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Quote of the day #2 | The bestselling digital comic of 2012?

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

“In January, we will start re-releasing Johnny the Homicidal Maniac as digital comics. When that one comes out, issue #1 (my prediction) will become the top selling digital comic, outselling even Marvel and DC titles. We are going to take our time with that one, as I want to make sure we have all of our outlets selling it at exactly the same time.”

– SLG Publisher Dan Vado, discussing the company’s recent decision to release comics digitally first



Are there really enough Hot Topic employees to make Johnny #1 that huge a hit? I guess time will tell!

No, but there’s more than enough Hot Topic customers that would be all about this, which is why Hot Topic is switching their main demographic back to the trench coat wearing NIN fan instead of dudes in girl jeans.

This dude is drunk if he thinks he can outsell me…

I dunno, I think they might have a shot – I’m not exactly an expert on Jhonen Vasquez fans, but I imagine they have slightly less of the “collector” mentality that keeps a lot of superhero fans print-only or print-primary.

Though I also imagine they’re slightly younger, so they might not have as many digital devices or funds to purchase content on digital devices. It’s a toss-up! can’t wait to see what happens.

I think it’s awesome that something I did when I was 19-21 has stuck around this long. It’s like people looking at photos of me from back when suspenders were fashionable and still saying “Holy crap that’s one badass guy!”

I’ve no idea how digital versions of this stuff would do myself, but the fact that people can still make a mention of my old work and not even have to wait a millisecond before some angry jerk auto-vomits up impotent internet rage about it is like a hug from the comics panda. It just says that it still means something to people even if it’s not something I myself think about too much.

I’ve met and heard from fans from all over, from all manner of backgrounds, and the Hot Topic people, though probably the easiest to target (hell, nobody targets them more than I do) are the same mixed bag of awesome folks and abominable goblins as from anywhere else. I’ve met parents, grandparents, wee children, hippies, gutter punks, shop clerks, physicists, brain surgeons, astronomers, and even Germans who’ve been fans of my stuff and were nice enough to say so without coming off as creepy lunatics.

Guess I just wanna say thanks for digging mah stuff and even thanks for ranting about how much you hate it when you could be doing better things with your lives because it all just feeds into the word of mouth since that’s all the books ever get. You’re doing the lord’s work, all of you.

hi Jhonen!

even though i’ve long outgrown my own “trench coat wearing NIN fan” days, i still think JTHM is an amzing piece of comics work. i’ll be getting the digital version for sure.

thanks for being brilliant!

I’m looking forward to this, provided Australia doesn’t find some way to block it.

We kind of suck down here…

Hell, I would much rather see Johnny up on the shelves of Hot Topic instead of those hideous tu-tu’s and Hello Freakin’ Kitty. I’ve liked JTHM since I was a wee one and I would love to see more of Jhonen’s work get publicized instead of Gir and his annoying antics.

Digital copies. Considering we’re still in the dark ages in terms of reliable storage of digital data I worry about putting my money into something like that, but I’m also the glossy-eyed technophile toting around a nook out of the fear that I’ll end up on an episode of hoarders because I couldn’t afford massive storage containers for all those hard-bound manuscripts I can’t stop sniffing.

Anyway, I already have the series.. maybe if there’s something extra or if the price is right I’ll throw my disposable income at it. Because fuck you.

This sounds awesome!!

And I really hope that Hot Topic starts going back to their good old ways, and become that store that the good ol’ Christian folk-parents try shield their children’s eyes from, only to make the child even MORE curious!
Heck, I love that kinda shit. And I love JTHM, so much of my own art has been inspired by Jhonen’s creations.
That would be amazing if it out-sold Marvel… XD

Anywho, that’s about it from me.
Gonna go dig through the mountain of dusty old clothes to pull out my little trench-coat and lace up boots, just for the hell of it.

Looking forward to seeing how this does, and hoping it fairs well. I recall searching every comic book shop I could to find JTHM. I didn’t find out about the series until Jhonen had started Squee, another book I loved. It’s cool that the people who want to read the Johnny books will be able to, as I imagine the printed copies have grown even harder to obtain. Hope other books make the jump if… I mean ONCE the JTHM books prove to sell well digitally. Kudos, Slave Labor.

JV: Never tried on a trench coat and I only go to Hot Topic for overpriced jewelry and funny stickers. Johnny was a blast to read from the moment I picked it up though. It’s like you said (or was it the guy that wrote that forward for the collection book?), we gotta feed that monster inside. I look forward to seeing a Kindle release of JTHM.

ps: Ooh, yay, Dexter starts this weekend. Serial killers and comedy….. a winning combination.

I was reading JTHM before we even had Hot Topics in my neck of the woods. Believe it or not some of us fans are *gasp* over 30!!! We own iPads and smartphones and drool over the concept of being able to buy tokens of joy from our misspent youth as downloadable content. And yes I saw NIN on the last tour.

And anything is better then Hot Topic being filled with 90’s Nick Cartoons. Hot Topic carries Doug and Rugrats merchandise. They used to sell fake blood fangs and capes. WTF.

