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New trailer debuts for Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts

Sequart has debuted a new trailer for Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts, a documentary that examines the life, career and influence of the acclaimed writer. The NSFW trailer (there’s profanity, naturally) features excerpts from interviews with the likes of Joss Whedon, Helen Mirren, Wil Wheaton, Ben Templesmith, Kelly Sue DeConnick and, of course, Ellis himself.

The film, which was previewed in July at Comic-Con International, will be screened worldwide this fall and winter.



One of my favourite if not THE fave writer of mine. A man who can do high concept work like Plantary, Orbiter and New Universal to great sci-fi like Freak Angels to some of the most fun dark superhero comics like Authority and Thunderbolts to just pure fun found in Secret Avengers and Next Wave. I can’t wait to see this film and get into his head a little.

So, since Warren was interviewed for the film about Grant Morrison, was Grant interviewed here?

Grant hasn’t been interviewed for the film…yet. But, it does seem appropriate to have the crossover, doesn’t it?

Did this look as insufferable to others as it did to me? I know they’re just short excerpts, but from DeConnick’s silly and patently false hyperbole (“EVERYTHING that came after…”) to Ellis’ unfunny posturing, the whole trailer left me cringing. And I say this as a big fan of Warren Ellis, one who considers Planetary one of the, if not the, best mainstream comic of the last decade. I’d be very interested in a film that explores Ellis and his creative process, but this (from the trailer at least) smacks of hagiography and an exercise in cult of personality.

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