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DC’s push for New 52: Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, Static Shock and more

Blue Beetle #1

As DC Comics, retailers and fans prepare for another round of New 52 titles next week, here’s a collection of the latest news and such …

• DC’s Bob Wayne told CBR’s Kiel Phegley that they planned to extend certain sales incentives to retailers through December, and this week DC released more details on what exactly that means — additional discounts for qualifying retailers on certain books, returnability on many titles and variant covers for several books, including the fourth issues of Justice League, Batman, Action Comics, Flash and Green Lantern.

• Wired’s GeekDad talks to Tony Bedard about the relaunched Blue Beetle series, which is due in shops next Wednesday. Bedard notes that the new series will be “less convoluted” than the last one in terms of Beetle’s origin, noting that this time around it isn’t tied to Infinite Crisis. He also notes Ted Kord won’t figure into the new series: “I loved the Ted Kord Blue Beetle as much as anyone. But he doesn’t figure into this new Blue Beetle series at all. My mission right now is to make 15 year-old El Paso high school student Jaime Reyes into the best character and the best Blue Beetle imaginable. And I have really good material to work with there. As anyone who read the last series or caught his appearances on Brave & The Bold will tell you, Jaime is a character teens and twenty-somethings can really latch onto. He has a terrific supporting cast and I’m building a ‘rogues gallery’ for him that will knock your socks off. None of this means that Ted Kord never existed. It’s just that before we go back and rehash the past, we are going to build a solid future for DC, and Jaime Reyes is the future.”

As CBR reported yesterday, writer John Rozum has announced he’s leaving Static Shock. That sucks. “My decision to leave was of my own choice. I was not fired,” he posted on his blog, noting that his leaving had nothing to do with the character or with DC Comics. “I’m developing new material for them even as I write this,” he added. I guess we can only hope that maybe he didn’t have time for Static because he’s bringing back Xombi.

• Comic sites — including this one, as you’ve seen this week from Tom and Steve — aren’t the only ones looking at DC’s full line of new titles this month. George Gene Gustines and Adam W. Kepler from The New York Times are also reviewing them.

• Batgirl will guest star in Birds of Prey #4. Apparently nobody told Gail Simone this was happening.

• And on the hot topic of Suicide Squad mainstay Amanda Waller’s weight, Rich Johnston spoke to writer Adam Glass about the controversy: “Amanda Waller is not defined by her size but by her attitude and she still has plenty of that.”

• And finally, everyone’s stuffed little bull has a round-up of ALL the changes DC has made to the physical appearances of their characters, from Amanda Waller’s slimmer look and Green Arrow’s lack of facial hair to Aquaman’s web toes and Darkseid’s apparent combover.



The New York Times is reviewing comic books.

OK, they probably won’t stick with it. And it’s their blog, which is less particular than the print version. But for now, I have to say, I feel like we’ve arrived.

“Amanda Waller is not defined by her size…”

Then why not just leave her big.

“C’mon, dude. Nobody likes fat chicks…er…um…I mean. It’s young Angela Bassett.”

Oh, so the piece of shit Green Lantern movie is to blame.

Amanda “the Stick” Waller. Whatever.

Maybe if you leave her big you can have a 66 issue run like Jon Ostrander did. You remember him right? No? Well, he’s the only reason I’m buying your book.

with respect to the NYT, George Gustines routinely reviews the comics market, mostly graphic novels, but not always. and they have a GN best seller list, too.

Just curious why Rozum added the line – I wasn’t fired. Does he think DC will say he was, and wants to get in first. Or that fans will assume it because Xombi was cancelled?

Jaime looks like a 30 year old Blue Beetle in that cover. Kirkham you got skills, use’em.

Oh, and I think Waller’s new nickname should be “The Shelf” or “Top Heavy”

“None of this means that Ted Kord never existed.”
Well after losing Wally, Donna, and Ray Palmer as the Atom at least there’s some good news.

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