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Brian Clevinger reveals his Firestorm story that will never be

Firestorm from Brightest Day

Before the New 52 created the need for an all-new Firestorm, Atomic Robo-writer Brian Clevinger was going to pick up the character where Brightest Day had left him. At the Atomic Robo blog, Clevinger talks about being approached by DC and working with them to come up with an initial six-issue story outline. He extensively covers not only his approach to the character, but an issue-by-issue look at the outline.

I don’t mention this in a “Boo Hoo! Why couldn’t we have had this?!” kind of way. In fact. Clevinger expresses nothing but well-wishes for Firestorm’s new creative team of Gail Simone, Ethan Van Sciver and Yildiray Cinar. But it is a fascinating look at the creative process and a fun peek at what might have been.

[Ronnie and Jason] are two guys who share something incredible. Something that can help to make the world a better place. But it’s something that would never exist without both of them. And they don’t necessarily agree on how to use it. They didn’t grow up together, they didn’t come into this as friends, it was pure random chance that it takes these two guys to make something amazing happen. I mean, maybe this is just me turning every conversation into something about Robo, but this sounds a lot like Scott Wegener, me, and Atomic Robo.

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it was a great read thx

I wont be picking up Firestorm. Which is a shame. I really enjoyed what was happening with him in Brightest Day – and Scott Clark’s pencils were amazing! Brian Clevinger would of brought a nice fresh voice.Instead, DC gives us another artist pretending to be a writer in EVS. Haven’t DC learned anything from Tony Daniel’s Batman work? Obviously not. That is 4 titles from the launch I’ll get to skip.

You do know that Gail Simone is co-writing the book, right?

@Eric – Yeah, I do. But her name isn’t enough to make me buy a EVS ‘co-written’ book. But to be fair, no name could make me pick it up.

I will, however, be picking up Batgirl! ;)

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