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Retailer boycotts Action Comics, Morrison over perceived blasphemy

From Action Comics #1 by Grant Morrison and Rags Morales

A North Carolina retailer has declared he’s boycotting all Grant Morrison comics after what he views as religious blasphemy in this week’s Action Comics #1.

“If you want Action Comics, you will have to buy it elsewhere,” Jeff Lamb, owner of The Comic Conspiracy in Asheboro, North Carolina, wrote on the store’s Facebook page. He called for Christian comics readers and retailers to join in the Morrison boycott, characterizing the first issue of the relaunched DC Comics series as “a slap in the face to Superman, Christians and Superman creators Siegel and Shuster!!”

That “slap in the face” is a single panel (above) in which the Man of Steel, when struck by artillery fired from a tank, utters “GD.” What many read as a grunt — Superman says “GNUHH,” “HNN” and “GGAAAAAA” in the same scene — Lamb interpreted as an abbreviation for “goddamn” (or maybe simply “God”?), an affront to his religious beliefs.

“I could see Guy Gardner and maybe even Hal Jordan (Green Lanterns) saying it,” he wrote. “I could see Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) saying it. I could easily see Damian Wayne (Robin) or MAYBE even Bruce Wayne saying it. But Superman was created to be the ‘perfect’ super-hero. Unblemished. Superman is an American icon. […] This wasn’t creative flow. It wasn’t necessary in the story. It isn’t Superman at all. And it goes against a basic Christian principle. It was a blatant stab.”

Why someone would think a young and not-yet-invulnerable Superman would gasp an abbreviation, “blasphemous” or not, when hit in the back by artillery — “GD,” not “WTF” or “GTFO”? — isn’t exactly clear. However, Lamb, who said he’s “had to accept a LOT of changes over my nearly 35 years in the business,” is confident the Last Son of Krypton took God’s name in vain. And that’s the final straw.

“I deal with books like Crossed and The Boys,” he wrote. “I accepted gay characters being introduced into a children-specific book like Archie Comics. I however am getting very tired of having comic writer’s liberal agendas force fed to me. Mr. Morrison has stepped over my line. If I have to stand alone on this … I will.”

Lamb said he intends to contact Diamond Comic Distributors today to cancel orders for Action Comics #2 and all other titles written by Morrison, whom he called “a liberal Scottish schmuck.” “I ask my customers to understand as best they can,” he wrote. “I understand that it’s only a comic and it’s not the real world, but I feel that as a Christian I have to draw the line somewhere.”

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How is this a story?

This retailer sounds like a delusional bigot, and he will probably run his store into the ground by doing this. I view the retailer as a bigot due to his comments.

I think it’s a “story”, because some retailer decided he needed some extra attention and didn’t want to pay for advertising.

It’s not altogether shocking that the owner of a shop called “The Comic Conspiracy” would invent a controversy where there is none and imply some kind of hidden “liberal” agenda out of Grant Morrison just for the attention it would generate.

This guy sounds like an ultra-right wing wacko.

Get a clue buddy, this is America, we have freedom of speech. American Taliban is what he sounds like to me. Pathetic.

and the line is drawn at “GD”, not even the word God? Seriously? If he wants to have his beliefs, fair play but it seems over-sensitive to me to ban a comic for THAT.

Hurricane Islandheart

September 9, 2011 at 7:18 am

I kind of want to buy this comic now, just to spite him – and I haven’t given a f*** about Superman or Action Comics in years. XD

If I was hit by artillery fire from a tank, “Gd” is precisely the sound I’d make, and it wouldn’t be a shortening of “God”, either. So I don’t know where this guy is getting this stuff.

Fairly common for people to come up with persecution stories like this one despite still being in a majority in the country they’re in. He clearly doesn’t like the writer and was looking for a reason to drop the comic that might get him some advertising, so he made one up.

Pretty sure the J-man wouldn’t approve of his actions so it’s not like he’s a particularly good Christian either.

I’m boycotting Superman until he marries Lois and cheats on her with another woman and watches porn

since its superman, it could be “gosh darn”. typical religious nut jumping to conclusions and making accusations that may not exist. if i lived near there, id boycott his store.

Also, I LOVED the line “or MAYBE even Bruce Wayne saying it.”

I distinctly recall Mr. Wayne saying “goddamn” QUITE a bit over the last few years in one title in specific.

I think that line might just be where Mr. Lamb lets his hand show a tad.

I would not say WTF if assaulted from the blindside.
Sad, sad conservative retailer. He sees God in everything, as though the world revolves around it. Reading it into whatever he can. Just sad.

