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Patton Oswalt swears off DC Comics over survey encounter

While some readers had difficulties completing DC Comics’ unprecedented survey about its line-wide relaunch, Patton Oswalt experienced his own problem in the flesh — and he’s not happy about. In fact, his encounter with an employee of Nielsen NRG at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles left the actor-comedian bidding farewell to DC.

“Don’t go to @MeltdownComics today unless you like getting buttonholed into douch-ey, stultifying New 52 surveys,” Oswalt wrote Wednesday on Twitter, saying that he was approached repeatedly by a “pushy” representative of the market research company, even after he said “no” and walked away.

Although the bulk of the reader survey is being conducted online, Nielsen is also going to a handful of direct-market stores nationwide for in-person interviews. Presumably most of those will go a little more … smoothly.

“Nielsen? Read that DC had hired them. They sure did,” tweeted Oswalt, who’s written comics for Dark Horse and, yes, DC. “I also bought my last DC comics, EVER, today. […] I thought the DC survey was online. Not today. They’ve got pushy Nielsen dick-scrapes in stores, bothering everyone.”

He clarified, though, that he has no problem with Meltdown, one of his regular haunts: “Everyone — @MeltdownComics is cool, they got fucked just like their customers. But DC Comics? ‘Bye!”

The online portion of the reader survey continues through Oct. 7. The results are expected to be presented to retailers early next year at the ComicsPro Meeting and DC Summit.

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By the same logic, if I’m offended by Patton Oswalt’s overreaction I should say bye to Disney products because he did Ratatouille.

Wow. Overreact much?

I agree with the above. I haven’t liked Patton for a long time. His knowledge of comics is pretty poor. He’s really kind of a poser. It’s kind of sad.

Now unleash the hate at me Internet!

Remember the days before Twitter (or for that matter Blogs and online forums) that if something got someone mad, they’d yell and scream and, except for the unfortunate’s standing near that person, no one else had to hear their ranting.

He’ll be working for Marvel soon. It’s a plant. (insert Clue the Movie retort).

Well there goes any chance of DC Comics Presents JLA Welcome to the Working Week

Wow, it’s Mr. Oswalt’s choice, but his ire should be directed at Nielsen not DC.

I thought he said he was giving up DC comics when they announced the New 52!?

See you next Wednesday, Mr. Oswalt!

Wow, whine much? Like it’s DC’s fault Nielsen employs an over-zealous idiot. I like PO, but maybe a little less now. He’s coming off like a 15 year old girl here, not an adult who should know better.

Well that’s a PERFECTLY REASONABLE reaction…


I get so tired of pissy comic book fans swearing off DC or Marvel because they’re so “outraged” about nothing really. Come up from the basement, let mommy give you a hug and then get a life.

“It’s a plant. (insert Clue the Movie retort).”

Ooh! Ooh! I know this one!!


yeah this is just another typical over-reaction that only gets attention because of things like twitter and facebook where this kind of thing can get wide-spread attention.

And like others have said: why direct your ire at DC. They didn’t conduct the survey.

it doesn’t bother me that he got upset. That would piss me off too.

I wonder if the survey taker knew who he was and thought this survey would be particularly valuable and that’s why they were pushy like that.

Lame. Misdirected hate. Attention whore.

He’s Patton Oswalt. No one knows who he is and no one cares.

Couldn’t he of just spoke with the manager if the store and got them to tone it down.

Godsakes, Patton, your 40 something years old… grow up.

I agree Patton Oswalt did over react, I wonder if he said anything to the staff at the store about this before leaving?!? DC might have hired Nielsen, but I don’t even they’d approve of harassing customers…

Why so much hate towards Patton, he is not the underlying problem with the reboot the problem is how not good fair amount of the new 52 has been. Personaly the new 52 has kinda soured me on DC but I’m sure in in year or so everything will be undone and folks will be frustrated at some new event.

I’m totally working “dick-scrape” into future conversations.

In the photo, he does look like he is about to cry rolling on the floor .
Who is he, again?

This dude is a joke. Blame an entire group because of the actions of one person. Can’t believe he is willing to deny himself some really good books over an incident. Probably needed some attention.

