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Eric Canete responds to Catwoman sex scene with post-coital comic

Some fans and comics pundits have been up in arms over the past few days about the sexual depictions of two of DC’s characters in the New 52. In this week’s Catwoman #1, we saw some heated foreplay between Batman and Catwoman that’s raised eyebrows and, perhaps, the profile of the relaunched title. Artist Eric Canete has responded to the fervor with a comic. Instead of trying to explain it further, just read:

This brings up a lot of questions that I’ll leave to the comments section below. But mine is this: When do we get to see Eric Canete do some more comics?



Didn’t he do an Iron Man mini a few years ago? We need his style in more comics!

“I really hope this fucking experiment works out.” Eric Canete you are absolutely brilliant.

Hey, I’m one of those mythical new AND female comic readers who happened to read Catwoman #1. Overall I enjoyed the issue, I saw the preview for it and I thought it would be a fun comic to read. When I got up to the last few pages I could feel my face getting red, and I had to check to see no one was around so they wouldn’t think I was reading porn. I thought the artwork for the sex scene was messy, gross and unnecessary. A little could have been left to the imagination. I might pick up issue 2, but I’ll probably just wait for the trade. Those last few pages just made me think that maybe I wasn’t part of the target audience for this.

This is very on the nose. The one we can’t see cause it’s off panel due to the t&a shots.

So when does CBR post about the many reviews/comments in favor of Catwoman? I guess that wouldn’t be juicy enough.

Don’t care what the naysayers keep groaning about, Catwoman’s always been a fave of mine and this issue was the best read of the 52 so far. Selena’s always used sex as another weapon, and maybe she’s deliberately making sure Batty’s still under her spell. I don’t know, I don’t live in Judd’s headspace.

But I’ll be back, and not because a fictionalized chick was all hot n’ bothered, but because it was a damn good read.

Yes, yes, and YES. My exact thoughts. If the whole point of the relaunch was to draw in new readers, why are they catering to their already present fan base?

What is the most effective marketing tool? Think for a moment. Sex. Was it over the top? Maybe. Was it completely out of character? No. Not for either of them. Was it a good story? Up to u. Are there new readers who will now pick up the book? Most likely. Most will even be titalated enough to pick up the second issue. Mission accomplished. Selling books

WHy are we talking about a mediocre comment some people find offensive? Shouldn’t we talk about good comics, like THunderbolts 163.1 or Blue Beetle #1? Smaller titles that do a good job and could use more support? COuld Eric Canete do a quick sketch about that? No?

People wonder why Steph-Batgirl got cancelled.

i meant comic, not comment. sorry!

Well I don’t know how steam or shocking a sex scene can be when both parties are fully clothed through the whole thing. Oh well. As for her use of sex as a weapon; has anyone ever thought these two actually love each other somewhere under the costumes? I have.

The art reminds me a bit of Sean Murphy.

Lets hope Eric does more comics in the future! And in case you don’t know you can find canete’s blog at:

@nik i’ve thought that myself. hell they’ve said pretty much repeatedly in the brubaker (and after) runs.

the only thing that caused this to not work for me was that the batbooks are supposed to be still in continuity, which means selina knows who bruce is post hush; this is saying that hush and all her developments since did not happen so that there can be an easy reboot.
but instead we have a selina with no scar around her heart, no mention of holly or her kid and no memory of bruce.
which leads to either DC didn’t think her stories were important enough to keep ala the green lanterns and the batbooks, or zatanna mindwiped selina again, which makes bruce a bit of a date rapist.

my question is, do we get to see how she got the pearl necklace?

some of you will take that as a euphanism,it wasn’t.

@bairdduvessa im pretty sure it was an euphemism

ok, so just to be clear. Is Eric Canete saying that the pre existing comics readers are the ‘lowest common denominator’?

So he thinks everyone reading comics is a loser? And yet hes doing a snarky sketch that only these lowest common denominator are going to read?

Get over yourself Eric.


