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Giffen and Jurgens to replace Pérez on Superman

George Pérez will step down as writer and breakdown artist of Superman, Newsarama reports, to be replaced by Keith Giffen and Dan Jurgens with Issue 7.

Pérez was teamed with artist Jesus Merino on the relaunched title, which debuted this week. There’s a possibility that Pérez will remain as finisher/inker.

Superman will be the second title from DC Comics’ New 52 that Giffen has stepped into as writer. News surfaced just last week that he will replace J.T. Krul on Green Arrow, teaming with Jurgens as penciler and Pérez as inker on the series.

Giffen is also drawing and co-writing O.M.A.C., while Jurgens is writing the relaunched Justice League International.



Ugh. I would give anything to get Mark Waid on this title with Morrison on Action.

No surprise here. Superman #1 was dreadfully unimpressive. Given the high bar that Action set, how could DC even let such a sub-par book starring one of their biggest characters be released?

Poor planning.

So… should I even bother with issues 2-6 now?

Oh well. At least we’ve got Action.

@TheCommander You should read only what you like. If #1 wasn’t enough to keep your attention then no. If you’re still willing to give it a try then do so. I think George Perez will get a full arc and someone else will come along. They won’t reboot or undo the first 6 issues. Same with JT Krul. He’s finishing his arc. Giffen is picking up the ball and running forward.
I’m wondering why is Giffen & Jurgens the only ones picking up the slack. Are they gonna write Static Shock as well?

Thank god. Perez is an awful writer…but I’m still not coming back until dumbass costume/armor is gone.

The dialogue is Supes 1 was really bad, especially the lines for Superman himself. It would be great if Perez could do the art full time with another writer, but those days are probably gone. So is any chance of Waid writing this book, as great as that would be.

Trading or exchanging Jurgens for Perez is not a good thing. I’ll stop with issue 7.

Also Keep in Mind, George is going back into acting and was going on Tour next year in the Willy Wonka release. Maybe schedules conflicted…Again,

Issue 7, huh? Proof that this was hype all along. They always ditch the talent after the 6th issue.

I’m with Marc K. Having Mark Waid write Superman would be this fanboy’s wet dream. But since he and DiDio hate each other, I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

Oh. Great. Another -written book…

Jurgens-written. Stupid autocorrect. Replacing Jurgens with nothing.

“Rats!”–from Superman #1 by Perez! Rats indeed. I cannot buy this book until another creative team is announced. Giffen and Jurgens are not suddenly going to go in a new, exciting, direction.

@I_Captain Blanco

I thought it was Bob Harras that Waid hated?

Superman #1 was awful. After that effort Perez doesn’t deserve to stay on the book.

Jase, I think it’s both.

I’m interested in seeing Giffen and Jurgens on Green Arrow, but it doesn’t seem like a good fit for them on Superman. Plus I actually liked OMAC, so I don’t know what happens there with Giffen writing two or more other books.

Wouldn’t be surprised if Jurgens and Giffen were brought on as a fill-in team to give the next “big name” writer a chance to get some scripts in.

Giffen is the wrong choice for Superman. Hopefully this is just a fill-in until a new team is brought in. I think Giffen is DC’s go-to fill-in man. I like him on OMAC, but not here.

I’d love Perez to continue on art.

i’d be okay with Mark Waid except that Waid wants to keep Superman at an 8 year old level, where Clark is a wimp and the Clark/Superman/Lois love triange never ends. That got old when I was 10 years old – I don’t want to see that over and over again now…and I like how Clark is being presented, both in Action and Superman right now – a loner, a bit off and non-social, but not wimpy. If Waid could do without wimpy Clark and the tired triangle, then I’d be all for him.

@nathan daniels – my sentiments exactly.

they should’ve had Carlos Pacheco & Jesus Merino back on together on the Superman title….Great team & kick A$$ art.

Dan Jurgens?


I just finished reading Superman #1, and unlike most of you, I quite enjoyed it. Sure, It had a somewhat predictable blend of silver/bronze age type action scenario set ups and dialogue, but it was VERY fun! Also, I feel that Perez really established the characters quite handily, both in a new light (the new 52 direction), as well as, in their previously established roles. This comic had a fun “old school” mixed with “new school” vibe about it that was a nice blending of the two.

