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Winners announced for 2011 Harvey Awards

Parker: The Outfit

Parker: The Outfit

Darwyn Cooke, Roger Langridge and Daven Stevens’ The Rocketeer: Artist’s Edition led the 2011 Harvey Awards, presented Saturday night in conjunction with Baltimore Comic-Con. Named in honor of the late Harvey Kurtzman, the awards are selected by comics professionals, who offer nominations and vote on the winners.

The 2011 Harvey Awards winners are:

Best letterer: John Workman, Thor (Marvel)
Best colorist: Jose Villarrubia, Cuba: My Revolution (Vertigo/DC Comics)
Best syndicated strip or panel: Doonesbury, Garry Trudeau (Universal Press Syndicate)
Best online comics work: Hark! A Vagrant, by Kate Beaton
Best American edition of foreign material: Blacksad, Juan Diaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido (Dark Horse)
Best inker: Mark Morales, Thor (Marvel)
Best new series: American Vampire, Scott Snyder, Stephen King and Rafael Albuquerque (Vertigo/DC Comics)
Most promising new talent: Chris Samnee, Thor: The Mighty Avenger (Marvel)
Special award for humor in comics: Roger Langridge, The Muppet Show (BOOM! Studios)
Best original graphic publication for younger readers: Tiny Titans, Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani (DC Comics)
Best graphic album — previously published: Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites, Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson (Dark Horse)
Best anthology: Popgun #4, edited by D.J. Kirkbride, Anthony Wu and Adam P. Knave (Image Comics)
Best domestic reprint project: Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer: Artist’s Edition, designed by Randall Dahlk and edited by Scott Dunbier (IDW Publishing)
Best cover artist: Mike Mignola, Hellboy (Dark Horse)
Best biographical, historical or journalistic presentation: The Art Of Jaime Hernandez: The Secrets Of Life And Death, Todd Hignite (Abrams ComicArts)
Special award for excellence in presentation: Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer: Artist’s Edition, designed by Randall Dahlk and edited by Scott Dunbier (IDW Publishing)
Best graphic album — original: Scott Pilgrim, Vol. 6: Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour, Bryan Lee O’Malley (Oni Press)
Best continuing or limited series: Love And Rockets, Vol. 3, Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez (Fantagraphics)
Best writer: Roger Langridge, Thor: The Mighty Avenger (Marvel)
Best artist: Darwyn Cooke, Richard Stark’s Parker: The Outfit (IDW Publishing)
Best cartoonist: Darwyn Cooke, Richard Stark’s Parker: The Outfit (IDW Publishing)
Best single issue or story: Daytripper, Fabio Moon and Gabiel Ba (Vertigo/DC Comics)



Aw yeah, TITANS!

The Mighty Avenger- All the awards.

Best Thor series ever. Beats Simonson, Lee and Gillen by a mile. Jane Foster is the most awesome everywoman in Marvel comics. Thor is best when he’s this Thor.

Really, I could go on for days.

I am with Nikki on this.

Also, out at Worldcon they gave the Hugo for best “graphic story” once again to Girl Genius. A great comic, but not nearly as good Daytripper, which was not even nominated out there. It continues to fascinate me how different the tastes of the Hugo voters are from comics fandom.

The Hugos have discredited themselves by their insane love of Steven Moffat. He put out gibberish last year and he got the award. I’m still reeling that Blink beat Human Nature and Silence in the Library got any sort of praise at all.

Three brazilians got awarded.

Congrats, Rafael Albuquerque, Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba!

I bought the first issue of Mighty Thor, and it was so bad I never bought another. The story was poorly written, the art was sloppy and one-dimensional, and worst of all, the character wasn’t the Thor I knew.

Are you sure you bought the right one Jake?

The Mighty Thor by Matt Fraction
Thor: The Mighty Avenger by Roger Langridge

Matt’s Thor is a lot different from the original Thor, that’s a Thor I only recognise as years of character destruction into a macho, angry, sullen god. They took the story of a God realising the greatness of man into a God who would rather surround himself with fellow gods than humanity. Roger was using Stan’s Thor who was never as moody or violent or heartless as the Thor of today.

They might as well name the “Best Letterer” award after John Workman. He’s the best in the business and has been for decades.

“They might as well name the “Best Letterer” award after John Workman. He’s the best in the business and has been for decades.”

Not to take anything away from John Workman, but Todd Klein has 16 Eisners and 8 Harveys. But, tomato / tomato.

BTW – Darwyn Cooke winning for BOTH best artist and best cartoonist? Really, Harvey? Really?

Davey Boy Smith

August 22, 2011 at 9:39 am

I’m with Nikki and Simon DelMonte on this one. Thor: The Mighty Avenger was a thing of beauty, and we can almost consider ourselves fortunate that it was cancelled and never had the opportunity to descend into mediocrity, though I doubt that a creative team consisting of Langridge, Samnee, Workman et al. would be capable of a sub-par tale. As it is, TTMA deserves all the acclaim and sales success that All-Star Supeman garnered.

Favourite moments (spoilers): Thor’s and Jane Foster’s first kiss and the moments leading up to it, and the ending of the Free Comic Bood Day team-up with Captain America when Thor advises Jane to help out her brother. The humanity, passion and compassion in these tales is en par with that which you’ll find in Alan Moore’s best stories.

“Best colorist: Jose Villarrubia, Cuba: My Revolution (Vertigo/DC Comics)” ….as artist, i have to tell “wtf” because that Cuba book has a limited color.

Sounds like jealousy :(

Congrats to all the winners. Parker: The Outfit was even better than the first in the series…an amazing feat rarely achieved in any media.

Nikki, you may be right that I may be confused. Blame Marvel for their lack of originality in the titles of their books.

I really loved the 8 issue run of “Thor the Mighty Avenger” but I wouldn’t even line a birdcage with “The Mighty Thor” because I have too much respect for animals.

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