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DC to release The Ray miniseries, by Palmiotti, Gray and Igle

The Ray #1

Writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray will team with artist Jamal Igle for The Ray, a four-issue miniseries debuting from DC Comics in December.

The Washington Post reports that this time the “human ray of light” isn’t Stan Silver, the version created by Palmiotti, Gray and Daniel Acuña and featured in Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters. Instead, he’s Lucien Gates, the fourth incarnation of The Ray since the character’s introduction in 1940 in Quality Comics’ Smash Comics #14.

The second Ray, Ray Terrill, was introduced in 1992 in a six-issue miniseries by Jack C. Harris and Joe Quesada before going on to star in a monthly series by Christopher Priest and Howard Porter. That title ran from 1994 to 1996, ending with Issue 28.

The Ray marks the second DC relaunch title for the prolific duo of Palmiotti and Gray, who last month concluded a 70-issue run on Jonah Hex: They take on the bounty hunter again in All-Star Western, which premieres Sept. 28. Igle most recently drew Supergirl for DC.



I like the concept of the character, but I’d really like to see Ray Terrill. I always thought that he was chronically underused and underdeveloped, and I always thought his costume was pretty cool. I am glad to see Igle drawing again, though; I enjoyed his run on Supergirl.

Here’s hoping that Ray Terrill shows up in James Robinson’s JSA series with some other Golden Age characters (or second-generation Golden Age characters).

anyone else getting a quasar/nova vibe from that costume?

I would have bought this if it were Ray Terrill. Now I won’t.

He’s an old, middle-aged Hispanic dude with white hair and a receding hailine that he wears in a comb-over? Yeah. That’ll work.

Looking forward to it. I am getting a Quasar vibe from the cover. Have to say, DC is getting more of my money of late. Really liking the books they are putting out.

Look, it’s the hero-surrounded-by-menacing-appendages cover!

The second Ray Palmiotti has created and the second who isn’t a Terrill. Honestly, after the real Ray’s cringe-worthy characterization in the Freedom Fighters ongoing, it’s probably for the best.

Yeah he really does look like he has a “John McCain” hairstyle there…

I’d prefer to see Ray Terrill return. Wouldn’t that bring in lapsed readers instead of a whole new character? – I haven’t read their Freedom Fighters work, but I just assumed that was Terrill. Disappionting to hear it wasn’t.

Terrill’s series in the 90’s was a favorite of mine. As was his time in the Justice League Task Force. Both series were really character driven. But then, both were written by Priest. A great and talented writer.

Its a good creative team – but I dont I’ll get this….

The gig was to create an all new original ray…and thats what we did. I like the older ones as well…but we really took all the good stuff from the part versions and put them to good use here…Its a lot of fun folks…wait till you see the interiors.

I’m usually pretty down on all of this reboot stuff but I like Graymiotti and Jamal Igle is a phenom, one of the best pencillers in comics. I’ll check it out.

I’d argue that I’m the biggest Ray fan in the world. So, I’ll pick this up to support a “The Ray” comic, but let me say, if you gave us a Ray Terrill tale, expanded his mythology (No Deathmasque, please) elaborated on Caldwell the Candle Man, and let him explore growing into a hero, you’d have a hit. Anytime someone mentions The Ray on message boards there’s a huge influx of “I loved his book in the 90s” and “Underused” comments.

Isn’t DCnU’s Apollo pretty much The Ray?

he’s gonna punch the crap outta that knife!

but seriously, i’ll definitely give it a shot on the basis of a great creative team.

September 18, 2011 at 6:46 pm

Isn’t DCnU’s Apollo pretty much The Ray?

No, He’s got the same powerset he always had, Superman’s.
Apollo never had light based powers

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