Seems like Jurgens is getting to be quite the replacement writer, eh? XD

Am I the only one who thinks that Jurgens is the single worst writer? His characters speak in mid-90’s hyperbole. It seems like instead of trying to tell a simple story, he throws as many characters onto every panel as possible and has them say the most ridiculous things. This is thoroughly disappointing. Superman #1 may not have been the greatest, but one of the things it accomplished was successfully bringing Superman into the modern era. Now, he has to be sent back so soon?

@Earth-2 Chad

Yeesh, we really won’t be seeing Waid back at DC for awhile then, huh?

Guys, Perez is great. he had a lot to do with his 20 pages and although a very condensed story he pulled it off. I dont like that Clark and Lois is no more and we have to wait another 30 years for that to untangled (smells too much like Brand New Day to me) or the fact that they dumped the recently revised and interesting characters like guardian, mon-el, flamebird (and kryptonians), sniff sniff i miss Rucka.

I am hoping they give Clark a hot lady (not you cat grant or lori/mermaid girl) just so lois can rot.

Why they did not use the JMS rebooted Earth One Clark/Supes is dumb – that was a great book and so accessible.

The Newsarama link actually says Giffen is writing and Jurgens is drawing. Which will be weird, since Jurgens is supposedly drawing green arrow.

Wouldn’t be surprised to see Giffen writing, Jurgens on breakdowns, while Jesus Merino remains on finishes.

Most artists who decide to be writers are pretty bad. David Finch tried writing a Batman title and they had to bring in Paul Jenkins to “help.” JH Williams is co-writing Batwoman and while the art is still mind-blowing, the writing was nothing compared to what Rucka was doing. Jurgens has always had a very emotionless, fill-in-the-blanks style of writing. When I saw that Perez was writing Superman, it sounded pretty weak as well. The only artist-turned-writer that has actually made me take notice recently was Tony Daniel on ‘Tec, and that was after a couple years of rather bland, emotionless (again) writing on Batman. Just because an artist has a good story idea doesn’t mean he or she can be a compelling writer. If it’s Superman, they really should have an A-class WRITER on the title to match up with Morrison.

@Bruce Parker: Calm down with the Jurgens-bashing. You act like he’d kill Superman if he took over the title. Oh, wait. Forget what I just said…

@Ian I would put Byrne up there as an above-average artist-turned-writer. While not as good as Claremont in his prime, Byrne’s Fantastic Four stands up to anything outside of the first 50 or so issues of the Lee-Kirby run.

@nathan daniels: you certainly have not read the Morrison/Miller/Waid/Peyer Superman revamp proposal.

And the wheels continue to fall off…

I will say I loved Jurgens art when he was on during the 90s. I thought he was way underrated and one of the best regular artists Superman ever had.

I’m not really surprised by any of this. It’s been DC’s MO for the past ten years or so. Each time they have a line-wide “jumping on point” event like this or OYL or whatever, there have been a number of high-profile creators who have jumped ship around the issue 5-6 mark. Personally, I think it was intended this way. With Perez’s output getting slower and slower as he gets older, it only makes sense. I know that when I first saw his name attached to the series, my first thought was that there was no way he’d be able to make it past the first arc.

Ok DC , can we just go back to issue # 715 and back to Superman’s previous costume. Or at least tweak the current costume, so that it doesn’t have the stupid V collar and armor. I know that Jurgens can do draw a really good Superman, just back to basics…how about it ? And please give us really good stories, that’s the bottom line….

get GARY FRANK ON THIS BOOK RIGHT AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This would be a perfect opportunity for DC to introduce a female writer/artist team to a high-profile book. I know that it won’t happen, but it really should.

Nice way to mess up momentum DC and God if Superman goes back to the same Lois and Clark crap I am dropping it like a hot potato. I had enough of that crap for the least 20 years. Enough already.

I couldn’t pick up Superman #1 for more of the marriage reasons. Now action because it sucks the direction they are taking younger super, After them being married for most of 20 years a fan just to go to this boring same old thing soap opera is lame. I find it tididus (?) and boring. The preview page with lois doing who knows what to Token dumb blonde guy while clark standing at the door sealed the deal for me. On one hand thank you for saving me money but on the other I just ended my run of being superman comics for 20 years.

