a D’n’A fan and enjoyed R Man the first time round).

I think a re-edit is in order!

All of these Trailers look like they were put together by a class of 5th graders.

I was rather hesitant to touch any of the 52 though this did have my interest. this trailer put me right off.

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