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New 52 Pickup | Week 4

We’re well past the halfway point for DC’s New 52, and it’s winding down to when final cuts will be getting made to the pull list. This was a smaller week with 12 books, but it had a number of highly anticipated titles, including Batman and Wonder Woman, with a healthy helping of wild cards like Captain Atom and DC Universe Presents: Deadman. There was definitely something out there for every type of reader, but only a few books made it back onto the pull for next month.

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Written by Scott Snyder with art by Greg Capullo

I’m a big fan of Scott Snyder’s work on American Vampire, so I had pretty high expectations for Batman, and I was not disappointed. Snyder’s storytelling style is fantastic, and he manages to set the stage for a great Batman story that draws from the existing status quo with a minimal confusion to new readers. Greg Capullo has great linework in this issue, but I was left wondering whether it’s the best fit for Snyder’s narrative. That said, I loved every moment of this issue; the cliffhanger is completely worth the price of admission for the next. As it stands, this is the Batman title to stick with and easily my pick of the week.

Status: IN

Birds of Prey
Written by Duane Swierczynski with art by Jesus Saiz

I enjoyed Duane Swiercynski’s run on Cable after X-Men: Messiah Complex finished up, and I’m a huge fan of the previous Birds of Prey series. Unfortunately, this title just doesn’t stack up to either one. As a fan, Birds will always be Black Canary and Oracle, and while Barbara Gordon does make a quick appearance, for better or worse, this is Canary and newcomer Starling’s show now. The plot just didn’t grab me, and Starling didn’t get nearly enough panel time to give me a better idea as to who she is. This might be a title that new readers find interesting, but the story and characters just didn’t work for me.

Status: OUT

Blue Beetle
Written by Tony Bedard with art by Ig Guara

This is a really fun read, a superhero origin story for the modern age. Jaime Reyes has a lot of potential to explore, and while Tony Bedard focuses more on the mythology of the Blue Beetle scarab in this issue, he still manages to do a great job introducing these characters and tying together greater elements of the DC Universe. Ig Guara’s pencils are a great fit for this book, bringing a whimsical feel to a teenage hero coming-of-age story. Lots of fun, I’ll be back for more.

Status: IN

Captain Atom
Written by J.T. Krul with art by Freddie Williams III

I’m not nearly as familiar with Captain Atom as I’d like, so I was excited about the opportunity to learn more about him in the big relaunch. In this iteration, Air Force pilot Nathaniel “Nate” Adam is much less the shiny silver guy and much more of a wispy incarnation a la Dr. Manhattan. It’s a cool take on the character, and J.T. Krul clearly has a longer story that he’s trying to tell. But as someone who wasn’t as familiar with the character, it wasn’t the best title I’ve read so far. The art by Freddie Williams III is absolutely gorgeous and fits very well with the tone of the book, but I didn’t find myself that attached to the character by issue’s end.

Status: OUT


Written by Judd Winick with art by Guillem March

Catwoman is a great spy book. Judd Winick has turned Selina Kyle into a female James Bond who only operates in Gotham City, and it works. Getting to see Selina in action and getting inside her head for a darker take on the character is entertaining, and Winick gives you enough story to become invested in how it’s going to go. Guillem March has had a lot of practice drawing Selina in Gotham City Sirens, and if you’re a fan of his Catwoman, you’ll really enjoy this book. After reading this, you’ll definitely want to see more of Selina on the long con, doing reconnaissance, speaking Russian and getting her apartment blown up.

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Status: IN

DC Universe Presents: Deadman
Written by Paul Jenkins with art by Bernard Chang

Deadman had a huge role in Brightest Day, and this books seeks to re-introduce readers to the character. Boston Brand was a selfish jerk who died and now sits at the precipice of death, only able to take over the bodies of certain people. Paul Jenkins has an interesting take on the Deadman story, forcing the character to go through hosts in a certain order before actually being able to die. The formula works, although not as well as I would have liked. The last page was more confusing than revelatory, and I’m not quite sure whether I’ll be back for more. But Bernard Chang’s pencils are great and the story is well-written …


Green Lantern Corps
Written by Peter J. Tomasi with art by Fernando Pasarin

If you’ve been a fan of Peter Tomasi’s run on Green Lantern Corps, you should check out this book. Much like Green Lantern last week, it’s very much a continuation of the previous GLC series, and new readers might find it a bit difficult to get into. Much like Tomasi, Fernando Pasarin’s got a great handle on these characters, making this book a strong contender in the New 52. I wish there had been some quick captioned introductions to Guy Gardner and John Stewart for newbies, but otherwise — great issue.

