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Artist Mikel Janin unleashes trailer for Justice League Dark #1

On the heels of Brett Booth’s teaser for Teen Titans #1 arrives this slick and creepy trailer for Justice League Dark #1 from series artist Mikel Janin. Written by Peter Milligan, the title brings together Shade the Changing Man, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, Zatanna and John Constantine to battle face the dark forces unleashed by The Enchantress.

Justice League Dark #1, which features a cover by Ryan Sook, arrives on Sept. 28.

(via DC Women Kicking Ass)



Ryan Sook’s covers are just brilliant in my opinion. Issue #2 is very reminiscent of Atlas-era mystery comics. I’m just not convinced about Mikel Janin on interiors. Anyone know any different?

I see them lacking a bit in their cast of magical characters obviously its cool to have Constantine there but they could have easily added Blue Devil, Phantom Stranger, Faust, Simon Dark, Dr. Fate, some version of Captain Marvel/Shazam, Klarion etc…. i guess technically we don’t know if any of these guys even exist anymore though.


Peter Milligan has said that this is not the complete cast of characters, so any or all of the characters you mention might appear.

Now that’s more like it. No more amateur hour trailers by Pierre Del Fuego and and his crew. Great job Mikel!

Looking forward to the trailer for Justice League with Peanuts next! I kid… I kid… oy that title…

This one looks really good, even though I do hate the “DARK” part of the logo (just so big and ugly).


Even if they do exist, I doubt we’d be seeing most (if any) of those characters because the book, although branded JLA, seems to be trying to avoid overt superhero trappings.

bloody dark. I love it already.

Now that’s more like it. A trailer that actually works. I’m much more interested in this title than JLA. Art looks great. Can’t wait!

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