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New 52 Pickup | Week 3

It’s that time again – time for 13 New 52 #1s with a whole lot of diversity in titles. Last week, DC led with some incredible starts to their relaunch lineup, and this week the publisher upped the ante significantly with even more top-notch story beginnings.

This week boasted a vast array of books, including two Bat-family titles, a new origin for the Boy of Steel, the resurrection of Resurrection Man, and medieval adventures with the Demon Knights. Let’s get to it!

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Batman and Robin
Written by Peter J. Tomasi with art by Patrick Gleason

I have to admit that I’m a bit behind on Batman and Robin, and considering that, I wasn’t thrilled by this issue. Writer Peter J. Tomasi has the Herculean task of drawing from the mythos that makes Batman and Robin so appealing to longtime fans while also trying to start from a point that new readers can appreciate. That said, this book definitely skews to the fans of the old ongoing. If you followed Batman Incorporated, there’s also going to be a lot here for you. While I enjoy Patrick Gleason’s pencils and the threads Tomasi has set in motion, I’m not enough of a fan of the title for this to be an automatic in. Still, the setup is intriguing.


Written by J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman with art by J.H. Williams

Readers have been waiting a long time for this book, ever since the zero issue hit almost a year ago — and man was it ever worth the wait. If you’re unfamiliar with Batwoman and Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams’ run on Detective Comics, this book will be more difficult to get into. However, Williams continues to prove his mastery as a visual storyteller while flexing his writing muscles to excellent effect. Williams and W. Haden Blackman have picked up seamlessly from the events of the Detective run and added a cool connection to the greater DC Universe by including Bette Kane (AKA Flamebird) in the main cast. Great read, can’t wait for the next issue.

Status: IN

Written by Kyle Higgins with art by Joe Bennett

I love Deathstroke the Terminator. He’s one of the coolest villains in the DCU, and it’s always fun to see him appear as the antagonist. While writer Kyle Higgins definitely stays true to the roots of the character throughout the issue, and Joe Bennett’s pencils depict his rampages in all their bloody glory, the issue felt a lot more like a one-shot than the beginnings of an ongoing series. Deathstroke killing his snot-nosed backup team at the end was interesting, but seemed to defeat the purpose of introducing them in the first place. I’m slightly intrigued by a few remaining threads, but I don’t think I can stick around for a second issue.

Status: OUT

Demon Knights
Written by Paul Cornell with art by Diogenes Neves

All I wanted to do this week was read more of this book. Paul Cornell has set up a great premise here: superhumans in the post-Arthurian era. Cornell balances action with political intrigue, magic and humor to great affect, especially when combined with Diogenes Neves’ art, which is just a fantastic fit for a book like this. Demon Knights features Jason Blood/Etrigan, Madame Xanadu, Vandal Savage, Exoristos, Al Jabr and Shining Knight, and it looks like Cornell is setting this up to be a really excellent ensemble title. This book is pure fun, and it’s definitely my favorite this week.

Status: IN

Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E.
Written by Jeff Lemire with art by Alberto Ponticelli

After Jeff Lemire’s incredible issue of Animal Man last week, I had high hopes for Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. Maybe it’s because I’m just not a huge fan of the character, but I had a really tough time getting into this book. Those who had a chance to read the Frankenstein Flashpoint tie-in will have a little more context to some of the characters here, and the book has some potential. I like the concept of Father Time’s new host being a little girl, and it was cool to see Ray Palmer as part of S.H.A.D.E. — and the exposition was cleverly done. But I’m not the biggest fan of Alberto Ponticelli’s art style, and there just wasn’t enough here for me to keep hanging on for a second issue.

Story continues below

Status: OUT

Green Lantern
Written by Geoff Johns with art by Doug Mahnke

Every time I think I’m done with Green Lantern, Geoff Johns pulls me back in. Sinestro ring-slinging in green all over again works here, but what really sold me was Johns’ Hal Jordan without the ring. It was refreshing to see Jordan directionless without the ring and the Corps, and it hurt to see him as a loser who couldn’t really get his life together. Doug Mahnke, as always, draws Sinestro and Hal (even as a rudderless loser) in his signature style and quality that fans have come to expect. Like a lot of the new #1s this week, readers will get a lot more mileage out of Green Lantern if they’ve been keeping up to date. There’s a lot of great stuff in the works here, and the last page probably would have been enough to keep me interested on its own.

Status: IN

Written by Nathan Edmondson with art by Cafu

I really wanted to like this issue. Grifter is a really cool character who deserves an introduction in the New DCU, but I wasn’t thrilled with the book. Cole Cash is a small-time grifter who gets kidnapped and loses 17 hours of his life, waking up in front of this weird glowing exoskeleton. Now, he’s hearing voices that want to kill him. I enjoyed Cafu’s pencils, which fit well with the tone that Nathan Edmondson sets, but the mystery of what happened to Cole in those 17 hours wasn’t quite enough to stack up against the other books this month.

