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DC enlists Nielsen to gauge reader, retailer response to the New 52

Not content to rely on across-the-board sellouts and online commentary to gauge response to the New 52, DC Comics has hired Nielsen National Research Group to survey readers and retailers about the line-wide relaunch — the first survey of its kind conducted by a comics publisher.

“As we made clear from the beginning, our goal was to expand the market by appealing to new/lapsed readers, and our initial sales results would indicate that this has indeed happened,” DC said in an email sent Tuesday to direct market outlets. “But we want to do more than just assume any results — we want to find ways to measure it accurately in partnership with you.”

The reader survey is available online through Oct. 7 at the website of Nielsen NRG, the division of Nielsen Media Research that conducts market research for the film industry. Consumers are asked which relaunch titles they bought, and didn’t buy, their comics-buying habits, their overall impression of the relaunch, reasons for purchasing the first issues (and where they bought them), and so on — including whether they plan to preserve any of the New 52 books “as an investment.”

Retailers will be asked to complete a separate survey; Nielsen NRG will also visit a handful of stores nationwide for in-person interviews. According to Previews, DC has promised to release the results of the surveys sometime next year.

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I wasted 10 minutes filling the survey to be told at the very end that I’m not elegible to be included in the study!
Here’s an idea, how about putting the filter questions first to avoid wasting peoples time?

It’s about time someone in the industry did this.

I entered my email addy, then entered a spam filter, then entered a spam filter again, then entered a spam filter a third time, then was told I was not eligible.

Great stuff.

“Seismic”??? really?

I love how they took individual words from articles and put them on there like they are reviews or something.

Brilliant marketing.

I took it and was also told I didn’t qualify. :?


Other companies do that, too.

No way of knowing whether the execution is sound, but I was surprised by the concept. If companies conducted standard market research before launching comics, there would be no comics.

DC probably sent it to a bunch of DC fans and themselves. DC doesn’t care about what you *really* think. They are going to come back with an all-around successful survey in which everyone LOVED ALL their books. In addition the survey will have the following stats for all of us:

– All the women surveyed will love the representation of female characters, particularly in Catwoman and Red Hood and the Outlaws.
– Everyone will love that Amanda Waller is slim and that her bra is showing.
– Everyone will think OMAC is brilliant and that the art in Static Shock is very “now”.
– Everyone will love the edgy attitude of the younger Justice League and Hal Jordan speaking in third person.
– Everyone will absolutely love the new collars on everyone’s outfits.
– Everyone will think Flashpoint made a lot of sense and that the reboot was the best thing to happen to comics since the invention of Superman.

Oh yeah, this is coming from someone else who tried to fill the “private” survey, went through 3 captchas, and was told was not qualified to take it.

I, too, took the entire survey only to be told that I wasn’t eligible to participate. It makes one wonder whose opinions they *do* want. My “skewed survey sense” is tingling…

I took it. For those interested it didn’t really ask much. Where do you buy, how much do you spend, what did you buy, what will you buy again. Nothing about specifics.

I took it, thought it was interesting. I’m curious what the criteria was and why certain people didn’t qualify.

Just took it with no problems.

They let me complete the survey, and I can’t imagine how I would skew the results either positively or negatively.

I haven’t taken it and wasn’t planning on it because I’ve only ready three of the new titles, including Justice League. But now I’m wondering who here WAS listed as eligible, and what qualities he or she may have that no one else who took it did.

I was eligible. There was a series listed as part of the new 52 that isn’t a real comic, perhaps if you clicked anything on that one besides “never heard of it” you were automatically ineligible?

I was also eligible. I also expressed my disapointment overall with the series, the execution of the reboot, and ruining not only several formerly interesting characters and lack of any “starting point” timewise to compare one book to another. Good idea, badly executed and feels “rushed” at that.

Took it with no problems. It was a rather standard survey, asked what you bought, where you bought it, will you buy it again, and so forth.

Took it with no issues. Nice survey!

I did it with no problems. What did you put that makes you not eligible. I thought it was a good idea. Good Survey.

“There was a series listed as part of the new 52 that isn’t a real comic, perhaps if you clicked anything on that one besides “never heard of it” you were automatically ineligible?”

OH YA… I thought that was odd…kept trying to figure out if it was a title that was somehow typed wrong. I bet they did do it to catch people that were just either putting All excellents or were just haters that didn’t read anything or all and were just putting all BAD. haha. GOOD FOR THEM and their little trick.

Wow, nobody sees what a transparent marketing ploy this is. They are doing the survey when all the hype about the #1’s is at its peak. I’d love to see them do a survey 3 or 4 months from now

Who’s to say there won’t be a follow up survey that they can then compare. IF YOU TOOK THE SURVEY, the questions are based on the first issue, if you are new to comics, which ones you bought and where. Its not about how great they were or how much they improved or went sour. Its a survey on why you bought the first issue and where and how many etc etc.

I’m confused. Are you trying to argue?? You just admitted that the survey asked about number of issues bought. You don’t see the bias of asking this for a bunch of #1 issues that have been incredibly publicized (including television commercials)

Holla at me an 4 months when they do this phantom follow-up you speak of

Googam son of Goom

September 28, 2011 at 2:46 pm

If you live in Canada do not waste your time filling out the survey. It’s for U.S. residents only.

