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Quote of the day | Comics’ sexism-free zone?

Another thing which is never brought up or mentioned, but it’s very intriguing, forever going back to the old days of The New Yorker and through now, as far as women and men cartoonists are concerned, there is no problem. None of this bullshit that’s been plaguing almost every other endeavor or business, this war of the sexes. Not a trace of it in cartooning. It just isn’t there. It may be because we all have a sense of humor. I don’t know what it is, but it’s very interesting and it’s nice.

— Legendary cartoonist Gahan Wilson of Playboy, National Lampoon and The New Yorker fame, explaining to CBR’s Alex Dueben that things apparently aren’t as contentious over issues of sex and gender in Francoise Mouly’s shop as they are in other parts of the industry. (Cf. recent New Yorker roster addition Kate Beaton’s ongoing victory lap …)



Not that I necessarily doubt Mr. Wilson, as he’s been in the business for decades, but I’d be curious to hear a female cartoonist’s take on whether or not sexism exists in their field.

Simple, Richard. If you don’t have female cartoonists, you don’t have problems with sexism. N’est-ce pas?

*Sigh* I’m sorry–the whole “sexism in comics” debate is REALLY getting old!!! Why don’t they just do a massive coup and take over the industry and make it more equal? THEN everyone would be happy. SHEESH!!!

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