Status: OUT

Legion Lost
Written by Fabian Nicieza with art by Pete Woods

I’ve never been that into the Legion of Super-Heroes, and I definitely haven’t been keeping up with current Legion events, so I was pretty confused coming into this issue. Legion Lost seems to follow this week’s trend of getting more out of the issue if you’ve kept up with current comic events. That said, Fabian Nicieza does a good job setting up his story, and I’ve always been a fan of Pete Woods’ art. This was just one that came down to personal preference. I’m not a huge Legion fan, but I do think that fans of these characters will find a really great story with awesome art. Unfortunately, it’s just not for me.

Status: OUT

Mister Terrific
Written by Eric Wallace with art by Gianluca Gugliotta

This is a really fun book that takes the classic superhero formula and gives it a facelift for the modern era. This is the Michael Holt Mr. Terrific, and readers get a chance to re-experience his origin along with the motivations that make him who he is. Eric Wallace has a good sense of pacing and balance that makes for a great single issue. It was interesting to see Power Girl make an appearance as the head of a Fortune 500 company; it’ll be even more interesting to see if any other JSA members show up. The only thing that didn’t quite hit home for me was the villain, which possessed Michael Holt at the end of the issue – and I’m not a huge fan of the costume redesign.


Red Lanterns
Written by Peter Milligan with art by Ed Benes

Thank you, Peter Milligan and Ed Benes, for the Dex-Starr splash page. That was awesome. Also, this issue lives up to my expectations. It was interesting to see the more emotional side of Atrocitus and how that’s affecting his Corps. Readers get to see a more fully realized origin for Atrocitus, and Milligan sets up the direction for the book very smoothly. I wasn’t sure I would be interested in an ongoing Red Lanterns book beyond the first issue, but Milligan’s sold me.

Status: IN

Resurrection Man
By Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning with art by Fernando Dagnino

This was a fantastic start to the series by the creators of the character. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning have such a handle on this character that it’s difficult not to enjoy this book. Mitch Shelley, the aptly named Resurrection Man, cannot die. Every time he does, he comes back with a new superpower. Abnett and Lanning handle the reintroduction in a way that will appeal to old fans and new readers alike. Fernando Dagnino’s art adds a noir-like mystique to the book, and his angel bounty hunter is pretty awesome. This is definitely a title to stick with.

Story continues below

Status: IN

Suicide Squad
Written by Adam Glass with art by Federico Dallocchio

This is not the Suicide Squad old fans are familiar with, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Adam Glass’ first issue has a lot of potential for the series, and the cliffhanger leaves me wanting for more. While it definitely wasn’t the strongest issue this week, it had its moments, not the least of which was including Savant as a potential member. Each character gets some great development, but I’m not sold on it just yet. I’m waiting until the end of the month.


Written by Scott Lobdell with art by D.B. Silva

I remember reading the Superboy series back in the ‘90s, but this is much more interesting. Scott Lobdell’s got a great concept in this issue: one part character, one part science and one part mystery. Moreover, he has threads branching into Superman and Teen Titans. The red-headed scientist (aptly referred to as “Red” throughout the issue) is a mystery all on her own, while the inclusion of a two-eyed Rose Wilson was a pleasant surprise. I’ll be interested to see how the questions Lobdell has put forth progress.

Status: IN

For the curious, here’s the status of this week’s books:

Demon Knights
Green Lantern
Red Lanterns
Resurrection Man

Batman and Robin
Mister Terrific
Suicide Squad

Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E.
Legion Lost

Agree? Disagree? Think something on the fence should get bumped up? Sound off in the comments!



Demon Knights (Loved it.)
Green Lantern
Red Lanterns
Resurrection Man (Very Good.)
Batman and Robin (I love Gleason’s art.)
Grifter (Good start.)
Legion Lost (Pete Woods was a great choice as artist.)

On the Fence
Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E.

They were already sold out of Superboy and Batwoman.
So I can’t give an opinion on those.
I didn’t read the rest.

I haven’t had a chance to read any of this week’s titles, but my teenage son (16) read some of them. His only comment was that he absolutely hated Green Lantern and Batman and Robin.

I read the preview of Suicide Squad and based on that I was gonna drop it. When I sat down and read the comic, it was really good.

Federico Dallocchio artwork got really muddy and poor towards the end of the issue. Characters looked different then they a few panels earlier but lets put the up to being a newcomer..( i think he is, never heard of him before now)

Definitely give issue 2 a go and then make a final decision.

My store got shorted on Demon Knights so i wasnt able to pick it up :(

Resurrection Man
Batman and Robin
Suicide Squad

Thats all i picked up but now i’m even more psyched to eventually get my hands on Demon Knights.