Status: IN

Legion of Super-Heroes
Written by Paul Levitz with art by Francis Portela

This book tells the story of the Legionnaires who aren’t gracing the pages of Legion Lost. It’s pretty clear that the Legion titles are going to be difficult to get into if you’re not a longtime reader. While I appreciate Paul Levitz’s helpful character explanations, the Legion is simply massive, and the number of characters introduced is staggering. Levitz’s writing is solid as always and Francis Portela’s pencils are fantastic, but this is very much for readers who are already huge fans of the Legion. As I haven’t been keeping up, it was pretty confusing, and I’m not sure it would get any less so for me with a second issue.

Status: OUT

Written by Kyle Higgins with art by Eddy Barrows

Nightwing has his own book again and it seems to suit him just fine. Dick Grayson was always a strong character, and it’s interesting to see him out in the world after being Batman for a year. Kyle Higgins is exploring Nightwing’s character, both in and out of uniform, in a way that will really appeal to fans. In fact, everything was pretty strong until the last few pages, which just didn’t hook me in the same way as the rest of the issue. This is a tough call to make, so it’s going to have to get pushed until the end of the month.


Red Hood and the Outlaws
Written by Scott Lobdell with art by Kenneth Rocafort

Scott Lobdell is definitely taking full advantage of the new DCU, but how readers feel about it depends greatly on their connection to these characters. Red Hood is fantastic in this issue, playing up the bad-boy-with-awesome-gadgets angle, and Roy Harper as a war criminal makes a decent amount of sense. But the biggest change here is Starfire’s alien perception keeping her from remembering any of her time with the Titans. It’s a huge gamble, but Lobdell smoothly goes with it and is helped by the absolutely gorgeous art of Kenneth Rocafort. It’s got a great set-up and this is most definitely a bold new direction for these characters. As a huge fan of The New Teen Titans, I’m just not quite sure how I feel about it yet.


Written by Michael Green and Mike Johnson with art by Mahmud Asrar

This Supergirl origin is interesting. I like what Michael Green and Mike Johnson are trying to do by getting readers into the head of a confused and lost Supergirl, and Mahmud Asrar’s pencils are a fantastic fit for the tone that they’re trying to set. In fact, I really enjoyed everything about this book – it’ll appeal to new readers, and the creators have a good handle on what makes the character tick. I’m not crazy about the costume redesign, but the positives of this book make me a believer for at least another issue.

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Status: IN

Wonder Woman
Written by Brian Azzarello with art by Cliff Chiang

This is easily one of the most anticipated books of the New 52, so expectations were pretty high. Brian Azzarello is going for a much more horror-oriented book than previous incarnations, and that works well with Cliff Chiang’s art. In fact, they’re probably one of the best paired teams for the New 52 so far. I’m just not quite sure whether this is something that I want to read in single issues. Azzarello sets up some excellent threads that draw from Greek mythology, and I’m looking forward to seeing where those go. However, it’s a decision I’ll have to make at the end of the month.


For the curious, here’s the status of this week’s books:

Blue Beetle
Green Lantern Corps

DC Universe Presents: Deadman
Red Hood and the Outlaws
Wonder Woman

Birds of Prey
Captain Atom
Legion of Super-Heroes

Agree? Disagree? Think something on the fence should get bumped up? Sound off in the comments!



Wonder Woman – this is what I’ve been waiting for from Wonder Woman for 10 years

Batman – I can find the same level of storytelling in I RULE THE NIGHT by Kevin Colden, which reads much better, I think.

Just want to point out that you list Supergirl as being IN with the actual review but list the book as On The Fence in the final tally.

Have only read 2 of these so far, Supergirl and Wonder Woman, both of which I thought were a bit sparse but enjoyable. Think I liked WW a bit more than Supergirl.