So glad he’s off and not doing covers on Superboy

Eric Canete’s awesome. This is hilariously. And if you’re buying comics for spank material, you ARE the lowest common denominator.

If Eric was the lowest common denominator in comics, they would be a controlled substance, produced at a disguised location in a neighboring country and sold on the streets cut up into individual sheets. Canete is a hell of a talent.

It said “pre-existing lowest common denominator”. That is in no way the same thing as “pre-existing comic readers”.

the funny thing is as hot this was according to the comic all they did was bump and grind look at the last words of the issue” most of the costume stay on ” this does not sound like intercourse .

for the record I did not like the cartoon above it implies that this was written for people who are already the audience and th publisher thought with a little t and a they could sell a few extra issues this not true I have never read a cat woman book except for the mature readers book done in the nineties and I liked this issue I also did not buy it because two people were making out I bought it because I got a good review at the comic book shop so to say most readers are just getting this because it is part of relaunch is demeaning. we will see in five months just how well it does

Faust is right. This was pointless, hypocritical and somewhat mean-spirited,

Two fictional characters had T-rated prime time TV sex and the comic industry flips out? Seriously, guys?

” everyone reading comics is a loser?”
Well, yeah.

Look at all the lousy crap we’re got to chose from…

My wife enjoyed this comic a lot and actually told me the scene at the end with Batman was her favorite part. She was very surprised to hear some people were all up in arms over it.

Jeez, I imagined Selina being voiced by Daphne Zuniga and Bats being voiced by Michael Keaton while reading this. How very….Deadpool of her to say all that.

Wasn’t it established in the original Hush storyline that they were a couple? Rather naive to assume all that happened physically was some kissyface atop downtown highrises.

Selina wears a skintight catsuit and is a klepto. From this I would infer that she finds sex a useful tool, and that she is a thrillseeker. Casual sex isn’t really that much of a leap in logic.

As for Bats screwing around, isn’t it in continuity (which may or may not still be applicable) that he had a rather physical one-nighter with Talia Al-Ghul? While wearing portions of his costume?

Seems to me that Canete’s little comic strip op-ed is more of an attention grabbing stunt than the comic it’s attempting to criticize. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Millar’s comments held more water than this minor display of snarkery.

@taterpie – I agree that if your reading comics for ‘spank’ material that thats just sad (and gross) – go buy a porno, or, you know, have actual sex with someone!

But saying some is – the lowest common denominator – for liking the Catwoman comic, the scene, or the fact that 2 adults are having sex is just ridiculous.

I don’t watch Desperate Housewives, Breaking Bad or hell, even Secret Diary of a call Girl (which, by the way is hilarious!) to get aroused because they have sex scenes – I watch they because they are entertaining, and happen to have sex scenes.

You people need to grow up.

Sorry, I liked Catwoman, liked the art, the story, the scene with Bats. I’ll be back for issue two. I applaud DC for not neglecting the cheesecake market. It’s a step forward from their normal prudishness. I expect Voodoo be more of the same.

Hope it doesn’t lead to a lot of obnoxious hijacking of convention panels with needling questions about their treatment of women in comics.

Relaunch has six solo female books. One all female team book. Dozen or so team books featuring female characters. To have two or three of these books rely on sex appeal? Not a big deal.

Batman and Catwoman, two characters who regularly appear in children’s cartoons such as Brave and the Bold and the Superfriends, have on-panel intercourse in a DC comic. This is why your relatives think your hobby is creepy.

I am a long time Catwoman fan and was very excited that she was part of the new 52. But this isn’t a Catwoman I’m interested in reading about. This was creepy superhero fanfic porn. I’d rather watch the Catwoman movie than read this again.

Kudos to Eric for having the guts to openly criticize the company he sometimes works for. Your comic nailed it. (And it looks amazing too.)

Funny cartoon. Wasn’t a fan of that sex scene. Kinda felt in your face and pandering to horny (male) teenagers. Kinda lost respect for the character. Unlikely to stick around for issue 2.