Frankenstein and Grifter were awesome. You are a psychotic weirdo. A weirdo, I say.

It’s that black foxy lady Amanda Waller? Tell me it ain’t so!
I want the Wall the overweight lady that goes toe to toe with Darkseid!

And on topic:
Superboy: IN Fun story nice art.
Red Lantern: IN (I like the rage)
Green Lantern: IN (I like the premise, Sinestro and it’s sidekick Hal Jordan, plus great artwork)

Suicide Squad: On the fence, really on the fence!

The rest still need to read


All the rest

Demon Knights :As long as the pace slows down a bit, this went SO fast. But fun characters.
Frankenstein AoS: Took me about five pages to get into it then it started to click. Art was a good fit for me.
Batwoman: Beautiful, intriguing, well written. So very in.

Grifter: I also really wanted to like this but alas I was not intrigued. As an aside I also could not get out of my head that Cole reminded me of Josh Holloway’s Sawyer from LOST.

Resurrection Man: Providing I hear more positive word-of-mouth like I did here.

You forgot to include the appearance of Mordru in “Demon Knights.”

Legion Lost
Resurrection Man

Batman and Robin
Demon Knights

Everything else

I can’t say I dislike Batwoman, but I’m still just not a fan of her character. I find her to be a bit contrived, and with so many Bat-books, I’m just not sure I want to invest in something like her book. It was an interesting start, but I’m so confused as to what is actually going on with the character, and I can’t exactly place her within what I know about the new launch’s timeline.

Batman and Robin was the same thing. Whereas I felt Detective Comics was enough of a lead-in with the world of Batman, I feel as though Batman and Robin almost requires prior knowledge, and that irks me sooo much. I got into the relaunch specifically because I’ve been ignoring the last several years of comic books, and this feels too much like pandering to the old crowd and not enough with establishing the new.

Legion, however, is a bit more enigmatic for me… I want to stick with it because I love the Legion, but I’m so very confused by what the heck is going on. I’m hoping issue 2 fills in some of the details more thoroughly, but I want it to be good, so I’m giving it at least another couple of months.

Nevertheless, Superboy and Resurrection Man are two of the better books this week, I definitely enjoyed both of them. Superboy sold the Teen Titans for me, and I won’t lie, it looks like it’s going to get back to everything I loved about Superboy in the 90s without pandering too much to what he was at that time. A very pleasant surprise.

I can generally split my purchase into 3 main groups- the good, the underwhelming, and the disappointing.

– Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE
Maybe I was expecting too much, but I felt deflated. There are plenty of potential here, and some of the ideas are rather interesting. But there are too many contrived gimmickry that kind of puts me off. And the art’s naive style reinforces that feeling. OUT if issue 2 is just as bad.

I loved this book under George Rucka’s penmanship. It is still gorgeous to look at, but I find somehow Williams’ Batwoman has a less sharper sterner voice… IN for the art
Good set up, some intriguing mysteries, pacing is fine, can see plenty of potential but lacks ‘oomph’. Not keen on the art. IN for a few more issues
-Suicide Squad
Good twist at the end and last panel is quite cool. Can see it in a tv series but somehow the urgency does not hit home. And not a big fan of the new look for Harlequin. IN for a few more issues
-Green Lantern (gasp!)
Very good set up. Art is good. Pacing slow but in a good way. Suffers the same problem as Suicide Squad- no urgency. On the edge of predictable. IN for another issue

GOOD (Ranked)
4. Superboy
Gorgeous art. Bit too wordy. Slade is a welcomed surprise that hints of future emotional tangling. IN
3. Legion Lost
Gorgeous art. Good pacing. IN
2. Mr. Terrific
Terrific book! Great art, great fun romp, and some good old-skool style kookiness, reminiscent of the late 70s-early 80s Bill Mantlo school of OTT. IN
1. Demon Knight
I want to kick myself. I could have waited a few hours in the shop for Paul Connell’s signing. I just can’t wait. And grabbed the unsigned copy. D’OH!! This is how I would have pictured JLI to be. Fast and furious and very funny. Cant wait!!! IN

I agree with the assesment except Batman and Robin is out and Superboy is out and GL is on the Fence.
But we really think alike

Oops. That’s Paul CoRnell. Still kicking myself though.

More corrections. Must be from all that kicking…

4. Superboy
Gorgeous art. Bit too wordy. Slade’s daughter is a welcomed surprise that hints of future emotional tangling. IN

gl was a great read

Loved Superboy. Did not disappoint at all – can’t wait to read more!

YET TO READ (I expect these will be “IN”, though, as I love the creative teams):
Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE
Legion Lost

Green Lantern (Johns continues to surprise with the reboot, churning out the best two issues I’ve ever seen him write.)
Batwoman (Duh.)
Superboy (Double duh.)

