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With acquisition of The Shadow, Dynamite becoming de facto pulp comics destination [UPDATED]

With the announcement this week that Dynamite Entertainment has acquired the rights to do comic books starring the Shadow, the New Jersey comics company has become the home for a majority of pulp heroes in comics. Although an argument could have been made that DC Comics held that title when it was publishing its now-canceled “First Wave” line, with this latest announcement the Shadow joins other proto-comic heroes like Zorro, the Phantom, Dracula, the Lone Ranger, Sherlock Holmes, Buck Rogers, the Green Hornet and others in Dynamite’s line.

While this isn’t the first time that multiple pulp icons have been under one comic publisher’s roof, it’s by far the most concentrated in some time. Although most weren’t created in comics, pulp characters have  a long history bouncing around from numerous publishers over the years. The Shadow, for instance has been published by Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Archie and even a newspaper strip that’s run off and on through the years — and his pulp brethren can claim similar paths over time.

The notable absences to Dynamite’s de facto pulp line are tied up — or have been until recently — by other publishers. DC’s rights to Doc Savage, the Avenger and Rima The Jungle Girl are currently unknown, while Tarzan resides at Dark Horse, and Moonstone, another pulp-inspired comics publisher, publishes stories about the Spider and the Domino Lady.

But with the potency of Dynamite’s line-up so far, it casts a potentially long shadow (no pun intended) on the comics industry and what’s possible.  Imagine a pulp line firing on all cylinders, perhaps even a crossover at some point or even a Justice Society-style team-up.

Update: And today Dynamite announced they’ll be making comics starring another pulp hero, The Spider.



With David Liss writing the Spider, a Shadow, Green Hornet & Spider crossover seems virtually inevitable.

Funny that you mention The Spider at the end. Apparently he’s now under Dynamite’s imprint as well.

It’s a shame that Moonstone seems to be lossing a lot of the character properties they’ve spent good resources and time building up. They’ve done decent work, but always seem to lose out to flashier/bigger companies; publisher’s who don’t seem to take as much care in the adapting and updating of the characters.
For instance look at the absurd Phantom relaunch Dynamite just did.

And yes, it looks like Dynamite also has The Spider now, with a pretty silly costume.

Rima the Jungle Girl is a public domain character, like say, Mowgli of the The Jungle Book or Captain Nemo of 20,000 Leagues. She was created by W.H. Hudson in the novel GREEN MANSIONS in 1904. She’s really Rima the Bird Girl, and she was only 17 and petite in the novel. She had no magic powers and certainly wasn’t a fighter.

Do the right thing, Dynamite. Offer it to Andy Helfer.

And get Dan McDaid to draw it.

oh, lord. i hope they don’t recolor them like they have their other reprints.

As far as I’m concerned, Dynamite has been the home of neo-pulp for years now. THE LONE RANGER, ZORRO, and GREEN HORNET: YEAR ONE have all been stellar. If THE SPIDER and THE SHADOW are as good, chalk up two more in the victory column. I know pulp fans are a weird little niche segment of the audience but I love that someone is paying attention to us and doing so in such superb fashion.

Also, I hope everyone reading this has been buying MYSTERY MEN from Marvel. It’s amazing and probably the best thing Marvel is publishing right now. David Liss and Patrick Zircher are outstanding.

Is the Paul Crowley commenting from Saint John .If so I have been trying to contact you man find me on facebook..

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