What a sad little prude. Are you one of those born agains Eric?

The US people have such a problem with sex and the human form in general, its like they’re all ashamed christians. Try going to Europe of nearly every other country where it isn’t a dirty little secret. And people are more open.

And speaking of these character appearing in cartoons? well guess what? They also appear in movies. And if I recall correctly – didn’t Catwoman straddle Batman and lick his face/lips on some roof in Batman Returns – and in another scene, they made out on his coach. In a M rated movie – which is 15+ here. And the comic is rated T for teens, so there you go.

Oh and btw, Eric Canete was born in the Philippines. So why don’t you make some sweeping generalizations about that country too while you’re on your high horse?

Why do people assume new readers aren’t interested in sex? Sex sells, and people are interested. Sounds like this is succeeding in bringing in new readers. If anything this is evidence that limiting sex in comics was driving away established readers as monthly sales were declining for years.

Selina isn’t a victim. She’s isn’t a sex object. She’s in control. Clearly that’s scary for some men.

I find that an amusing comment.Selina Klye A.K.A Catwoman is a sex object or at least she’s portrayed that way on the big screen.The best one would have to be Batman Returns Catwoman who uses her sexual wiles to seduce Batman before stabbing him in the abdominal area of his suit.So let’s cut the crap already and not even use the whole Catwoman is not a sex object talk.It’s a moot discussion.

She’s a great cat burglar who prowls the night in a tight skimpy leather black outfit with a feline demeanor, plus matching razor sharp claws and on occasion tend to use her sexual seduction to get what she wants or threatens to claw out their eyes.Selina Kyle isn’t a victim indeed.That much I can agree with you there.

She always do tend to remain in control but I’ve never seen her give in to Batman this easily in the books.It’s usually the same theme of her teasing him then pulling away while maintaining that control.But I guess the new Catwoman is more loose (pardon the pun) with getting it on with the Dark Knight anytime or anywhere.Just saying.I’ve no doubt that Selina has feelings for Bruce, unlike the whole Spider-man and Black Cat situation where it’s the polar opposite.

The only ones who should have an problem with this book are the parents who purchase these titles for their children without really looking at the content.I remember being a kid and I asked my dad for a Spawn comic book only to freak out in horror when I saw the realistic looking blood and gore in the book.I tore it apart and tossed it in the trash bin.That memory is still vivid in my mind but as for the issue at hand it’s up to the parents to make sure that they avoid this book and pick up something less sexual, like an Archie Comics.That’s about as squeaky clean as you’re going to get in the book stores but there are other kid friendly titles too.

Where were all of these “angry female readers” when Cassandra Cain was being a badass/non-sexually exploited female character in the early 2000s? I’m sorry not every comic is Scott Pilgrim but there ARE examples of good shit out there you all should check in on instead of screaming about this “new” shit(which is just rehashing old characters from the 30s and 40s and 50s).

Back issues – they’re in those white boxes you’re ignoring when you go into the comic shops that you hate going into because they’re are too many greasy, socially awkward non-Edward Cullen men in there.

“The only ones who should have an problem with this book are the parents who purchase these titles for their children without really looking at the content.”

NAILED IT. Typical example of parents letting comic-books(or TV or Video games ect.) raise their kids for them, then going completely ape shit when they actually take the time to read the books THEN want to go on a witch-hunt causing problems for the company.

There are PLENTY of comics out there that ARENT a perverted spandex clad male-fantasy that sit to the side collecting dust while we all give even MORE attention to what “the new fans” apparently share great disdain for. They are out there. I think a lot of it has to do with people being LAZY about their comic buying habits. They go to the store, see nothing they like, then blame the INDUSTRY for not making what they like.. when if you actually dug deep and create dig, did some searching online or go to a less popular indy store that CARRIES other books then the big guys might finally realize they need to add a different brand of book to their catalogs.

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