Demon Knights (Just…ugh. Looked pretty though.)
Mister Terrific (Really not digging how black heroes are being portrayed in the DCnU).
Batman and Robin (Basically twenty pages of MY PARENTS ARE DEAD? No, thanks.)
Resurrection Man (Just couldn’t get into it.)
Deathstroke (There was one plot thread that intrigued me. Bleh.)
Grifter (It’s been done.)
Red Lanterns (It’s bad when a comic makes you wonder if you’ve gone colorblind.)
Suicide Squad (I liked Harley’s and Deadshot’s characterizations, the rest? Not so much.)

Batman and Robin: my favorite of the New 52 so far. it sets up a new direction for Batman and hints at a very promising father/son dynamic with Robin that we really haven’t seen explored yet. Solid artwork too, some of the best i’ve seen in the relaunch so far.

Suicide Squad: A great way to introduce a team of villains and why they can withstand threats that would make your average hero fall to pieces.

Frankenstein: I don’t feel like I know any of these characters, including Frankenstein, or really even have a feel for their individual voices. The art and the plot didn’t do it for me either.

The Rest: I’m not made of money!


FRANKENSTEIN!: Love the story, but yes I wish it were a different artist. This one isn’t a dealbreaker, but a better fit would make me ecstatic over this otherwise great book.

others IN

Demon Knights
Ressurection Man
Mister Terrific (see comment above)

not sure about others, will read ‘em


Superboy – Despite missing Conner Kent, I’m intrigued by this new iteration.
Demon Knights – I keep expecting to see John Gaunt at any point…
Red Lanterns – Wasn’t expecting to like this as much as I did. Hope it’s not a fluke.
Green Lantern – Been reading this since #1 of the 1988 series. Nothing’s happened to change that.
Batwoman – Not really a surprise, although I was a bit taken aback when it actually came out.
Buffy: Season Nine – Wait, what?

Superboy #1 was even better than I was expecting it to be! And, did anyone else pick up on Red being called Caitlin at one point? She’s got to be Fairchild from Gen13. I was hoping those characters would pop up somewhere.

Demon Knights: I’m betting on the next issue getting crazy, this first one set-up an entire premise and all the players. A nice change from drawn out recruitment.

Deathstroke: For the exact reason your avoiding it. I like the one-shot mentality to the story, I’m hoping an underlying plot will become more explicit, but I enjoy the idea of one and done story telling especially when everything else is done in 5-6 issue arcs.

Suicide Squad: Was pleasantly surprised and definitely hooked on to this series. again it mostly set the tone and premise, but like Demon Knights I suspect the action will be great in #2.

On the Fence:
Superboy & Grifter: They were sold out, so if I can get a copy I’ll decide then.

The rest


OMG! That would be really exciting correct! Which I hope it is!


OMG! That would be really exciting IF correct! Which I hope it is!

What is killing these for me is the lack of clean disconnect from the old DCU. I really have no idea what is going on and it is confusing, or worse, distracting.

I think so stupid someone decide with he is going to stick with a comic book or not after only ONE issue. Thats like leave theater after 10 minutes of a movie.

Everyone should give at lease one story arc.

I found all this week’s DC’s disappointing except Batwoman. And I’m not all that hard to please. I loved five out of seven Marvels I bought today, and I loved Doctor Solar, Criminal Last of the Innocent, and Green Hornet Year One. And I did shell out for the Sugar and Spike Archives, which is classic one-of-a-kind comics by a genius! Yay!

This was a really great week of comics! Most weeks I’m lucky to really enjoy four or five, and I end up being disappointed withe the other ten new comics I bought.

Too bad about nuDC this week.

“I think so stupid someone decide with he is going to stick…”

You can say that again, Sam! : )

No, really, if you don’t like a comic book, you’d be dumb to keep buying it just “in case” it gets good.

GRIFTER and RESURRECTION MAN won me over this week hands down, although I am only finished with half the books so far.

I think the fact that I knew NOTHING about those two characters made me really enjoy it. It’s what the new 52 is for right? Introducing us to characters that we may have no idea about.

And I really think GRIFTER is my favorite so far.
Green Lantern was disappointing but will get batter.
B&R was just OK.
Batwoman doesn’t need words.
REd Lanterns was a bit of a let down for me.

I look forward to finding time for Demon Knights and Frankenstein. ANd hopefully Superboy should be fun. I have small expectations for Mr Terrific and Legion Lost, but we’ll see. Is that 13? Oh SUICIDE SQUAD, YES, and Deathstroke. That’s 13.

This is a great time for DC, and in reality, not Marvel’s shining moments. The flood of FEAR ITSELF spin-offs is really getting ridiculous for Marvel. They really jumped the shark on a few titles this week.