Yeesh. A completely out-of-proportion reaction by a washed-up “comedian” who hasn’t been funny on his own in years.
And, yet another “swearing-off DC forever!!!!!gruntgrunt!!!” ultimatum by another embarrasing fan with their panties in a bunch. If it wasn’t for the “Reboot” of the DC line in the Fifties, look at all we would have missed out on.
If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. And keep your butthurt whines to yourself.

Oswalt wrote Wednesday on Twitter, saying that he was approached repeatedly by a “pushy” representative of the market research company, even after he said “no” and walked away.

seriously now,i too will be mad if someone getting pushy on me&can’t take no for answer
,in contrary to that they reject many online request(why can’t they just survey it online altogether,wheres there tons of willing participants?)

Who is Patton Oswalt? :P

kinda douche-ish!

I know overreactions and people being silly. I don’t think even John Byrne would have reacted like this.

Wow. People in here gettin’ mad at Twitter.

Two words. Drama. Queen. If this had happened to me, would I have been annoyed? Probably. When the Nielsen dude asked me again, I would’ve indicated that my response hadn’t changed in the intervening few minutes. I might’ve tweeted some annoyance, but I wouldn’t have had a Twitter fit and sworn off DC comics altogether. Lame.

Who the heck is this jerk? Never heard of him. Who cares about his opinion?

god forbid they try to actually figure out who is buying the books. its not like the comics market is in a death spiral or anything.

He acts as if Didio himself followed him around the store. This was Nielsen’s fault, not DC’s, and Patton can’t be dumb enough not to know that. But he’s also a celebrity, and he knew his rant would make waves.

I blame twitter and this narcissistic blog culture.

I don’t know who is Patton Oswalt, but he looks Popeye the Sailor Man. :)

Nielsen was acting as an agent of DC so DC is ultimately responsible for the actions of thier agent.

From DC Comics to Patton Oswalt:

Bye Patton! and don’t send us a postcard !

George Bush (not that one)

September 29, 2011 at 11:33 am

I haven’t had cable in 25 years so I have no idea who this is. Best decision of my life,after the first divorce and second marriage.

It’s Patton frikkin’ Oswalt!! Who cares what this talentless schmoe has to say?

I get it! He’s trying to get on the comp list by being ridiculous.

I’m not saying this reaction was justifiable, but often times when people have been upset or dissatisfied with something for a long time that they’ve put a lot of money and emotional energy into, they look for any reason they can to finally dump it.

Two years ago today (Sept. 29, 2009), Greg Giraldo took his own life.
He and Patton were friends and they worked together on that Lewis Black show.
I would say that it’s possible that Patton was feeling a little down in the dumps and the Nielsen representative just happened to pick the wrong person and time to approach. After all, when we lose someone we care about, how many of us want to be pestered for any reason?
Now, I’ve never cared for either of them…I’m just saying that it’s a possible, partial explanation.

Hey, thanks for the heads up, Mad Monkey. I’m gonna listen to some Giraldo today.

Patton needed some press. Times are hard since King of Queens was canceled.


September 29, 2011 at 4:56 pm

Wow, it’s Mr. Oswalt’s choice, but his ire should be directed at Nielsen not DC.

Yeah, but swearing off Nielsen surveys isn’t going to get his name splashed across blogs and comic fan sites.

>>Yeah, but swearing off Nielsen surveys isn’t going to get his name splashed across blogs and comic fan sites.

You mean except this one right?

He’s just mad that Superman’s ‘Grounded’ walk across America did not include the United States of Tara. :P

Paton Oswald is on you nerds side, if you had the brains to see it. He just aired a a new Showtime special last week, by the way.

Who gives a shit what this guy thinks? Who is he anyway!?! ( I kid, I did see him in United States of Tara – so sad that has finished! )

Why can’t there ever be a story with a hot person relating to comics? He looks like the comic guy from the Simpsons – and that is why people don’t want to try reading comics! Middle aged, overweight, average looking guys are the face of them in this day and age! Thats what needs to change!

Yes, its vain. But its true.

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