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Joshua Jackson writing Fringe comic for DC

Beyond the Fringe

DC Comics announced this week a new 14-part digital comic series titled Beyond the Fringe, which ties into the FOX TV show. It’s available now via DC’s mobile apps or at

The series will alternate every two weeks between “A” and “B” storylines, with “A” storylines will explore events tied directly to the “Fringe” show canon, while “B” storylines will take a “what-if” approach and look at how things might change if certain elements are out of balance, according to the press release. Joshua Jackson, who stars on the show, will write an arc of the series called “Peter and the Machine,” which will detail events that take place between the end of season three and the start of season four. Drew Johnson will provide art.

This of course isn’t the first time Fringe and DC Comics have crossed paths; several “alternate” DC covers appeared on the show last year.



Like: That the characters are clearly recognizable without being slavish recreations of the actors who play them on TV.

Don’t like: The digital inking.

This might actually be neat. Is it Digital Exclusive? Because I don’t/can’t go digital.

^ you just posted that on a computer…

p.s. i bought this. excited to read it. this show is so good. the writing on this show is seriously underrated. they weave such good, intricate plots. if you don’t watch it, you should.

Only digital, hm? I guess that’s OK, but I would’ve actually bought it from my LCS had it been available in print.

Having it on the stands would help promote the show more too, and the show (which is freakin’ awesome) could use more viewers.

People who have missed out can still jump in. The first three seasons are on DVD/Blu-ray, and the season premiere was just this past Friday. Friday’s episode was also pretty accessible for new viewers, which is suprising given all the things happening on the show.

Not a good cover though… I only recognized Olivia. I’d guess the other two are Peter and Walter, but neither one looks like themselves. Walter looks more like “Cancer Man” from X-Files.

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