OH, and it’s interesting that we still have 26 new #1’s to go and your IN list is piling up. Were you reading that much DC before?

Thanks for the mini-reviews! It would seem that you and I have VERY similar taste.

I was going crazy reading all of the other reviewers out there RAVING about Frankenstein. I loathed the art and could barely get into the story. I too was excited after Animal Man’s brilliant first issue, but I think that Jeff Lemire really dropped the ball on this one.

I was also going crazy having absolutely loved Green Lantern while hearing nothing more than medicore to below average reviews from elsewhere. Robot 6 is officially where I come from now on.

Other than that, I loved Demon Knights and Resurrection Man. Legion Lost was way too complicated for a Legion Noob and I’ll try at least one more issue of Red Lanterns. I just wish I had picked up Batwoman (everyone says it’s excellent), but I’m leery about people saying that the art is better than the story…. I’m a fan of good art (seeing as how I hated Frankenstein mostly based on that), but I prefer story.


On The Fence:
Red Lanterns

Everything else

In for me:

Mr. Terrific: Loved the issue and I’ve loved the character since I met the Golden Age one years ago in a JLA/JSA team-up.

Batwoman: I’ve been waiting and waiting for this and it didn’t depress me at all, unlike Batgirl last week. Having Chase and the DEO return was a cherry on the top.

Suicide Squad: I almost didn’t pick this up, but thumbed through it at the store and realized which one was Harly Quinn and the story really clicked. Of course, I’ve been reading them since Boomerbutt so my LCS probably figured that series had me at hello.

On the Fence:

Resurrection Man: I loved the original series and grabbed the last one off of the rack out of curiosity. There are some nice beats to it, but I don’t know if it’s going to hold my attention long enough for 4 issues or so. I did like seeing Madame Xanadu at the end though…

Frankenstein: I enjoyed the Flashpoint and Grant Morrison minis so I decided to give it a try. Eh… not bad… not great… let’s see how the budget is doing next month.

Forget about It:

Deathstroke: Nah… not one of my favorite characters and the art wasn’t to my taste.

Grifter: Nope. Never owned a book with him and not starting now.

Green Lantern/Red Lanterns: I love Geoff’s writing but after Blackest Night, all of the colored warriors have grown annoying and there are other books to spend my money on.

Legion Lost: I don’t have a Ph.d in Legionology…

Store was out of Batman & Robin, Superboy, and Demon Knights. Probably would avoid the first two… may try to track the other on Ebay.

I thought Geoff Johns did a very nice job of making a Green Lantern #1 that would be accessible to someone who had only maybe seen the movie, but that also appealed to fans who have been following the whole run. I thought Batwoman was a gorgeous piece of work. And I hope Resurrection Man catches on with fans.

@ Mr. Wiggly

The point is, only one issue is an incomplete story, since today comic books have story arcs.

Its like a movie, sometimes you dont like the first 10 minutes, but the story gets better and in the end is a good movie. Or the other way around. Sometimes it begins really well and ends bad.

I only checked out Superboy, Legion Lost, Resurrection Man, Grifter, Frankenstein, and Demon Knights.

I have no interest in any comics with the word “Lantern” in the title. Also, not interested in anything written by someone with the last name Johns. I also have barely any interest in any thing that has the word Bat in the title, unless it’s about a former paraplegic. I’m also not that interested in books starring villains, so that ruled out Suicide Squad and Deathstroke. Which leaves Mr. Terrific….I just don’t care about him.

If the 6 I checked out, I enjoyed Grifter, Resurrection Man, and Frankenstein.

Superboy was interesting, but I’m not planning on buying Teen Titans and this seems to be HEAVILY connected with that. Also, unless they’re really changing things up with his origin, the mystery of the human donor kind of falls flat with someone who was familiar with the “old” Superboy.

I was really looking forward to Demon Knights, but it just isn’t clicking for me. I might give issue 2 a shot, but I’m not sure. I guess I’m on the fence on this one.

I had been enjoying Legion of Superheroes until Paul Levitz started writing with the last series, then it slowly lost my interest. So I’m not planning on picking up his series so I thought I’d give Legion Lost a shot to keep up with at least part of LoS, but I don’t really understand what’s going on. I get the basics, but the how and why is still unclear. I’m just trying to decide if I’m interested enough to stick around and piece things together as they are revealed.

So of 13 titles, I boiled it down to 6 to purchase. Of those 6, I ended up enjoying 3. Of those 3, I enjoyed none of them as much as Animal Man last week.

Expected to like and did:
Demon Knights

Pleasantly surprised:
Batman and Robin
Legion Lost
Resurrection Man
Green Lantern
Red Lanterns

Wanted to like more:

I only bought the first three in print, got the others digitally, a new thing for me to help mitigate running low on storage space for my collection. Thumbs up for same day as print comics on the iPad!

