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Preview: Foley, Staples take a bite out of vampire fiction with Done to Death

Done to Death

Courtesy of Andrew Foley, Fiona Staples and IDW, we’re pleased to present a sneak preview of Done to Death, a graphic novel that arrives in shops this week. It’s the story of an editor who gets tired of reading “poorly written Twilight knockoffs,” so she starts killing off the would-be writers submitting them to her. Here’s the official description:

WRITTEN BY: Andrew Foley
FOREWORD BY: Steve Niles

“Fed up with receiving poorly written Twilight knockoffs, editor Shannon Wade did what any reasonable person would: she started killing the worst of the would-be authors sending them to her. Meanwhile, Andy, a stuttering, overweight vampire has targeted those who portray vampires in a light he deems unrealistic. Not exactly novel but terribly graphic, Done To Death follows Andy and Shannon’s paths towards a collision as darkly funny as it is ridiculously violent.”

“DONE TO DEATH” Drops This September From IDW Publishing! (MSRP – $19.99 Page Count – 136)

I should note that the preview contains violent/gruesome scenes, it’s not safe for work and it’s for mature readers only. Check it out after the jump.




I am so down with this.

When does Laurell K. Hamilton get hunted down?

El Santo–Gotta save something for the sequel. Feel free to get all your friends together and demand one from IDW.

LOVED this book back when it was serialized through Markosia. A fresh, entertaining take on the vampire genre. Always knew Fiona Staples was one to watch after Done to Death; glad to see it’s finally going to (hopefully) get the attention it deserves!

Fiona Staples is such a great artist.

Zakuraba & DrewT – Fiona’s a dream to work with–fantastically talented and a great collaborator. For years I was actually kind of offended (sometimes quite vocally) that her star didn’t shoot into the comics artist stratosphere immediately after DONE TO DEATH. I’m absolutely thrilled she’s finally getting some of the recognition I thought she deserved years ago. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving, or nicer, person.

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