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Brett Booth shares trailer for Teen Titans #1

If you thought the DC Comics New 52 trailers were done, think again. Teen Titans artist Brett Booth has posted one on his blog featuring the latest version of the young heroes.

In addition, Booth has also posted a couple of teasers for the book, featuring the emblems for Batman and Flash covered in graffiti. Check them out after the jump.

Teen Titans #1 by Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth arrives in stores Sept. 28.


Too Slow



I know it’s probably supposed to be red, but the YouTube preview makes it looks like Superboy’s wearing some weird shoulderless thing that shows as much flesh as most of Emma Frost’s costumes…

What is Kid Flash doing around the :20 mark?

I mean–he’s not–no, wait, he didn’t–did he?

He’s just holding a piece of chalk.

Interesting, Maybe it’d be better if they gave us a little teaser of what will actually happen in teen titans? you know, a draw besides just what characters are in it? Think of it as a movie trailer, if there was a movie trailer that just showed the characters in the movie would that be enough?

Great trailer! At looks amazing glad this is in my pull list, can’t wait!

Oh and wouldn’t it make more sense if the TT was written over a JL logo?

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