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Andrea Sorrentino unveils more art from I, Vampire

I confess that I rolled my eyes at I, Vampire when DC Comics announced it would resurrect the old House of Mystery back-up serial as part of its line-wide relaunch. That’s not a slight against creators Joshua Hale Fialkov and Andrea Sorrentino, mind you. It’s just that, even given the popularity of the undead in fiction, a vampire comic set within the DC Universe — one whose skin-revealing debut cover looked like a throwback to the ’90s — seemed destined to lurk at the fringes of the New 52, pining for an audience until it faded away.

But the more I see about I, Vampire, the more hopeful I get, and the higher it climbs on the list of relaunch books I’m most looking forward to. First there was the Comic Book Resources interview with Fialkov. Then there was the gorgeous interior art unveiled at Comic-Con International. And now, to seal the deal, Sorrentino has revealed on his blog inked pages from issues 2 and 3.

Check out the three pages below, and visit Sorrentino’s blog to view more of his work. I, Vampire #1 debuts Sept. 28.



I’m really hyped for this series.

When I heard about this series – I disliked it out the bat. Thinking it would be more Twilight than True Blood.

But when I saw just one page from Andrea Sorrentino (who I thought was a female) a few weeks backs, I changed my mind.

It looks so dark and moody. I love it! And I will definately be buying issue #1! Hopefully the writing is up to scratch.

I’m hoping its not black and white. Not into that!

“I’m hoping its not black and white. Not into that!”

It isn’t, if you search for I, Vampire+Andrea Sorrentino in, say, Google Images, there are a few pieces of colored art floating around. Its just as beautiful and moody as the black and whites!

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