Took the survey and found it to be like any other marketing questionnaire. I hope its not skewed, mainly because I am not a fan of the New 52. But hoping is neither here nor there.

“Nerak” isn’t a real thing. If you’re trying to take the survey MAKE SURE TO SAY YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF IT.

Didn’t encounter no significant problems with the survey

…and of course I don’t qualify.

Yes Mcfly, you are apparently confused. It also appears you did not take the survey. The survey is about the #1 issues. About how you heard about them. About if you picked up X issue or if you wanted to but didn’t or if you had no plans on picking it up or if you never heard of the issue. It asks if you read the book before the relaunch or if this is the first time picking up this character in a book. Its pretty simple to understand.
As for the Phantom Survey, its not a phantom survey its a Possible survey. Who knows if they will follow it up or not.
This survey was a standard survey that would help a company see some early polling on which books are pulling in new readers or pulling in old readers to new characters.

Spike – you’ve entered “tough guy on the Internet” mode. If they do a follow-up survey, then I would certainly admit that that would be very useful. With that they could track a curve of sales instead of just one spike.

However, they can easily do that with sales numbers that already exist – so that does make this Neilson thing look more like a pub stunt.

As far as new readers – of course the #1’s will bring some in – especially when it is backed by a TV ad campaign (I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen comic books advertised on TV – early 80’s GI Joe maybe). But again, if they do a follow-up and track how many new readers stayed, then that would be quite useful

I took it, no problems. I’m someone who returned to comics because of the reboot. I’ve sampled pretty much all of the books (with the exception of about 10) . The survey was extremely straight forward, multiple choice. Asked what you’ve bought, what you’ve read and didn’t buy, what you just had no interest in, what you wanted but didn’t buy (basically you wanted it but it was sold out) and what you have never heard of.

Then asked what you would read again, for me it asked me about specific titles that were probably on the lower end of the totem pole in terms of sales/orders such as Demon Knights, Batwing, etc.

It asked me if it was ok to be emailed a follow up survey in the future, to which I said yes.

Again, a very straight forward marketing survey.

I had problems taking the survey this afternoon; the captcha images weren’t loading for me. So I tried it again just now and it worked fine. Of course, I’m in Canada, so I had to lie about what state I was in and what my zip code is (Washington DC/90210!), but I put city/province/country in the ‘city’ field, so if they’re paying attention they’ll sort it out.

Took the survey with no issues. Pretty standard survey. I’m going to be interested in the results, but I would love to see a follow-up survey six-months into this soft relaunch.

I did the survey, although I had to fill some stuff in as an American as well. :)

The trick with the survey is that you have to tell them that you are a NEW READER. That gets them excited…. then blast the hell out of DC in the survey.

Other than the exciting action across all the books…. Not a single issue felt like i was being introduced to who these characters where or why they were….
Not a single book had a bigning middle or end. It was just a couple big fight scenes and then a cliffhanger.

It felt like i was coming into the middle of a story with alot of background info that will slowly be revealed to me as the YEARZZ go by…… basicaly they sold us a bunch of chapters in the middle of a giant book.
Thats not what “fresh new beginings for new readers” are supposed to be.

I tried to take this as well… Was denied… DID notice the series that was NOT a series or part of the new 52… Only thing I can think of, is that they’re looking for those who haven’t read comics, haven’t read DC Comics, or are returning to comics because of this… I don’t think survey-wise, that they care what long terms fans think, as it will probably have a negative bias on some of it…. I can understand why they may not want long term fans’ opinions, but they should make the qualifying questions all be at the front so I don’t waste my time… Or maybe do 2 surveys for long term and new readers…

I took the survey and didn’t have any problems. I’ve been buying comics for 39 years and I told them that I am DROPPING DC as a result of the relaunch. I was very negative in my comments and it never indicated that I was ineligible. I was even asked if I wanted to participate in a follow up survey (I said yes). I’d be interested in learning why some people are ineligible.

It wasn’t the Nerak that got me.
Could be that they did the math differently than I did because the question on spending wasn’t all that clear.
Could be that I’ve been reading for almost 20 years (age descrimination) or the regular basis that I go to a comic book shop.

Maybe DC/Nielson think that because I’ve read comics for years on a regular basis that I can’t possibly be elated enough that they relaunched everything. That I’m not suitably impressed by mediocre setup comics and mostly poor storytelling.

Or maybe it’s because I said that “overall story” was a very important reason to buy comics that sent up the red flag.

I did praise the New 52 artwise because it seemed very strong throughout the line, but alas…

Rejection is a harsh mistress.

Uhmm…yeah, the new number one’s are all bulls***. And quite frankly, why change for a broader market, when that is what appealed most people to them begin with. There was a certain aura that came with it, now that’s gone, these remakes are just plain ridiculous.

I did the survey. Was not denied. Been reading comics for 25+ years. was only reading Batman and Green Lantern titles Plus Flash……now I’m reading 30 books. Don’t know what all the bitchin is about cause I’m loving DC right now.

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