This guy clearly is trying to jump on a PR train. From the reaction online, he is literally the ONLY person who even thought about this before he announced his boycott. And Robot 6 is rewarding the crazy by linking to his website. Remove the embedded link already and let’s move along.

I agree. This retailer is not only enforcing his personal beliefs (which are easily swayed if say Batman said it instead) but he is making a massive leap in logic to launch a crusade over a cuss word that in itself is NOT a front to his religious beliefs.

So he won’t sell the comic? I would challenge him to remove EVERY comic that has content that vaguely offends Christian values. Violence is strongly discouraged in the bible, but its revered in the pages of comic books. Modesty is a Christian virtue, but most female heroes are busty and wear very little clothing.

Until this retailer and “Christian” stops carrying books with a lingerie wearing amazon in it, all I can say is that he is a hypocrite.

Even if I don’t agree with this guy’s viewpoint or even construe Supe’s groaning in the same way, I still give him credit for sticking to his guns and taking a stand on his beliefs. But y’know, if a tank shot me in the back, I’d probably say a helluva lot worse if that’s what he WAS saying…

Superman wouldn’t say “god damn? Superman represents Christianity? I could swear he was a pagan alien dedicated to science. Great Rao! LMFAO

Why is this guy getting press time? Oh well. I guess this publicity will increase sales for all of his competitors in retail. Hmm… I wonder if he realizes that Siegel and Shuster were Jewish?

MENTAL, it’s just some nut job using his “beliefs” to get some publicity.

and smacks of someone LOOKING to be offended

G. Brett Williams

September 9, 2011 at 7:30 am

Doesn’t he realize by referring to Superman as the perfect hero that he is, in a way, worshipping a false idol?

I think the retailer is more or less upset about Superman’s reputation being tarnished. Saying “GD” really is not in character for Superman. Sure, the retailer is a christian, but as he stated other comics do things that can be perceived as “offensive” to Christians and he rolls with those punches without dumping those books. The retailer is concerned with the fact that the writer has purposefully written Superman out of character to reflect the writer’s views more so than the character’s views. That is simply poor writing.

He sells CROSSED?!!! But he won’t carry Action Comics? I don’t even sell Crossed on my shelves, it’s a special order book only.

I smell a PR Conspiracy

Wow. This is utterly ridiculous. Dude needs to stop reading between the lines. The problem with moral/religious righteousness is that you start to see affronts around every corner. I feel sorry for this man.

Hey Robot 6 Can you write a story about my store? New World Manga in Livingston, NJ. We’re pro letting our customers decide what the want and don’t want to read.

I do want to say this little bit in a slight defense of this idiot… he isn’t saying he won’t sell things like Crossed etc. because of his religious beliefs but that he won’t sell Action Comics because he thinks it changes something fundamental in Superman for him to say “GOD DAMN” (I am so going to start using that ALL THE TIME NOW”and a breaking of the morality of SUperman from his perception of him as some sort of conservative, right wing figure even though Superman has actually ALWAYS been more of a Liberal character and supporter of liberal agendas while also representing the status quo.

“Great Rao”, that made me smile, Jason.

Good for Mr. Lamb for standing up for his beliefs. I support him 100%.

You know what offends me, that some people hear some single person defending their beliefs, no matter how asinine, and automatically feel the need to lump them into a particular group or organization. OK, so this guy is spouting stupidity, how does that identify him a ‘ultra-right wing wacko’, ‘conservative’, ‘liberal’, or ‘leftist nutjob’? Nutjob, yes, but in response to @Big Top Tony, he is expressing HIS Freedom of Speech and HIS Right to conduct his business as he wishes, nothing wrong with that. Now, if the buying public hears his speech and says, ‘OK, that guy is an idiot and I am not going to buy from him’, then democracy has worked, likewise someone that hears him and buys from him in agreement. I just get so sick and tired of the haphazard and stupid way that people throw around the First Amendment. They know their rights, but forget it applies to everyone, even those they disagree with.

I think its a shame that you dummies can’t just see that he’s a lonely, most likely kinda dim witted person that feels so powerless in his life that he’s lashing out at something he’s wrong about at both ends. You people aren’t liberal minded individuals. You’re posers.

This entire “story” is as ridiculous as it is unworthy to be reported on. Just about every comic book on the shelves now a days throws religion and science aside in an effort to tell interesting stories. This guy is clearly just a troll looking to get his 15 minutes of fame in while hopefully drawing new christian customers to his joke of a store. He wants to boycott it because of “GD” which can be taken any number of ways by people.
If he is going to be this uptight he should pull every other book on the shelves too.