Rats. I loved Perez’s art and I think he is trying his best. But what does DC want to do with Superman? Action is so strong and people are loving it and this feels like they want to go to old Superman only he’s going to brood over Lois who I don’t even like and I don’t want to read about them again and I want Clark to just freaking do something NEW and different for a change. Else why did you reboot?

Supes can’t catch a break on his main title. JMS lasted about 6 issues too.

Wow, a lot of hate here.

Superman #1 actually surprised me quite a bit. I’m a little bummed by this.

Is Pérez the heavily rumored DC 52 “big creator” that gonna jump ship to Marvel?

Didn’t buy Superman. Perez doesn’t impress me in the least. And after his poor form in getting out issues of his last Legion series hes a creator I have no intention of buying again. Where he is writing OR drawing.

But then, I’d only buy a 2nd Superman title if it had another steller team on it. So I won’t be picking it up come issue #7 either. Lets see what issue #13 brings? haha….

Get Chris Roberson on the title, please! He salvaged JMS’s Grounded arc and made it more meaningful that it would’ve been, and he’s doing a great job with iZombie. Chris Roberson GETS Superman!

This issue was as bad as expected. Needlessly busy, yet boring AND uninteresting. The first three pages were just SO bad. NOT the way to start off a new title. I’m seeing a trend in these new re-starts of no name/lame villains. Same here. Jimmy Olsen is completely unrecognizable with the updated look. Such an unmemorable issue. I give this issue a fail.

Yeah… it wasn’t a highlight of the relaunch was it.

I found it overly wordy and cumbersome, and too self aware that it was set the task of reorganising the superman concept… there was dense exposition that could have been spread over a few issues and too much focus on Lois Lane and her new status quo. It was more Perez talking straight too us about how it was different to last months Superman issue rather than Superman having an adventure.
But but the Jurgens and Giffen team arent the solution either. Jurgens JLI was just as woeful, over written and dated… with Rocket Reds dialogue picked straight out of 80s era cold war propaganda (“I am Russian, therefore I talk like I’m thick as $h!t”).

DC need to be hiring the top contemporary writers who can swing it with the newer styles of writing that readers expect nowadays. Appealing to readers from the 80s and 90s wont bring in the new readers from the 00s and this decade… you know, readers who have not yet started to spend their money on children and mortgages!

I realize that with the hush hush nature of the reboot project they had to make do in some respect with what talent they could get hold of in time, but now the cats out of the bag they should be pulling out the cheque book and poaching talent.
It isnt enough to imitate Marvels attitude and swagger, or to reanimate the Image house style that Image has itself mostly eschewed. They need to have the best writers working for them!

My fantasy team would be a Grant Morrison/ Warren Ellis one two on the Superman books (experienced writers still capable of setting the agenda) with someone new on Superboy who would keep it within the Super family of books instead of making it ancillary to Teen Titans (or at least let Jeff Lemire get a second chance to do what he was doing with the character pre-reboot , and take him off that miserable Hellboy/BPRD ripoff…what a waste!). Jurys still out on Supergirl #1, as so far its not special, but not bad either.

but that’s just fantasy…

These are, in a way good news for me. I was thoroughly unimpressed with Superman #1. It was not a bad quality comic but from the first issue of the new Superman series I expect to be amazed, not simply be kept busy for a few minutes. I think that DC made a mistake in putting pencilers in the writer’s position on this and a lot of their other titles. George perez is an amazing penciler but obviously not such a good writer on a professional level in my opinion. Not that Giffen or Jurgens are anything close to inspiring as much confidence as someone like Grant Morrison, but there’s only one Grant to go around sadly. personally I would love to see someone like Warren Ellis or Mark Millar on the title, especially Mark who is a big-time fanboy of Superman, to see a more realistic and “widescreen” approach to the character, in the vein of the Authority and the Ultimates in characterization and action, and Planetary for the high adventure and exploration feel.


It could be worse. DC could have handed it over to Chuck Austen… or Scott Lobdell.