Wonder Woman was THE BEST book of the relaunch so far. easily.
IN x 10

No mention of the gratuitous humping at the end of Catwoman?

Bought almost everything, left only Catwoman and DC Universe out. Of the ones purchased, 2 definite OUTs are Batwing (I like my comics more…super) and Captain Atom (just can’t get in the groove). I am rating the rest with what I call my FFL(Fan For Life) Factor.

FFL Factor 5 and below are
Red Hood and the Outlaws
Slight whiff of predictability, but looks good. – FFL Factor 3

Really agree with Robot 6 on this, but just dreading all the other bat books I may have to buy just to understand what is going on here. – FFL Factor 5

Nice looking book. Pacing is slow but not boring me to sleep. Do want to stick around to find out.- FFL Factor6

Blue Beetle
Same as Birds of Prey. Great characteriasations as well.- FFL Factor 7

Birds of Prey
Great looking book. Stylish even. Do make me ask questions that I want to find the answers to- FFL Factor 8

Fan For Life Factor 10 are

Wonder Woman and GL Corps- What can I say!! PERFECTION.

Legion- FFL factor does not apply. Was born a Legion fan and cannot do anything about it.

OOps NIGHTwing. Not batwing

Nightwing,batman, red hood and the outlaws (agree with you on starfire though. like are you kidding me) – in
everything else who cares

Why is Supergirl dressing like a hooker? She’s too old for Toddlers and Tiaras.

That guy calling himself Captain Atom? Not the DC hero we knew and loved. So it’s okay if you don’t know about this version. Thought this version was jut OK myself.

Really liked Batman. A lot.

Liked GLC. No surprise there.

Enjoyed Nightwing, and will be back, but this was standard issue NW stuff.

“Air Force pilot Nathaniel “Nate” Adam is much less the shiny silver guy and much more of a wispy incarnation a la Dr. Manhattan.” You had me at Dr. Manhattan…I’ll be picking this up for sure today.

Why is Supergirl dressing like a hooker? She’s too old for Toddlers and Tiaras.

Huh? She’s wearing more clothes than she did last month? Does hooker now mean “no exposed midriff”?

Catwoman is soooo out for me, the same with Red Hood. In both, it’s almost pure, shameless exploitation, and I have absolutely no desire to read the books after seeing a few of the panels. Catwoman, I know, has always been a character meant to push the envelope regarding sexuality, but it’s too shameless and does absolutely nothing for me with regards to the character. It may look pretty, but as far as the book is concerned, I’m out.

Nevertheless, I found Wonder Woman to be quite an interesting read, but at the end I really had to question what it was I just read. It feels much more akin to a Mike Mignola/Hellboy universe than one of Wonder Woman. It was by no means a bad book, but I continue to question the legitimacy of putting Wonder Woman in it. I’ll be around for a few more issues, but I still have to question what exactly it is this team is doing for Wonder Woman, and why they didn’t take it in a different direction. Interesting start, if not completely relevant to who I think the character is.

But for me, the stars of the week were Jaime Reyes and Boston Brand. While I loved Batman, it was DCU Presents and Blue Beetle that wholeheartedly made my list. Blue Beetle was fun, I enjoy the goofiness of the characters, and I’m very interested in seeing where they take Jaime. My only regret there is that they didn’t make alterations to the costume, which is very strange because I definitely feel like I’m still reading the same Blue Beetle, even though I’m not.

But Deadman’s origin was great- concise characterization backed by some solid visuals, and I think the final revelation of the book fits perfectly into what I would have expected of the character. This is a New 52, and thus I don’t expect to read about a Boston Brand from Brightest Day or any other time period; I want to read about a Boston Brand explained for this universe, which is almost entirely the reason books in the Green Lantern line will never sell me- I really don’t care for Geoff Johns’ continuity, and I don’t believe certain characters should be immune to a rewrite. DCU Presents was fun, intriguing, and I’m looking forward to the next four issues.

On the fence for Nightwing? No way – that’s an IN based on art alone. The story was solid. Nightwing will most certainly be around this time next year.

Same for Wonder Woman. This is the take and the talent that will bring the WW up to modern standards. Great book, fantastic story and art. How this could be a “maybe” yet Catwoman, a solid IN is beyond me.