We all saw what happened when DC drew their line so maybe this is nothing. I feel sorry for the comrades who went to that store.

it his loss I’m a Christian and I was not that offended by Action. I have liked almost everything written by Grant Morrison .
truth is I think what this retailer is doing great s a good thing . it mean that his customers will now have a reason experiment with digital media. If they like what they see it will mean more people reading digital this not a bad thing . for the record I mostly read pamphlet format but I did buy at least one digital.

I also think he is being hypocritical the moment he mentioned crossed I have to wonder if perhaps he is just trying to get publicity it is the one comic that while I do read it it is painful to look at .

sorry to say it but… only in America!

Greetings from Switzerland

GD, i hate when people are stupid.

Sorry for my previous post, Mr. Lamb, i was hit by a tank.

I shopped there once and my “I ain’t coming back here” sense was tingling….. now I know why.

Richard w Bowman

September 9, 2011 at 8:02 am

wow some of you sound like bigot’s,you think your ideal’s are right and persecute him for his religion and standing up for what he believe’s in.He’s free to sell what he wants in his store and free to believe in what he wants.I wonder if you guy’s showed the same outrage when the health care bill was passed with right for the goverment to ban any book they deemed unfit?

And he calls Morrison a “schmuck”, which is Yiddish for “p*nis.”

I think this idiot needs to learn how to read. In a scene where he utters 4 very similar sounding grunts as he is blasted by the military…. “gd” is just that. “GD.” Although, I guess someone who would lead us to believe that they are SO religious that they would boycott an entire comic series over 2 LETTERS in ONE panel, is used to seeing a LOT of things that aren’t actually there….

Superman would bash this dude for being a fascist.

“I wonder if you guy’s showed the same outrage when the health care bill was passed with right for the goverment to ban any book they deemed unfit?”

I don’t really understand the content of that sentence. Regardless, people here mostly just sound upset that this obviously hypocritical fellow draws the line at “GD” (which could mean many things) simply because Superman said it, further stating that Superman is meant to be “perfect.” No one is perfect, so neither should our fictional heroes be perfect. It definitely stinks of a PR stunt, or at least a story that didn’t need reporting.

Seriously, what backward beliefs some people have…

This guy is something you buy at a football game. Nut. Bag.

I like how this guy is shocked -SHOCKED- that comics suddenly have a liberal agenda. I’m actually trying to think of a time when they didn’t in general.

Good luck with limiting your niche business in a receding economy

Just checking but i thought simon and shuster were jewish. if i am correct then that retailer is slightly ignorant.

Highly amusing article. I’ll defo give Action Comics a look now….

Well… It wasn’t that good a book anyway…

After someone posted the wretchedly horrible first page of this issue in a CBR forum I frequent, I don’t have any problem with anyone boycotting this ghastly excuse for a comic book for any reason whatsoever … except, y’know, for this one.

Good grief.

Add me to the list of people that think this guy is just trying to manufacture a controversy.
Personally, I believe it’s more then just for his shop, it sounds to me like he’s clearly got more then his retail business in mind, hoping for this to snowball into another front on the Christian Right’s campaign against anything they can’t control 100%–which, based on this news brief, it probably will, maybe turn up on Drudge or The Onion AV Club over the weekend?

“I’m boycotting Superman until he marries Lois and cheats on her with another woman and watches porn”

That’s a Superman we all can really relate to!

whaaaa??? I’ve been a Christian for the majority of my 40 years on this planet, and I would never have jumped to this conclusion. He’s just letting out a grunt! Like one might do after getting hit by a tank! Some people are desperate to be offended and get attention.

clearly this guy just wanted to see Supes punch muslims and high five Michelle Bachmann.

Superman isn’t necesarrily saying “god damn”. It could just be a groan. I bet he would actually say the words “god damn” if he were to say it. Also, there’s absolutely nothing political in the book at all, so why he starts saying Morrison has a “liberal agenda” is beyond me.

Can’t people just ENJOY comics without having to nitpick every little thing?

PS: Supergods is an awesome read.

I’m a Christian, and I don’t read Superman or Action. Or anything else by DC, for that matter.

All that to drive home my point … this guy’s a nut.

The last time I lost my composure and swore, I didn’t abbreviate it.

“Saying ‘GD’ really is not in character for Superman.”

Superman wouldn’t grunt? Huh. That seems like a pretty universal response to being struck by a projectile.