Green Lantern (been quality storytelling for years)
Red Lanterns (entertaining and dark)
Resurrection Man (I’m an old school fan)
Superboy (seems good)

Batwoman (love the art, but story only so-so)
Suicide Squad (seems cool have to see where it goes)

Batman & Robin (I’m not buying 8 Bat books a month)
Demon Knights (not my cup of tea)
Frankenstein (love Lemire this book was boring)
Grifter (who cares)
Mr Terrific (absolute garbage, pop culture references, snooze worthy)

Legion Lost

I’m in on Batman and Robin. I want to see where Tomasi’s going and I loved his arc earlier this year with Dick and Damian. I’m also in on Frankenstein, that book was a ton of fun for me and I’ve been a huge fan of Ponticelli’s art ever since I first saw it on Unknown Soldier. I’m likely going to check out Resurrection Man, Demon Knights looks tempting and right up my alley as well. I likely end up trying all the dark books before it’s all said and done.

Less than 30 minutes after my first post I’ve decided I’m not on the fence on anything now.

I’ll only be picking up Grifter, Frankenstein, and Resurrection Man. Of course, if I discover anything else in the next few weeks that I like more, then they may lose their spots on the list. Of course, there’s only 4 more titles in the new 52 that I’m already planning on checking out (Nightwing, Red Hood, All Star Western, and JLDark) and nothing else in the next two weeks is really standing out to me so those 3 may be safe.

I had planned on picking up 12 of the new 52, but I’ve since officially dropped one (JL) and added another (Animal Man). I’m planning on dropping a 2nd from my pull-list next time I go in (Demon Knights). So I’m down to 11 with room for one more.

There’s also one or two others that I may drop due to the price-point (All Star Western and Men of War)…actually, I might just wait the extra month and pick those up in a digital format for less.

FYI: Red from Superboy is apparently Caitlin Fairchild. AKA of Gen 13.

Alberto Ponticelli is one of the best artists in comics today. Reading the Unknown Soldier proved that to me. But he did seem somewhat off his game for Frankenstein. Might just be a weird fit. The issue was good, but I was hoping for more too. I’ll give it another issue or two because of the creative pedigree though.

Mr. Terrific was BORING. Plus the comments about race were pretty bad. I think they will be getting some complaints.

Gotta agree with most of the above, the standout this week was green lantern for me and the standout bad book was mr terrific, that exchange between power girl and his partner was just cringe worthy

That was a great article. I really like the idea of having all 13 titles getting mini reviews – some of the other reviews just prattle on about crap. And it was a great mix of positive and negative – I’m so sick of hearing the snarky reviews. Your ones, while brief were nice and informative.

A weekly Marvel and/or multiple companies one would be great to see each week too. Some times its hard to keep track of what is coming out in any given week.

Haven’t got my titles for this week yet, but I’m looking forward to:
Batman & Robin
Green Lantern

Resurrection Man and Demon Knights also seem like great new titles to try. And I will probably still try Frankenstein – after Lemire’s previous great reads.

Read six

Green Lantern – the only non-newbie friendly book in the group, but otherwise as good as ever
Batman and Robin – a great sense of the characters makes up for a slightly weak plot
Resurrection Man – good solid creepy stuff
Demon Knights – fun setup, interesting cast, but a bit muddled
Frankenstein – Weird. But in a good way. If also a touch muddled

Legion Lost – Not bad, actually, but not as good as the rest, and I need to find something to cut

Suicide Squad should definitely not be on the fence, I thought it was amazing.


Comic books aren’t like movies at all.

A movie tells the whole story (usually) at one time. Comic books, as you pointed out, tell stories in arcs that occur through multiple issues.

You don’t pay for a movie in 10 minute segments, you pay for your full ticket ahead of time. Your comparison is more like buying a comic and deciding to drop it/stop reading it after 2 pages. Why would you pay full price for the ticket/issue and then not watch/read the whole thing?

However, with a comic book I am not paying $2.99 for a full story (how sad is that?), I’m paying for one part of the story and if that one part doesn’t make me want to read the rest, then I don’t have to pay for the rest.

A better comparison would be to television. So deciding to drop a comic book after 1 issue, is very much like deciding to stop watching a television show after 1 episode because it didn’t hook you enough to make you want to come back.

Batwoman – knew I was gonna love it, and did.

Grifter – really digging the Sawyer from Lost meets They Live vibe.

Mr. Terrific – not sure, but I’m in for the next issue.

Green Lantern – Hal hasn’t seemed so real in years, can’t wait to see Sinestro vs. the Sinestro Corps

Red Lanterns – pretty much what I expected, which wasn’t much. no #2 for me.

Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. – slightly disappointed, but it may have just been too many introductions, will try #2

Demon Knights – only tried it because Gail Simone Said it was great. she was right.

Resurrection Man – one more issue out of love for the original

Superboy – very pleasantly surprised, the exploration of what it feels like to be half Kryptonian was brilliant.

Somebody explain the love for SUPERBOY to me, please.

It was one page of action, one page of a team shot – and 20 pages of people talking talking talking. And what they said wasn’t intriguing. Why did some editor approve this?

Why do some may so-called comic book writers fail to understand what a comic book should look like? Colorful heroes and villains doing weird and fun and visually interesting things. If I want talking, I’ll turn on C-SPAN.


Batman & Robin
Green Lantern
Demon Knights
Resurrection Man

Loved Frankenstein!! – IN

I was really put off by Green Lantern. Admittedly I am a rew reader having followed the general story beats on here and the boards. But I expected some sembalance of welcoming new readers to the fold. It honestly felt like I was reading a book from the pre-Flashpoint world (which may be thier goal). So in terms of bringing in new readers, I don’t find this accessible at all. – OUT

I am a Legion fan, and once again… I was under whelmed. It’s a straight down the middle mix of both characters I love (Timber Wolf, Wildfire, Dawnstar) and ones that I don’t. And all the shenanigans that will no doubt occur hiding a character like Tellus in the 21st century is going to get old FAST. The only thing I think I liked about the issue, was some very interesting uses of their abilities. That was cool and stuff we really haven’t seen before.

Demon Knights is the pleasant surprise of the week. The premise of Frankenstein (a Dr Who or Torchwood for DC) is cool. But the art style loses me as well. Speaking of SHADE. Anyone notice in only two weeks how many Shadow Organizations are running around all ready? SHADE, Suicide Squad, Stormwatch, NOWHERE, CADMUS… They’re over saturating that premise a little bit aren’t they?

One thing I’ve been noticing is that a LOT of these stories didn’t need a new reality because they’re reading virtually indistinguishable from the previous month’s issues. Green Lantern #1 was essentially a direct continuation from the War of the Green Lanterns and Batwoman #1 showed that everything from the Detective Comics run by Rucka happened. Some books were reimaginings like Mr. Terrific and Superboy, and obviously Action Comics, but a lot just seem like they just got a new #1 which begs the question WHY it HAD TO be a whole new reality in the first place, instead of simply just keeping the continuity (instead of selectively keeping it) and just having all new #1s with the old reality.

And when will we get an explanation of how and why some things changed and others didn’t, or will we? The Mystery Woman is interesting because she’s not just appearing in every issue. She’s appearing in every time–5 years ago in JL, 5 1/2 years ago in Action, in the future in Legion, in the present everywhere else (which means of course she’s appeared to watch something Batman has done several times due to his several books, and Superman as well, not to mention across several eras of the past and present.).

Honestly this was one of my biggest reservations about this whole thing, the line from DC about how this NEEDED to happen and that it was to be new reader friendly.

I’m sorry, DC, but GL and Batwoman were NOT new reader friendly by any stretch of the imagination. I personally enjoyed them because I have every appearance of Batwoman since 52 and every GL related book since before Ion was even introduced, so I know the mythos cold already. Batman and Robin seemed to take for granted you know who Damian was talking about when saying Dick, Tim, and Jason, and even referring to Dick’s time in the cowl, but how is a new reader supposed to get that?

the horror... the horror...

September 15, 2011 at 9:39 am

I’ve summed up both
my feelings for
as well the plot of

Suicide Squad #1

in four panels.


Pn 1: Scary Masked Man cracking Harley Quinn across the face with a baseball bat.
Scary Masked Man: Yes!

Pn 2: Close up of Harley Quinn on the floor spitting up blood and teeth.
Harley Quinn: No!

Pn 3: Scary Masked Man pulling of mask to reveal Sexy Black Lady, pointing dramatically off panel.
Sexy Black Lady: Now!

Pn 4: Harley Quinn falling out of a plane.
Harley Quinn: Whee!

now this


is the sort of
and immediacy of storytelling
that makes me like comic books so much

I only got Demon Knights and Frankenstein…and I enjoyed both well enough. Demon Knights left me a little more excited about the second issue than Frankenstein did…and that is partly due to the art in Frankenstein. You pick it up and it is a lovely JG Jones cover with nice clean lines that let you see all the details…and then you open the book to this muddy mess for art. Kind of a let down. I can see the skill of the artist is there…Ponticelli just needs to tighten it up a bit…and maybe get someone else to ink the pencil work.

@ knightoftomorrow

No, I stand correct. If its story arcs, its unfair to judge any story as a hole reading just a small part of it.