Last but not least, Red Hood and the Outlaws is a definite bump to IN. Afraid of what might happen to your precious 30 year-old memories of characters from New Teen Titans? GOOD! That means Lobdell is doing his job. I think this title may surprise a few people, along with Teen Titans and Superboy, in creating the sort of dynamic excitement Lobdell used to bring to the X books at Marvel. I’m on board.

Batman: Scott Snyder manages to fit all the most familiar tropes of Batman into a single issue. From the Arkham riot to the Wayne fundraising dinner to a gritty murder scene, it has all the elements that make Batman fun, even if we’ve seen it before. Snyder tops it all off, however, by pulling the rug out from under Batman, with the promise that his familiar world may be anything but. Great first issue with fantastic art. Greg Capullo seems to have been born to draw Batman’s world.

Nightwing: The art is what stood out to me. A few confusing panels aside, the compositions felt spacious and Dick Grayson really looks like an acrobat. I swear the pages themselves looked bigger than the average comic. It was a little disappointing to see Dick back as Nightwing. I thought him made an interesting Batman and it pushed his character in an exciting new direction. Now he just seems to be DC’s version of Spider-man again.

Catwoman: Awesome beginning scene! Selina is really shown to be quite a complex person with many facets to explore in future issues. The ending is a bit weird. I’m not sure I really needed to know what went on between Batman and Catwoman behind closed doors. Books like Hush did just fine implying their physical relationship without getting into specifics. I keep thinking of her line “it doesn’t take long…”

red hood was the only book i bought and it was a on the fence since it was too short for me to be satisfied.

Wonder Woman not what I expected and WOW GREAT! NOT A TEEN BOOK THOUGH
Deadman Loved It!
I thought Catwoman was sexy and clever and the end was over the top and passionate and totally relate able. BUT NOT A TEEN BOOK.
I loved the take on Kori in Red Hood. She’s … alien… just not an orange superhuman and again NOT A TEEN BOOK.

My favorite is wonder woman and I was instantly hooked

I liked Birds of Prey a lot. I was impressed that they’d kept at least part of Gail’s run in continuity (the Canary being wanted for murder bit) and thought the story and art were some of the best balanced in the lineup.

This week more’n any other felt like a week of titles that’ll prove their weight in #2.

Off topic here but my problem with Red Hood and the Outlaw is that I find the objectifying of Starfire most disappointing. The panel with her flicking her wet hair by the beach is so gratuitous, drawn and written by men who read one Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition too many. And she is basically being passed around for the boys to ‘have fun’ with. Big turn off.

Wonder Woman barley appears in first issue of her own book. Not a good sign. It was like book was starring the blonde haired girl with Wonder Woman guest star. It better get better or I will drop. Already on fence with horror stuff.
Catwoman: Sex scene at the end was weird but was still made sense. Everyone acting like first time they have done it comics. They were married and had a kid in one of pre crisis worlds.
Red Hood and Outlaws: I am to keen on what they have done to starfire.
Supergirl: I found really lame and treading down lines with character again. Maybe my last issue.
Captain Atom I didn’t get. Everything I have read about it makes seem like it was script for Dr Manhattan title and became this. I am not liking direction with this character. We have seen this good character but this almost bad as what they did with him a few years ago.
Blue Beatle: It’s Jamie Reyes and not Ted Kord. Enough said. Stopping forcing jamie down our throats DC. :(

I forget to get to the new continue new really bad looks of DCU. Supergirl, Nightwing, Captain Atom, Black Canary.

Catwoman stayed on the stands. I can get free porn on the internet.
Wonder Woman is definitely worth another look.

Blue Beetle was very good. Haven’t read the rest yet.

“While I appreciate Paul Levitz’s helpful character explanations, the Legion is simply massive, and the number of characters introduced is staggering. ”

Really? 7 characters is staggering? How in the world are you going to manage the Justice League with it’s proposed roster of 15?
And while there is a hint of sarcasm in that response, sure there were a lot of characters in the book (it’s the Legion, after all… that kinda implies a lot of members), there were really only about 7 that were the focus. And they each got an introduction and an explanation of what they do. The rest of the gang were just window dressing this issue. I’m not sure how Levitz could have made it more new-reader friendly. If you didn’t enjoy the book, that’s fine… but I don’t think it’s fair to blame it on the number of characters or the density of the story. Anything that you needed to know was included in this issue.

this was by far the best week of the new 52

Blue Beetle
Green Lantern Corps
Legion of Super-Heroes
DC Universe Presents: Deadman
Red Hood and the Outlaws
Wonder Woman
Birds of Prey

Captain Atom

People are still complaining about Ted Kord? Good grief.

