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Police nab suspect in Superman theft, return collection to owner

Mike Meyer

Police in Granite City, Illinois, have arrested a man suspected of stealing thousands of dollars worth of Superman memorabilia from a mentally disabled collector in St. Louis. Better still, they were able to recover the collection and return it to the owner, a very grateful Mike Meyer.

The Post-Dispatch reports that 37-year-old Gerry A. Armbruster of Granite City was connected to the late-August theft during the investigation on Thursday of the forcible robbery of money and jewelry from a 76-year-old man. Armbruster has been charged with one count of residential burglary for the Superman theft, and one count each of robbery and aggravated burglary for the incident with the elderly man. He’s being held in jail on $100,000 bond.

Armbruster allegedly befriended Meyer, a 48-year-old man who lives on Social Security and works part-time at McDonald’s, before swindling him out of more than 1,800 Superman comics, figures and other memorabilia he’d been collecting since 1974.

The theft quickly drew worldwide attention, with fellow fans from as far away as Australia and the United Kingdom rallying to replace Meyer’s collection. According to the Post-Dispatch, officials in Cleveland offered to pay for Meyer to tour the house where a young Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created the Man of Steel, while the Metropolis, Illinois, Chamber of Commerce has its own plan in the works.

Meyer, who now has close to double what had been stolen — with more promised or already en route — plans to give those donations to charity, likely a children’s hospital.

“People were generous to me,” Meyer, who lives with his dogs Krypto and Dyno, told the newspaper. “This is how I can be generous in return.”



Happy Ending! Such great news!

Stealing from the elderly and disabled?

What a piece of trash.

— MrJM

I had hoped for this, but didn’t really foresee it. Couldn’t be happier to have been wrong. Thrilled to see that every once in a while, justice does get served. I’ve got a big grin plastered all over my face right now, I’m just so happy that things turned out so well for Mike.

Excellent news! Now as for that scum bag? Bullet. Head. Justice. Served.

this is how people should come together to help someone who was taken advantage of

Bastard should rot in jail

So glad this scumbag was caught. As for Mike, what a great guy.

Very glad everything worked out for Mike. Was one of many who followed this story and joined a FB group for Mike and sent a small donation his way. Hope that the theft hasn’t robbed Mike of his peace and sanctuary of his home. Thrilled that his collection is back in its proper place!

I almost cry reading this. Its sooooo good to see justice being served, Superman would aprove.

I’m so freaking happy to hear this news.
I think its even better that Mike wants to donate to a charity or hospital. He really does deserve the support everyone has given him and more. :D

I can’t believe it…sometimes the system works. Go Mike! Justice at last ;)

God I love a happy ending. Very happy for you, Mike.

Such amazing news!!

I only heard about this just the other day, but I’m glad it has a happy resolution for Mike.

Also good on him for deciding to donate his newfound pieces to charity.

Damn, if that’s not great news!

Fantastic news!

I’m glad Mike got his stuff back.

As for the thief, just put him in a cell wearing a T-shirt which says “I rob the mentally disabled.” Shower time hijinks ensue.

Pay it forward! What a guy!

This is such a wonderful end to this sad story.

If you ask me, Mike IS Superman.

Fantastic! What great news.

Yes! Justice! So glad to hear this story has a happy ending. Mike is a great guy and he deserves all his items returned and to grow a grander collection. Just fantastic news!

Justice may be blind…but it does have a heart.

we should all be proud of mike,he does superman pround ad the human race.

Faith in humanity = restored.

Damn, that is great freakin’ news!

Wonderful news! I am glad Gerry was caught and the Mr. Meyers will get his collection back. How fitting that he wishes to be generous in response to having such generosity shown to him. A heatrwarming story all around!

And it is a little weird for me that I just read Wonder Woman v. 2 #15-16 this week, where the villain’s name is Henry Cobb Armbruster.

So awesome! And how great is it that fellow comic fans were so quick to jump in and try to replace his collection?

Someone needs to write the comic adaptation of this story STAT!

Man, I’m really happy now! :D That piece of sh!t should stay in the jail forever!