I want to buy JTHM in a Book Store…
I just don’t know which stores carry it. TTwTT)

I seem to like watching Horror movies by myself and end up with freaky/adventure dreams. (Sorry that last part was random)

I was reading JTHM while I was in Advance Training in 2007. I walked into a comic book store with my boyfriend while I was on pass wearing my pink sun dress and I spotted Johnny in one of the boxes while looking for a comic my boyfriend wanted. I took a look at it thought it was hilarious and by the end of training I owned all 7 JTHM, the complete Squee, Filler bunny and the complete series of Invader Zim. I’d like to think I’m not a trenchcoat wearing emo goth (and never was), but I still find Jhonen’s work amazing.

If only Hot Topic still carried comic books regularly. I’ll definitely snag a digital copy of this. Johnny is classic.

….Now I feel old.

I’ve been a huge fan of JTHM since High School and am proud to say I own 2 copies of the complete book. Or I did, till a friend of mine lost the first copy and I wasn’t having any of that! So I ordered another one online as soon as I could. It’s nice to say I’m one of the exclusive people who can hold JTHM in my hands and can huggle it if I wanted to. I also have Squee, Devi, Filler Bunny, and all of Invader Zim. I even know how to sew pretty well and made my best friend a GIR plushie. I can’t wait to recommend the digital version of the comic to all of my friends and whoever I can possibly persuade. Good luck!

Oh Johnny, I wish you were still around, there’s lots of people who need to meet you in the middle of the night. I’m a long haired blonde that looks so straight, but inside my head live demons….and they feed on little emo kids. I love that Jhonen himself…or was it?…responded to this. Love that you included the Germans, Germans always make me chuckle. I look forward to Johnny meeting the digital age but what I wish for more is his return.

Elizabeth HorrorPulp

September 27, 2011 at 8:13 am

I love the comics sooo much and just so happy that new audiences can enjoy these great comics!
Jhonen has a style like no other and who cares if the Hot Topic fans read this? Good for them! Glad they enjoy some awesome comics! Guess they have some good taste after all, Just get pissed off at the companies when they start to over commercialize JTHM to the point of NO RETUUURRRNNNN. I’ve had the individual comics since I was 13 and only recently got the director’s cut version, the stuff in the back of the comic is sooo cooooool! :DD I really think re-introducing JTHM online with give it new air and reach new fans! :)

Im super stoked on this. I read JTHM my freshman year of highschool (almost 10 year ago?). I hope it does awsome!!!

I’m so glad that JTHM is finally going to get the appreciation that it deserves, I also have NO doubt that it’s going to be one of the best comic books of 2012, like Invader ZIM was a huge success on television this year! (: A friend of mine, who is a JTHM fanatic, recommended that I should start reading JTHM. Eventually I did, and thought it was pure genius! Jhonen, let me just say: All your work—from JTHM to ZIM—has been a HUGE part of my life, and has inspired me so much! Your work is simply brilliant and—in fact—should be praised all over the world! Thank you for creating what I call my life.

I really hope that Hot Topic will get JTHM stuff cuz i would totaly go and buy all of the the (if i had the money) i LOVE the JTHM comics and i hav been recommending this book to my friends!!

Well, this is entertaining news. I’ll gratefully stick to my old collection of thin traditional comic-book paper, but congrats JV. Hope it goes well.
Regarding Hot Topic, yes, it would be a productive change if they went back to the old goth and dark wear in contrast to all the pop poser shit they revolve around now. Tsk tsk. Rather see JTHM than Gir and Hello Kitty, at least. Maybe this’ll really be a good sign. Start a whole new collection of product-obsessed followers and revive old trends. Heh. We shall see.

Good luck, man.

It must be cool to make something that many years ago was successful and today it still does…. Im really happy with my own Director´s cut, and if other people enjoys it as myself… then Im not the only maniac here! Yeah!. I guess you don´t care at all how did I start to read this comic, but I can say Im glad I discovered it.
Ps: You can´t imagine how far I live from any Hot Topic of this world

JtHM is such a classic I wouldn’t be surprised that it is the best selling digital comic! Its great read and makes you laugh! :D I suggest the comic to everyone!

I know you’ll never get a chance to read this but I apologize for all those people out there making the Hot Topic comments. I’m pretty sure you don’t even make that much off the hot topic sales of your work. And didn’t you 1st publish with slave labor in like 95? It’s not like you didn’t create most of your works before H.T. even opened up in `98. *shakes head* I hope to count myself in those fans that aren’t stupid. If it makes you feel better I never bought any of your works from H.T. either. *wishes the best for your future works*

Digital copy? aaaw i want the actual comic book ;_;……..does anyone know if any stores sell it?

i was intending to purchase the director’s cut. cus, there isn’t a feeling better than having the comic in your pig-mits. (i never been to hot topic, lol. true story.) but, yes, jthm digital copies will sell like twinkies. buy more and more. make money. good job. :)

congrats on future monies, jhonen.

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