Batman#1 IN

Loved every moment of it except for Bruce Wayne’s look, it was somewhat generic. Capullo was born to draw Batman!

Nightwing #1 IN

As stated earlier, you BELIEVE that Nightwing is an acrobat and seems like a fresh start for the character’s future. The art was great as well.

Red Hood and the Outlaws#1 IN

Spectacular! The art was amazing and the dynamic between the three major characters is fantastic. I am really loving the new Starfire as well. Seems so much more alien than she used to be and fresh.

I had Nightwing and Red Hood on my pull list. I also picked up Batman, and Legion of Superheroes.

I enjoyed Nightwing and will keep that.

Legion was only ok, but better than Legion Lost in my opinion. I’m on the fence on that one.

Batman was pretty good, and it seems like Nightwing will dovetail with what’s going on in Batman. At least that’s the impression I got from reading both books. I don’t know that I’m all that interested in a Bruce Wayne Batman though. It’s still a maybe.

Just something about Red Hood and the Outlaws didn’t quite work for me. I know some might say I should wait until the end of the first story to make a decision, but I’m not really interested enough in the characters to do that. So I am dropping that one from my list.

This brings me down to only 10 titles out of 52 so far. There are only two titles from DC on my list for next week (JLD and All-Star Western), but I’m thinking I might give I, Vampire a shot. None of the others appeal to me.

Really Blue Beetle makes it IN as opposed to the better stories like Wonder woman and Birds of Prey? Blue beetle felt like I was re-reading the Giffen first issue, just not as good. I just couldn’t handle how much of it felt like the original. Maybe nobody READ the Giffen Blue Beetle #1 and that’s why nobody sees the similarities but I did when it came out. Also, “translated from Spanglish” when it’s IN “Spanglish” or “translated from THE interlac”. The Interlac? Isn’t it just.. Interlac? Not THE Interlac?

Legion of Super-Heroes was pretty obviously meant to continue with the earlier LoSH stories, which is fine since they’re doing it with every Batman title and the Green Lantern titles and expecting people to follow it. I don’t know why people are upset that they did it with LoSH. Either way, it was amazing. I’m so happy.

Birds of Prey was just.. awesome. I don’t see how you could pass it up except wait.. Catwoman is a DEFINITE In when it’s a fanservice title and Red Hood is a on the Fence with MORE fanservice. Catwoman’s BOOB has more page time than Zatanna had in her entire recently cancelled on-going. The new Starfire is a bimbo.. they totally ruined this character just so they could do tons of sex scenes with her and Jason or Roy.. why didn’t they just cut out the middle woman? hehe.. So it’s no WONDER you didn’t like Birds of Prey about some kick ass women with no fanservice. Starling is pretty awesome and Canary is, as always, kick ass. I just loved it.

Now the new Wonder Woman.. great story, but that is not Wonder Woman. That’s Xena the Warrior Princess in a Hercules: The Legendary Journey story. It mean it was interesting, but Wonder Woman is not suppose to be chopping off arms and maybe heads.. She shouldn’t have an armory filled with axes, swords, and other pointy objects. Her main weapon is a lasso.. the only time she uses the lasso in the entire issue is to save the pregnant chick. Wonder Woman should be about more than violence and killing/maiming. That’s the Punisher. Wonder Woman is suppose to be a brilliant warrior that solves her problems without violence as the first and last resort.. This Warrior Woman ALWAYS uses violence. DC has gotten farther and farther away from who Wonder Woman is and then they blame the character b/c they can’t seem to control their writers and artists to keep the character on track. It’s not Diana’s fault that she hasn’t had very many good stories.. it’s DC for leaving her flat boring and giving her writers that then let them do whatever they wanted. Blarg…

Jason, you clearly haven’t been following Wonder Woman since the Perez relaunch.

