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Jim Aparo Batman collection coming in April 2012?

Legends of the Dark Knight: Jim Aparo, Volume 1

If you’re like me and love ’70s/early ’80s Batman, you’ve been grooving on all the reprints from that era DC Comics has been releasing lately. In addition to the three Neal Adams collections, there’s also a volume for Gene Colan and, later this year, ones for Marshall Rogers and Don Newton. Which raises the perhaps greedy, but justifiable question: Where the hell is Jim Aparo’s?

DC hasn’t formally announced anything yet, but while adding those other books to my Amazon wish list, I may have stumbled across the answer. Legends of the Dark Knight: Jim Aparo, Vol. 1, is apparently scheduled for April 10 of next year. The product description suggests that it will include mostly Brave and the Bold stuff, which makes sense as that’s where he started his long association with the character. Presumably, future volumes will include his material from Detective Comics and Batman. I certainly hope so, because I’ve already got my money in my hand.



Please, DC, make this happen. I’m already stockpiling cash to buy this.

I love old-school Batman art and I definitely look forward to an Aparo collection.

Also, am I the only guy who grew up in the 90’s LOVING Graham Nolan’s artwork in ‘TEC? That was my favorite Bat-book of that era and I am thrilled that Graham is back to a monthly title again (this time, it’s BLACKHAWKS)

DC is really setting the bar high – great new and refreshing ideas. Can’t wait

ABout dang time!!!!!!

Aparo had interior work in a handful of non-Brave and Bold Batman comics during his early-to-mid-70s heyday, specifically a handful of issues between Detective 438 and 446; I hope these are included, although a few of those comics are chapters of the “Bat-Murderer” serial that was completed by others.

I’ve already put in my order for the Newton collection and I’ll definitely be adding this one. Still waiting for someone at DC to wise up and collect the Barr/Davis Detective/Batman and the Outsiders/Outsiders stuff.

Aparo’s work on Batman is when I started reading comics, his work RULES.

It is about damn time. For about the first 10 years of my comicbook reading life, Aparo WAS Batman to me. As both DC and Marvel have been releasing more and more “tribute” collections, it’s ticked me off that Aparo never got his due. Even though I have all of the B&B stuff that’s been collected in Showcase editions, I would love to see a nice reprint in color.

Also, when does that DC Comics Presents Legends of the Dark Knight collection that he drew come out? That’s probably my single favorite Batman storyline from the 90s.

ALSO also, when do I get my Aparo Batman action figure? Out of all the action figure designs I’ve seen for Batman in the past 10 years, just about the only one I haven’t seen represented is the one that defined the character for two decades. Get on that, DC Direct.

Nice. For me, too, Aparo’s Batman was THE Batman. Looking forward to this.

@ D. Peace – “Also, am I the only guy who grew up in the 90′s LOVING Graham Nolan’s artwork in ‘TEC? That was my favorite Bat-book of that era and I am thrilled that Graham is back to a monthly title again.”

I completely agree. Graham Nolan is my favourite Bat-artist of all time. I use to cherish every single ‘TEC release, particularly during the Knightall saga which was when I started reading Batman comics as a 10 year old.

Jim Aparo’s work during the Knightfall era, whilst dramatically different to Nolan, was equally wonderful as well.

finally,DC is giving fans what they would eagerly pay to own,a collection featuring art from one of the all time greats,THE MAN,JIM APARO.

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