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Marco Rudy dreams up ‘Galactus vs. Justice League’ fan comic

JLA vs. Galactus, by Marco Rudy

Everyone enjoys a good crossover. Whether it be Avengers vs. JLA or Archie Meets the Punisher, putting two diametrically (and publishing) opposed forces against each other is a blockbuster waiting to happen. With certain people calling out for a renewed DC/Marvel crossover, artist Marco Rudy has done just that — on his own, for fun.

Check it out below (click to enlarge)!



This is as great a crossover as could possibly be imagined. The energy. The ferocity. The “awesome” factor. I love this and I’m now more than just little bummed that this is all we have.

Marco Rudy = nerd lol
But that’s okay since we’re all nerds here. So also “Marco Rudy = awesome”

Neat stuff! Good luck Batman… Har har.

Batman have a Nullifier in his belt, dear Watson! ;)

Bravo. Can’t wait to read the whole thing.

This is amazing artwork ! I bet the Hal Jordan and maybe Zatanna would be the only ones capable of hurting Galactus and Batman takes the Silver Surfer into betraying Galactus and saving the Earth.

Batman saves the day…, I never…. I mean, who saw that coming.
Great stuff, keep up the good work.

OMFG, i think i need to change my pants after seeing that last panel of Batman standing face to face with Galactus.

Jesus, this man should be drawing every one of the new 52.

Wonder Woman AND Superman taken out by Silver Surfer? J’onn taken out that easily by his mind probe? BS Batman fanfic, despite the high quality of the art…

Completely awesome. I love that no words are needed; anyone with even a basic understanding of these characters can easily fill-in the dialogue, but the action says everything. Bats and Galactus stare-down is epic.

It would be awesome. DC and Marvel really should get over it and do crossoers again. Its good for the industry.

It would be awesome. DC and Marvel really should get over it and do crossovers again. Its good for the industry.

Ugh, the fact that Batman is there takes all the suspense out of it. We all know he’s going to absolutely destroy Galactus.

What the hell is Rudy drawing at the moment? Get him on something good NOW.

Absolutely beautiful. That image of Galactus staring down Batman is incredible.

Wow!! And to thin i did this as a portfolio piece way back in 2008….and i got NO answers from editors by then!!! hahahahhaha

im gald it has re-surfaced and people enjoyed it..i did another featuring Superman invading Asgard, i wonder if that’ll show up anytime any case Thanks for the Love!!



That colour Batman-Galactus-Staredown is just awsome.

Besides if anyone is going to save Earth from Galactus… it’s Lex Luthor.

Though Damien Wayne, Herald of Galactus could be funny.

I forgot, Zatanna vs Galactus.

“Sutcalag, og no a teid!”

“I am, your planet has half the calories of Thanagar.”

Galactus turned Superman into his herald during the FF/Superman crossover.
I like Batman as much as the next guy, but no way he wins this fight.

Batman vs Galactus – complete BS.
Batman can do anything none sense has gone too far.
He’s just a very fit & smart bloke – mince meat for big G.

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