Wonder Woman was the best of the reboots. Great story that instantly hooked me in, and the art has a great storytelling flow.

I can’t believe somebody’s whining about the “objectification” of Starfire.
“The tall walking glass of sex is using Roy and Jason as boy toys! Waaaaaaaaaa!”

You can’t believe people are whining about the objectification of Starfire? Really?

She is a physically stunning, exotic woman with an insatiable desire for casual sex, who is simultaneously incapable of connecting to anyone meaningfully because she forgets who they are.

In what way has this character NOT been transformed into a the male fantasy sex object?

I read this comic knowing it wasn’t meant to be literature, but I was legitimately appalled by this ‘characterization.’

dl316bh the pain of Ted Kord’s death NEVER ENDS!

I agree with most of these, absolutely in on Catwoman and Batman. I can see how people were jarred by catwoman though and have to agree that in future issues maybe the adage ‘less is more’ might be better lol!
Bop was not that great for me, actuallr read it to see how Ivy made the roster and she wasn’t even mentioned. Red hood had it’s moments but they were overshadowed by the treatment of star fire which if you are a fan of hers I suggest you avoid this book, hoping for some character development for her in the months to come.

I loved wonder woman and super girl too, but alas they were so brief :( all left me wanting more

Strongest of the dcnu this week, there isn’t one book I wouldn’t give another go unlike previous weeks

Legion of Superheroes – One of my top two books of the week and one of my favorites of the New 52
Nightwing – Loved it. I’m thrilled to see Nightwing back in his own book and enjoyed it thoroughly.
Batman – Off to a great start. Didn’t love the art, but the story was very good.
Catwoman – a nice take on Selina, I look forward to more

Birds of Prey – As much as I have enjoyed BOP in the past, I’m not sure about this one. I’ll buy another.
DC Universe Presents: Deadman – I’ll have to try another. I don’t love the character, but we’ll see
Red Hood and the Outlaws – A decent start with some characters I like. I’ll try another
Supergirl – Not really thrilled, but I’ll wait and see.
Wonder Woman – Didn’t care for this take a whole lot and didn’t love the art, but I’ll give it more time

Green Lantern Corps – just a continuation of the previous series and I was getting bored with that
B;ue Beetle – I just don’t like this character at all.
Captain Atom – Didn’t really like this one all that much

Birds of Prey – Great writing and art! 9/10
Wonder Woman – Loved it 10/10
Red Hood and the Outlaws – Fun book 7/10
Batman – 7/10


Catwoman – Art is good, but the rest is meh
Captain Atom
Legion of Super-Heroes

I was suprised by how much I loved Birds of Prey, so couldn’t disagree more with the reviewer.. I loved Batman and Wonder woman, but this came out on top for me. Great art, great character intros and a story vehicle that kicked me in the gut and left me wanting more. Never thought I’d be adding BOP to my pull list.

DCU Presents and Nightwing were both decent… You’d have to pay me to read Red Hood and the Outlaws. I know there’s an audience for that rampant junk, but I don’t know how a serious reviewer could rate it higher than this ish of BOP. Oraclegate, anyone?

DC didn’t have anything I liked this week. So sad. I really wanted to like Legion of Super-Heroes, Captain Atom, Batman and Deadman but they were all disappointing.

Legion was too cramped and over-crowded in both the art and story. Don’t care for the new, unrecognizable Captain Atom with the weird hair thing and strange art style. The art in Batman was so cartoony, it looked like it was aimed at elementary school kids.

For the entire month, DC has only sold me four comics. Before the reboot I was buying 5 or 6 DC’s each week, like Batman, Legion, and Justice League. Can’t wait for the next reboot.

I haven’t read all my issues yet but Batman #1 and Catwoman #1 are a must. I have never been a fan of Catwoman but this take on her is very good. Its making her some what vunerable which you never see in the confident Selina Kyle. People are complaining about the TnA aspect of the book but this is who I believe Catwoman should be. I do believe books like Catwoman and Red Hood should be catergorized under a different umberlla of DCnU a’la Marvel Max but for those who have read those books and are offended by it then you know what you’re in for if you pick it up so steer clear of them. I for one enjoyed Catwoman and will continue to purchase it.