Seriously, I love Giffen’s layout sense (and Irwin Schwabb is king), but having him on writing duties is the kiss of death for any series. Don’t believe me? Check out his wiki, and see how many books he’ s written since the Justice League days that have been canceled. The odds are not in his favor. Short of a Heroes Reborn-esque unboot, DC will certainly not cancel Superman. I’m willing to bet his run on this book will be rather short.

@RaggedT – I can’t say much to Byrne’s work on FF as I’ve never read it. I have read his work on Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, and I can say that (excluding Man of Steel), it was largely forgettable.

I think the first three pages were perfect as a metaphor for the new DCU. (spoilers for page 1-3) We see the beautiful, sleek Daily Planet building… being destroyed, to bring one of the most horrible designed buildings I`ve ever seen, something that tryed very hard to look modern and fresh, but actually ended up looking like the idea of the future someone from the past would have.

pharon f fanboy

October 1, 2011 at 3:04 am

Anyone cluelessly dissing Dan Jurgens taking over superman, you are a noob

Bring back Chris Roberson
Bring back Chris Roberson
Bring back Chris Roberson
Bring back Chris Roberson
Bring back Chris Roberson
Bring back Chris Roberson
Bring back Chris Roberson
Bring back Chris Roberson
Bring back Chris Roberson
Bring back Chris Roberson
Bring back Chris Roberson
Bring back Chris Roberson
Bring back Chris Roberson
Bring back Chris Roberson
Bring back Chris Roberson
Bring back Chris Roberson
Bring back Chris Roberson

He bring back a lot of Grant Morrison concepts like superman squad and introduce new ones like fortress of solidarity , he seems to be the fan of Grant Morrison run, DC bring him back, why DC didn’t include Roberson in the new 52??? however its still not too late they can sign him to write superman it will be a great combo Morrison/Roberson. How can we convince dc to do this?

Am going to drop Superman due to first issue’s dullness. And Giffen & Jurgens’ names are as far from making-me-want-to-pick-up-#7 as possible.

I’m indifferent about this news because I’m not familiar with Giffen’s or Jurgen’s work. I AM concerned about them becoming overwhelmed with the work they are taking on and suddenly not being able to get issues out on time. Why not bring someone on that ISN’T working on another title? Is the writer’s industry that starved for talent?

Bring Back Chris Roberson, get Jamal Igle back and let them finish what thay started with Superman #714

George Perez is a great story-teller period. We all love him most as a penciller, but as a writer, co-plotter, inker, etc. he’s fantastic. Unfortunately, he was given the most thankless job in the whole New 52. He had to make sense in 20 pages of the most written-by-committee story in the history of comics.

This story had to introduce everything from new uniforms and no marriages to a new Daily Planet building and a new “silver fox” Perry White. George had to figure out how to cram in a story into a first issue tasked with introducing a hundred silly little changes — Clark Kent apparantly doesn’t own a comb, Morgan Edge’s network has new call letters, blah, blah, blah.

What is it with DC having artists writing books? There’s so many awesome writers who would do awesome on Superman……but they get Perez to write it? And now Jurgens? Why not Robertson? Or Nathan Edminson, Paul Dini, John Layman, Josh Fialkov or even Scott Snyder? Let writers write and let the artists draw. This was a chance to get the Superman books back to the top, at least they did the right thing with Action.

Ughh. I like Jurgens, but but I would have liked a better artist on Superman. Also if Superman is their main book why is their only two, when Batman has like four. It feels like all this care was taken into getting creative teams on all these books, and Superman not so much.

Only thing I hated from Superman #1 was the one-page sidestep asking us to buy Stormwatch. Otherwise, I liked it since it felt much closer to a complete story than most current written-for-the-trade issues. Which is why I’ll skip Action until it’s collected.

Hope you all filled out the Nielsen survey. If you really want your gripes to be read by somebody, that seems like the place to complain about the dumb costume changes, etc.

I take it back. After reading this, I looked up his work, and I’m going to be happy to see him draw the book. BTW I LOVE the new suit I just hate the armor segments. It should just be one whole piece.

lol–That was fast. At least Giffen knows the character better.

The BEST way to go:
Bring back Jerry Ordway.

Well how about Morrison writing Superman along with Action ?
Please DC, do away with the armor look on Superman, he doesn’t need it.
Also no V collars either…
Hope that someone at DC reads these ideas..

