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DC editor Chris Conroy takes to Twitter with art, news and more

Demon Knights #4

DC editor Chris Conroy took over DC’s Twitter feed today, and he’s been sharing concept art, pages and tidbits about some of his books all day. Conroy edits Superboy, Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Legion of Super-Heroes and Demon Knights, and here are a few of the tidbits he’s shared:

–Mike Choi will draw Demon Knights #4 (that’s his cover at the top of the post).
–Walt Simonson will draw Legion of Super-Heroes #5.
–The red-head in Superboy #1 is who most people seem to think it is.
–Cliff Chiang’s original artwork from Wonder Woman will be on display at Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn beginning Sept. 24.
–Jeff Lemire and Scott Snyder have “big plans” for when Animal Man and Swamp Thing meet up.

And after the jump you’ll find a whole bunch of art, which I’ll update if he posts more.


Wonder Woman will fight centaurs in the first issue; here’s a concept sketch:

And here’s the design for “a certain Sun god,” which I assume would be Apollo (edit: esp. since his name is right there):

Here’s a page from Swamp Thing #2 by Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette:

From Demon Knights #2, by Diogenes Neves:

Superboy #2 splash page by RB Silva:

from Superboy #2

Francis Portela art from Legion:

And here’s a Swamp Thing teaser … who is this kid?



walt simonson what more can you ask for

Portela looks to be channeling Howard Chaykin in that Legion art. Awesome!

Since it actually says “Apollo” on the sketch (right above Cliff’s signature), I’d say you’re on the right track. ;)

How much do I love that King Shark’s fighting Superboy again, since King Shark originated in the Superboy title? Only, how they square this King Shark with the one over in Suicide Squad, I don’t know …

AAA… awesomeness all around.

That Demon Knights Cover is pretty spectacular!!!

That’s not King Shark fighting Superboy. That’s some alien race. King Shark is currently a Hammerhead shark in Suicide Squad. It’s been mentioned in interviews that he’s devolving.

Is anybody else unable to see the Demon Knights #4 cover…?

Uhhhhh…Walt Simonson. That’s some shit they should have been having on one of these books from the beginning.

I love how subtle the face in the sky is on that Demon Knights cover. Really awesome work.

Demon Knights #2 artwork looks just awesome. Totally hits the part of my brain that still responds to things by going “F*** YES THAT IS AWESOMMMMMMMMME”. Fire breathing dinosaurs. FIRE BREATHING DINOSAURS.

And the Swamp Thing page has me excited. Lemire on Animal Man and Snyder on Swamp Thing are up to some exciting things I think.

ok…i guess i really should add demon knights to my pull list. AWESOME!!! art and the Legion looks like a huge improvement!

“Jeff Lemire and Scott Snyder have “big plans” for when Animal Man and Swamp Thing meet up”

A crossover between the two best comics of the new 52 so far?


i’m guessing that the Sun God character is Apollo…..

the dude fighting superboy could be a character created as a tribute to the oG king shark.

Wait – who does everyone think the red head is in Superboy???

Demon Knights is freaking awesome. R.B. Silva is incredible. I cant wait for wonder woman and Im shocked to be typing that.

really loving the art on Superboy!

Dc is kicking so much ass right now

Seriously guys? THE Blue Beetle #1 preview is up and you guys didn’t even bother putting it on CBR

“And here’s a Swamp Thing teaser … who is this kid?”

That has to be Tefé as she looks like an older version of how Tefé was drawn by Scott Eaton during Nancy Collins’ run.

That’s also about the age Tefé was during the TRIAL BY FIRE arc.

So I hope this means that the abominations known as SWAMP THING Volumes 3 and 4 are excised from continuity – permanently.

The solicit for SW #3:
“The forces of decay are summoning their servants, and the Green alone cannot protect Alec Holland – but one woman can! Alec may not know her, but he should! And only he can help her before the darkness finds its key to spreading across the world unchecked. But unfortunately for Alec’s mysterious benefactor, that “key” is part of the family….”

I think the “key” is “Tefé.

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