Maybe you were avoiding spoilers, but not mentioning certain things about Starfire in Red Hood seems like a cop out, especially since the book is going to get slammed (justifiably?) for turning her into a slut.

Deadman’s new power must be talking people to death.

And he has to endure Work Release Purgatory simply because he was a selfish jerk? That’s his most grievous sin? Boy, we are ALL in BIG trouble.

For those of you complaining about Starfire being a slut probably means you yourself are mad about other guys getting a piece and you aren’t. I for one love that she can detach her physiology from her emotions and be something greater than an animated young teen titan’s air head to an adult air head who isn’t afraid of who she embracing who she is and what she has gone through (sex slavery most likely) and getting past it just like the the other two characters. Then again, being relatively new to DC, I haven’t been up to speed with the last 30 years of continuity and I really don’t care about it. Starting fresh was brilliant, as was Jason Todd and Roy Harper.

The New 52 was made specifically to draw new readers in relatively continuity free for most titles. I for one am sold on DC now. Good bye Marvel as far as I am concerned! DC, you have done your job well in me. I just purchased six different titles and loved all of them. I look forward to whatever else is being put out too.

So Starfire, a woman who OWNS her sexuality is now a slut because she CHOSE to sleep with two different men?

But then I take it you have a problem with Dick, Jason, and Roy banging whoever and however many women they want, right?
You do realize that most people (especially good looking people) tend to have quite a bit of sex, right?

I gave a look to Captain Atom, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Catwoman. They are all Out, but I could see myself reading Wonder Woman once collected…. from the library. Mr. Azzarello almost makes mythology palatable, so I may change my mind (especially given the lovely Chiang art).

I liked the art in the other three as well, but either the character ended up not interesting me (Captain Atom), or not much happened (Supergirl), or the editor appropriated some fanfic (Catwoman).


Good, liked Detective Comics better but the art was great. Just don’t like all the “robins”. The cliff hanger at the end was contagious but I think we all know Dick didn’t do it. If we are lucky Damien did it and he will die.



Didn’t get it. I don’t remember much greek mythology and I don’t care to research it for this book. Also, am I the only one who doesn’t like Chiang’s art?



Bout time they did it. Art was good. Thought it was cool, edgy, and I hope it explores her psyche in the following issues.




I’ve been skimming selected books I’d chosen not to order, just to see if I wanted to change my mind about them. These books have so far included SUPERBOY, SWAMP THING, BIRDS OF PREY, MEN OF WAR and DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS with Deadman. DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS allllmost made it into the bag and it’s the first unordered DCNu title that’s gotten that close.
SUPERGIRL, well, I’m sorry, I just have no patience with another re-imagining of this character. It took them five years to figure out who she was last time and I’m not up for starting over.

IN: Wonder Woman. Exactly what I want in a comic from DC. Give me a full 6 issue spread and I’ll be begging for a Vertigo treatment.

I just don’t get all the “Capullo love”. Since day one, the guy has made a career of copying others- Mazzuchelli, Romita Jr., McFartlane, and even a swipe or 7 of Bisely on “Haunt” and now an occasional swatch of Miller’s Dark Knight stuff(see upcoming BM #4 cover). Has he ever done anything on his own? He’s the modern day Rich Buckler fer cryin’ all night, the emporer has no clothes here, people!!! How much of his check does he(or should he)turn over to JR JR., Frank and the rest ? Here’s to “Greg Copyullo”, or is it “JR 3″? There are many more talented people out there who work THEIR OWN STYLE and get no credit for it but this human xerox machine is lauded? Gimme a break!

My biggest gripe with ALL of these new 52 nuumber ones is that as 1st issues go- the ALL pretty much fail.

A first issue needs to introduce you to the character, who they are and why they are.. then it needs to set up the series… not have 2 dragged out action scenes to wow you then say “to be continued”

Wonder Woman was decent but if I was a new reader I would have NO IDEA who she is or why she is wonderwoman. You can interchange her with ANY female charcter in the world with this issue.
And the simple cartoony artwork did NOT fit the story at all.

If the new 52 isnt ground zero for new readers….. then who is this ” action in the middle of a story” supposed to be for?

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