We here at DC want to go into a bold new direction…..with old writers and artists. Ahem.

BTW, wtf was Sabertooth doing on the cover of Green Arrow?

Jerry Ordway back on Supes would be cool. Or Chris Sprouse. Feel sorry for any writer though. They’ll be micro managed to Hell and back.

I re-read supes 1 last night and at the very least you get your words worth/money’s worth. I like that. I like the echoing of the Supes as liberal tact from Action with Clark railing against what seems like a very Fox news like media conglomerate. I like the very real recognition of print journalism’s dying place in the world.

Like another poster here I found the 1 page aside to the Stormwatch plot a distraction. I’m hoping there’s a reason this page is in Superman, Will Supes actually get involved in that plotline? Is it related to the fire alien he fought? Hope its not just a plug for SW.

Yes the issue is somewhat dull but there is a lot of housecleaning going on. Overall I had basically decided to keep following the book based on the 1st issue.. Now I’m not so sure. If Perez cant keep things going I believe you do have to do better than Giffen and Jurgens, although I have enjoyed them both in the past.

I do find that there are to many haters just waiting for something so they can say “ah ha! this whole relaunch is a failure!”. Well, its not a failure. It’s sold like hot cakes and its the main thing that fans are talking about. Both trends are likely to continue for a while. Get on board, or buy something else. At this point I’m tired of the complaining.

Ordway is a great idea !

Alan Moore started as an artist, Steve Englehart also, and Grant Morrison and Bendis and Hickman started as writer/pencilers.
Walt Simonson, Frank Miller, John Byrne, Jim Starlin, Howard Chaykin, MikeGrell are acclaimed excellent writers.
Bill Willingham is more known as a writer than artist now.

Alan Davis, Jerry Ordway

I enjoyed Perez’s first issue of Superman. And I’m sure I’ll enjoy his short run.

But with this being the NEW 52, it didn’t feel NEW, it felt OLD.

I’d love to see Greg Pak or Jeff Parker write Superman. But I also enjoyed the New Krypton epic. I’d like to see more of James Robinson on Supes.

George Perez is outdated. He may have helped shape the 80’s but he hasn’t progressed as a creator. His writing is too wordy with too much exposition. His art is too busy.

And why do creators have such a hard time writing Superman. Less is more.

Shame. I haven’t enjoyed Superman so much since the early Byrne issues. Other than a few bits of corn in some of the caption boxes and dialog, this seemed a very engaging issue to me. I’m not understanding the hostility that seems to be directed at Perez’s choice to use lots of dialog and narration. As Metroman might say, “Read words, kids!”

I’m cool with Giffen writing. (But I hope Giffen isn’t overstretched, with one series as penciller and two as writer.) Jurgens as penciller I’m not so good with. His art is too old fashioned and plain for one of DC’s biggest titles.

Wow, that was quick! But it’s the right decision – Superman #1 was one of the worst written of the new 52. :(

Giffen could be a good move as writer, but, if one of the above respondents was correct and Jurgens is coming onboard as penciller, I’m outta there after #6. I’m primarily reading this book because of Merino so if he’s gone, so am I.

just so typical — for all the hoo-ha over the relaunch, it’s just the same old thing: Giffen & Jurgens take over a book. I like Giffen, especially his art, but this just feels like any other day in DC’s SOP. Seriously, Jurgens? Sure there’s a new status quo, but was there really a re-launch?

OMAC was horrible and The Outsiders was Liefeld bad and now there giving Giffen Superman? With Dan Jurgans?

Can’t we have someone new and fresh and full of ideas and wonder please?

I really enjoyed the last three panels on the last page. Looks like a rip off from an old silver age Spider-man comic. From what I remember, Peter Parker would walk off into the night with his head down, while the other main characters would be talking about him. You tend to feel sorry for Peter and how great his life would be without the burden of being a superhero. Clark probably feels the same way….

Im not sure who I would like to see write Superman. I mean all the big names are not gonna happen, or if they did it would be for a short period of time. Most of the people I would be interested in seeing on this book are at Marvel right now, which kinda sucks. Eh either way Im not getting this book so it dont really matter to me.

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