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Check it out: The Goon‘s Eric Powell takes on He-Man

I’m not one to lay out exuberant adjectives, but this piece by Eric Powell gets me jazzed on a couple levels. Check it out:

It’s a painting The Goon artist did for a mini-comic inserted in selected toy action figure packages for He-Man recently. This gem popped up on my radar when it came up as an eBay auction by Powell’s account there, and although there’s little chance we’ll see Powell ditching his creator-owned digs for a trip to Eternia, the fact that Dark Horse is the one publishing this comic for He-Man is interesting … could they be acquiring the license for He-Man, side by side with Conan?



its nothing more than Mattel needed someone to produce the 3 mini comics for the figure inserts, and Dark Horse was who they went with. Its only a 3 mini comic deal for now.

This is the best looking He-Man since Alfredo Alcala did MOTU mini-comics for Mattel.

@Mitchell: And don’t forget Bruce Timm! And Robert Kirkman wrote one of the minis that Crossgen/MVCreates did a few years back.

I’d love to see Conan team up with He-Man. Hell, he’s already met Elric, and when’s that Groo crossover due out, anyway?

Mark Texiera’s He-man will always be my favourite, but this is sweet!

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