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Ty Templeton breaks down the Miles Morales/Spider-Man controversy

From "Bun Toons," by Ty Templeton

If you were perplexed by some of the negative reaction to the news that half-black, half-Hispanic (but not gay) teen Miles Morales will replace Peter Parker as Spider-Man in Marvel’s Ultimate Universe, veteran cartoonist Ty Templeton helpfully explains it all in the latest installment of his Bun Toons comic strip.



I don’t care who they replaced Peter Parker as, I just don’t like them replacing a character. You don’t follow the costume, you follow the person. They only do it to pump up their dwindling sales, anyway. Having said that, it was pretty shocking to see some of the racism this particular new ID evinced.

Has anyone mentioned the disturbing subtext present in all instances of a minority character replacing a white one that if a minority wants power, they have to kill a white person to do it?

Well apparently this country is now under the complete and total control of the lunatic 20%, and they’re all hardcore, old-school racist. Let’s see, they replaced Iron Man with a black guy in the 80’s, closely followed by Green Lantern also being replaced with a black guy around the same time, but nary a peep from the bigotsphere. Also, in the 90’s, one of the replacements for the recently (though temporarily) deceased Superman was like an African-American. No reaction. Now, with the rise of TeaBagism, anyone with a Confederate (or Nazi) flag and an internet connection are granted some sort of low-IQ social commentator status. Anyway, they’ve also succeeded in tanking the nation’s economy for the 3rd time in 8 years, so I, for one, have more important thinks to worry about than Ultimate Spider-Man.

They replace Captain America with Bucky

Could care less about anything Ultimate, but I’ve always been a fan of Mr. Templeton.

To be fair-ish, mdk, there were also far fewer people with internet connections in the 80s and 90s – who knows how many racist jerks got upset over those decisions and only had their own walls to yell at.

I couldn’t really care less about all the nonsense bleating over this. I’m just glad to see some Ty Templeton’s stuff. I haven’t seen any of his work in a long while.

i like the idea

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