You just dont know if the story is good or not reading a small part of it.

The correct action would be give ANY series at least one story arc, and then you will be able to have a good idea about what it is, the real potential, if it is good or if it is bad.

I would totally agree if stories would be self-content in one issue, but unfortunately thats not the case.


Demon Knights (I love medievel fantasy and this is the first comic in that genre I’ve gotten in to. Great stuff!)
Green Lantern (still great)
Red Lanterns (I’m so glad the Red Lanterns have their own book now)
Resurrection Man (this is just plain cool)
Superboy (never read any Superboy before and was surprised how much I liked it)
Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E (loved everything in this including the art)

ON THE FENCE (issue #2 will decide in or out)

Batwoman (will seek out the Detective run I missed. Maybe that will help).
Grifter (probably in)
Suicide Squad (also probably in)


Deathstroke (this bored me all the way through)
Mister Terrific (started off interesting and quickly crashed…disappointing)
Legion Lost (what? I could kinda follow it and it moved fast, but I didn’t care about what was happenning at all)

Batman and Robin is the only one I didn’t get. Never cared for any version of Robin that I read.

Resurrection Man (Pleasantly surprised, was never into the character before. Picked up the book on a whim and am sticking around.)
Green Lantern (GL + Johns = Sold)
Grifter (Could have been better, but I felt it picked up tiwards the end.)

Mister Terrific (was psyched for this. Left feeling disappointed.)

Unfortunately, there weren’t any surprises for me this week, unlike last week with Animal Man. I expected GL and Batman & Robin to be good and they are definitely in with me. I wanted to like Grifter too but that, Resurrection Man (which wasn’t bad at all) and the rest are on the fence for me. Legion Lost is the only one that is definitely out. The only one I didn’t read this week is Batwoman as I’m waiting for it in a hopefully over-sized hardcover. I’m glad to hear that it’s good though.

I loved Grant Morrison’s Frankenstein mini (even though I’m not a terribly big Morrison fan), but the Frankenstein Flashpoint book…ugh, not just Nazis, but monsters fighting Nazis. Extraordinarily boring. I flipped through the new Frankenstein book and I really dug the art but, y’know, I’ll just read Hellboy if I want monsters fighting stuff.

I bought Resurrection Man but I’m on the fence about it. I’ll skim the next issue.

Ones I might go back for: Mister Terrific (maybe), Suicide Squad, and Deathstroke (it did look pretty cool).


I understand your point, but still think that comparing it to a television show is a much better comparison than a movie.

Does the comparison to a movie work? Yes. However, you don’t watch movies in small pieces. You watch them all at once, they’re “self-contained” stories. You pay one set price (let’s say around $12) and you get the full story in one sitting. Comic books are serialized, just like television programs which tell a larger story over a period of time in an episodic format which you pay for bit at a time (you spend 30 minutes to an hour for an episode of TV and $2.99-4.99 for an issue of a comic).

If we were to talk about trade collections of the story arcs, then I would 100% agree with your comparison to movies. As it is, I think there is a more concrete comparison with television programming and it makes sense to stop paying after one issue. I don’t think that most people would stick around for a full season of a new television show just to see the full story if they weren’t engaged with the characters and set-up for the show. Didn’t “The Event” start off pretty well and quickly drop off as more and more people decided they weren’t interested in the story that was being told?

Additionally, it’s not just the story that is being judged, but the character(s). It didn’t take me a whole story arc to come to the realization that Batman comes across as a snot and Hal Jordan comes across as a douche and decide that I’m not interested enough in either of those characters to read any story featuring them no matter how well, or poorly, written. If I don’t care about the character to begin with, why would I bother with the story?

Another thing to consider is that people are not made of money. Decisions need to be made based on what is presented. Looking at the solicitation information there were a great many series in this relaunch that I decided were not worth any of my money.

Now, as I am reading the ones that sounded interesting, I am getting more information. I am deciding that I am not interested in certain stories, and in most cases characters, in the way that I thought I would be. So, when I have a limited amount of money to spend, I have to decide what to cut and what to keep. The characters in Demon Knights #1 weren’t interesting to me, so I’ve decided not to continue. I hated the way the characters were presented in Justice League, so I’ve decided not to continue. I only liked half of the characters in Legion Lost and didn’t really care or have interest in the set-up for the story so I decided not to continue.

Would it be nice to buy each story for a full-story arc? Yeah, I suppose, but I don’t have $633* that I am willing to spend over the course of 4 months just to read the first arc of each story in the new DC launch; I have bills to pay and I need to eat.

So I guess all that to say that there’s much more to consider than just whether the story is good or not.

*$633= ((2.99×4)x49)+((3.99×4)x3) rounding down (2.99×4) and (3.99×4) to avoid exaggeration to make it seem like more money.

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