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What’s happening with Wizard’s Los Angeles convention?

Wizard World Los Angeles

Heidi MacDonald at The Beat noted this week that several Wizard World shows disappeared from the company’s website, while one in particular, the Los Angeles show, seems to no longer have dates.

Originally scheduled for Sept. 24-25, Wizard’s site now says the dates are “TBD,” while the Los Angeles Convention Center site still lists the show. Despite the fact that they’ve been very active on Twitter and Facebook the last few days promoting last weekend’s Wizard World Chicago show, Wizard has made no mention of a change in date, a cancellation or whatever is going on with the L.A. show.

“So, Wizard pulls the plug on the LA show, just five weeks out, after inviting me and inducing my purchase of a non-refundable room?” creator Ande Park tweeted earlier today. And in the comments section at The Beat, Simon Fraser wonders if he should cancel his flight or not.

Wizard initially announced a show in Los Angeles two years ago that ended up being canceled; this latest show was announced in April and already had a fairly large guest list in place. And as CBR noted earlier this year in a piece by Josie Campbell, the L.A. convention scene has grown considerably; the Long Beach Comic Con is scheduled for Oct. 29-30, while the Comikaze Expo is scheduled for Nov. 5-6. Comic-Con International is also considering Anaheim as a possible location for WonderCon next year.



Its all about Comikaze Expo for me! Can’t beat their price. Wizards ruined it for me the last show in Anaheim.

Was rather wondering about the New England show which is/was scheduled for mid-September. They’ve just skipped up to a vague October 2012 date on the website for that one…

When it comes to Wizard, I’m reminded of a scene from “Chasing Amy.” To paraphrase:

“You see that con organizer over there? That is THE DEVIL. Never take your eyes off them.”

What is that con-artist Gareb Shamus up to now? That guy is so slimy, he’s like a human snail.

Comikaze Expo just announced this on their Facebook- YOU can REDEEM YOU WIZARD WORLD Los Angeles TICKET @ COmikaze Expo NOV 5th or 6th at our ticket booth. OR come to Frank & Son Collectible Show Wednesdays or Saturdays and TRADE IN THERE! Just give us $5 and we will give you a show that you will never forget. Tell YOUR FRIENDS!


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