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Justice League #1 gets fourth printing as this week’s DC titles sell out

Justice League #1 (fourth printing), by David Finch

Out for just three weeks, Justice League #1 — the flagship title of DC Comics’ New 52 — is already heading back to press with its fourth printing. That, of course, means another cover: a modified version of the lampooned variant created by David Finch (see below). There’s now an apocalyptic-looking red background — somewhat fitting, considering Superman’s foreboding “Obey!” pose — and, more importantly, Cyborg. That’s right, Victor Stone, absent from Finch’s original cover, has been squeezed into the Justice League lineup, behind The Flash.

Along with the Justice League announcement, DC revealed that all 12 titles debuting Wednesday have already sold out on the distributor level, and are also going back to press. Even Red Hood and the Outlaws.

David Finch's variant cover for "Justice League" #1



i’m actually really interested in red hood and the outlaws, especially after the preview.

Wow! 4th printing and everything sells out this week? fantastic.

So, until the sales estimates are posted, JL is in first place, followed by Action Comics and Batgirl, which are the only other titles to have a third printing. (And I expect that given the interest in Barbara Gordon’s return, that initial orders were high on the first printing. As was interest in Morrison’s Superman.)

This third week… was there an opportunity for retailers to adjust their orders before Final Order Cut-off after the success of FP/JL? When does that tidal wave of sales affect future orders? Fourth week of the New 52? Second month?

It’s nice that they let a 14-year-old Wonder Woman join the team.

Geez, that’s a really odd way to WW!

“Geez, that’s a really odd way to *draw* WW!

Is WW any weirder than a pissed off stage diving Superman?

It’s an odd way to draw all of them. With the same exact face?

Hey, Wonder Girl has a woody!

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