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How old is Batman? and other questions answered by Scott Snyder

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After hosting a live stream of their 300th iFanboy Pick of the Week podcast, hosts Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick ended up chatting with a surprise guest, writer Scott Snyder, who shared a bunch of Batman-related information. How old is Bruce in the New 52? How does he have a 10-year-old son? What villains will appear? Watch the above video to find out more.



Question: will Batman wear boxers or briefs (Pushing glasses back up on nose)?

Crap. Was assuming it would be a nice easy-to-read article. No interest at all in the video stuff just to find out information; I assume it will be out there somewhere on some other site.

Watching a half-hour video to find information (especially when it’s specific information) I could have read far, far faster in text is of zero interest to me, for those who wonder about this reaction.

(Not to mention, of course, while I am not hearing-impaired myself, that making info about comics — being an entirely visual medium — being inaccessible to all of the hearing-impaired people who can still enjoy the actual work itself under discussion seems baffling to me. CBR could at least have provided a transcript.)

Seconding David; I prefer text to video. It’s quicker and easier to skim.

yup… no text, no interest.

Same here. In fact lost interest the second I was forced to watch a 30 second ad just so I can hear somebody advertise their book.

The answer btw is in his early to mid thirties. 31-35.

Video isn’t great. Definitely not deaf-friendly!

Why the heck are the interviewers laughing at Snyder and texting each other while he is talking? They almost seem to be mocking him. It seems disrespectful. If they are not, then I’m glad because it just didn’t seem very professional of them.

@David @Thad, if the video offers no interest to you, then leave, email the site, whatever.

because your comments are EVEN less interesting to me. congratulations, you discovered it was a video. and then told us that this is a video. maybe you should write a blog post about how websites were better ten years ago.

i am 65 years old. just got social security.

i am also hispanic and have a transgender robin intern lover.

alfred is a cyborg.

The funny part is that hundreds of people were in that chatroom on a FRIDAY NIGHT. Because that was apparantly the best option they had going on that friday.

@DrewT: Ah, but at least you could skim through our uninteresting comments with a cursory glance, rather than sitting through a half-hour video after an ad. Saves time all around!

What? Who complains about video, I love seeing and hearing the creator, especially in Scott Snyder’s case, he is so passionate about the books he writes.
Why comment? just go to the next article. If you have enough time to gripe about it maybe you have enough time to check the video, maybe skip tonight’s episode of Two and a Half Men and watch this instead.

Why do people keep being concerned with the age of Bruce? Has the age for Bruce and Dick ever really added up completely over the 80+ years of publication? I don’t think to hard about the characters ages. I think if I did it would take away from enjoying the stories.

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