Best News Story of the Year. I’ve got a lump in my throat.

Damned if that dont look like justice to me

Truth justice and the American way all wrapped up in one amazing story with the happiest of endings. So happy for Mike and inspired by his decision to pay it forward.

So awesome! I’m glad he is getting his stuff back, and I think it’s great he is donating alot of what he doesn’t need.

What a creep. Robbing a mentally challenged man, and then following it up with robbing a 76 year old.

Happy it turned out well in the end.

Sooo happy for Mike! And with the outpouring of love from the worldwide community, it goes to show that there IS still some good in the world! Thanks to all who made this happen!

Nice!, See what a Superman can do?, except the part where they forgot to break Gerry A. Armbrusters’ dirty thieving hands.

This makes me so happy, not only for Mike, but just in seeing such a great example of what good people there still are in this world, despite the presence of scum like Gerry. Fantastic news.

To Mike… Congrats! That’s a wonderful idea you had to donate stuff to charity, but if it’s stuff you didn’t previously have, I hope you’ll keep at least some of what I’ve sent you (package was sent just yesterday!). I want you to have it.

And @Mitchell Craig… I like the way you think.

Chris N is right!
This is Truth,Justice and the American way! At it’s best!
Good for you Mike! Good for you!

Fantastic news!!!! :)

Excellent! Now, where’s Green Arrow? We need someone who’s willing to put an arrow through the head of the guy responsible..

nice was hoping Mike would wind up with a happy ending if not getting his collection back from the scum bag at least some of it replaced. glad he got it back plus also taking the next step and repaying the kindness and giving the extra superman stuff to a worthy charity. as for the scum bag who stole the collection hope he meets some comic book fans in prison who give him a special welcome.

Jeez, I’m almost crying I’m so relieved. First the 3 year old in BC gets returned home after kidnapping, and now this (albeit slightly less serious, in comparison) happens. Finally some good news this year!

This is the kind of story that just warms the heart.

I’m thrilled to hear that Mike got all of his stuff back, and kudos to him for donating some of his extra swag to a worthy cause. An act of nobility that Superman, himself, would approve of. :)

As for Gerry….preying on the disabled AND the elderly? How low can you get? This a-hole doesn’t deserve to live amongst the rest of humanity. I’m glad he’s been taken out of circulation.

The “good guys”, definitely, won this fight!

“Meyer, who now has close to double what had been stolen — with more promised or already en route — plans to give those donations to charity, likely a children’s hospital.”

That’s fantastic… congratulations, my friend. :)

Great story.

I will stop surfing and go to bed now, so the last thing trickling through my head as I nod off will be the peaceful, contented feeling I have right now.

I’m glad the guy got his collection back. And to the thief – I hope you fry.

Would’nt it be nice if the comments were printed out and read out to the culprit while he is in court

He’s donating the donations to charity?

Every man can be a Superman.

Best news i’ve heard in a long time. Smile of the day!!!!

Well, this is the first post I read this morning, and my day couldn’t have started any better.

Cheers to all involved (except the thief of course…)!

your a class act Mike Meyer

To be honest, I feel like the real happy ending to the story was the contributions that the people around the world made for Mike. The villain may have gotten away, or he may have been caught. It didn’t matter, because the actions of all those other comic fans restored MY faith in humanity.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the ass-hat was caught (it says a lot that this guy was robbing a 76 year-old as well!) I just don’t want to lose sight of the great job that everyone who pitched in did.

I am excited that Mr. Meyer will have his stolen collection returned. While I’m touched that he plans to gift our donations to charity, I do hope that he holds on to a few items to add to his collection, especially the personalized artwork that some of the more talented supporters sent his way.

This has literally made my day! Been following this story for a while and the fact that the guy has been caught gives me so much joy! Also Mike’s kindness in donating all of HIS donations really makes me feel better about the world – what a lovely, generous man.

Mike Meyer was my next-door neighbor. (No Joke) He’s a great guy and I can’t believe someone broke into his house. It just goes to show how nuts people are these days.

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