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R. Kikuo Johnson (finally) announces follow-up to 2005’s Night Fisher

After bursting onto the scene full-formed with 2005’s Night Fisher graphic novel and scooping up the Russ Manning Most Popular Newcomer Award just a year later, it’s taken a while for R. Kikuo Johnson to work up his feature-length follow-up.

But now we know.

Jumping from Fantagraphics to New Yorker art director Françoise Mouly’s Toon books, Johnson is passing off the art chores in favor of writing for artist Trade Loeffler, who drew the Zig & Wiki series for the publisher as well. Details are non-existent on the book itself, but now we know what to look for.

Although it’s been six years since Johnson’s last major book, he’s kept busy doing magazine illustrations and short comics for a variety of outlets including Marvel’s Strange Tales anthology, The New York Times and The Believer.



I suppose it could be otherwise, but it’s worth noting that all the other Toon Books selections are just 32 pages. I’m not sure this is quite the big book you’re hoping it will be.

I dunno if I’d trust Amazon on this one. Looking at Toon Books blog & R. Kikuo Johnson’s website, it sure looks like Johnson is drawing this himself.

We’re excited you’re excited! But Jamil is right, Kikuo wrote AND drew this book for us, and we’re thrilled about it. Trade Loeffler has a second Zig and Wikki (written by Nadja Spiegelman) coming out next spring, too.

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