Given that this guy practically brags about carrying books like ‘The Boys’ without issue, this screams PR stunt. Superman saying “gd” is grounds for him, as a Christian, to call for a boycott on all Morrison books, but ‘The Inivisibles’ was not? Beyond that, offending or disrespecting anyone’s religious sensibilities in a Superman comic is probably the last thing Morrison wanted to do.

I do applaud him for standing up for his beliefs. And if that is what the GD is intended as then it is out of character for Superman. I expressed similar concern about the Lone Ranger using the actual phrase last year. But I took my concerns to the creators, not with the news people. And he didn’t say he was shocked by the liberal agenda in comics, he said he’s been putting up with it for years, but he’s drawing the line with Superman. Personally, I couldn’t run a comic shop because I’d only carry all ages books. Lord knows there’s not enough of those to sustain a business.

Stupidity has no limits…. poor retailer.

This isn’t the first time Morrison has had a character say “GD” either…it happened in “Marvel Boy” once or twice too.

When I read the issue, I interpreted the “GD” as a choked off exclamation of “god,” which seemed like a perfectly normal thing to shout out involuntarily in a situation like that. It isn’t even necessarily blasphemous to yell out “god.” It can be an invocation.

This seems like a weird, dumb complaint. But, we live in an era of weird, dumb complaints from a part of the flaky right the same way that (I feel) progressive activism degenerated into weird, dumb complaints from a part of the flaky left in the late-60s and early-70s.

I also think it’s bizarre that someone would base a decision to sell or not sell a comic based on whether it is sufficiently Christian. This is offensive on a lot of levels. The most obvious is the preeminent contribution of jewish writers, artists, editors, and publishers to both the creation and continuing growth of the comic book medium.

Not only are the creators of Superman jewish (Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster), but also Batman (Bob Kane and Bill Finger), Captain America (Jack Kirby and Joe Simon), the Spirit (Will Eisner), EC Comics and Mad Magazine (Max Gaines, Bill Gaines, Harvey Kurtzman, etc.), the creators and/or guiding lights of the Silver Age of comics at both Marvel (Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Sol Brodsky, Gene Colan, etc.) and DC (Julius Schwartz, Mort Weisinger, Gil Kane, Joe Kubert, etc.), some of the most celebrated independent creators (Art Spiegelman, Harvey Pekar, Daniel Clowes, Kim Deitch, Trina Robbins, etc.), and some of the most prominent modern creators (Brian Michael Bendis, Peter David, Jeph Loeb, Howard Chaykin, etc.).

I think this retailer needs to think about how offensive his statement is and how it demeans the religious traditions of the individuals who virtually invented the medium of American comic books. Why would he choose to make this about religion when, it seems to me, that he just didn’t like the story.


Oh Gd… ;)

“but I feel that as a Christian I have to draw the line somewhere.”

Ok, pathetic ultra-right wing wacko… draw your line in the Land of Oz.

I’m surprised Glenn Beck hasn’t called “Action Comics” “socialist propaganda” yet. Anyway, hasn’t Superman said “God” before?

What an idiot. He is just using this as a cheap stunt to get publicity and/or he is an utter moron. How people like this stay in business is beyond me. Clearly that is a grunt.

Superman is Jewish.. hence GD, similar to G-D

just saying…

Dammit, these liberals are putting herpes in my sandwiches! That pinko faggot scots hippie is cramming his PC agenda down my throat! I won’t have any anti-Christ superheros in my all-American God-fearing comics shop! Wait… what’s that? Get down! Charlie’s in the trees!

Its his business, if he chooses not to carry grant Morrison stuff so be it. Then hes also prepared to loose those sales. Personally i wouldnt go as far as to cancel my order and not carry his books.Ppl in his are will find a way to get those books some where else and if they buy 1 book from somewhere chances are they gonna buy the rest of there books there.

Does he also boycott Wolverine for copying Jesus?

Jesus had retractable blades in the back of his hands? I really must not’ve been paying attention in Sunday School when I was a kid …

Moose Monkey,

Wolverine heals on the spot.. he never died, laid in rest for 3 days, then went back to mutant fighting…

bad, bad comparison…

Glad to see this ridiculous story is spreading.

The retailer has spoken out some more today – details here:

Hypocrisy. The man calls himself a Christian, yet he calls someone else names like “shmuck” – AND deals in material that takes people’s eyes from God? Dude – it’s either an all or nothing thing. :P

There is a lot of reasons to protest action comics #1 but I am not sure this one of them. Yeah superman a bit socialist and even morrison admited it’s social justice book. This book so liberal it’s not even funny. It’s not even the start of problems book. It’s not superman he doesn’t have a right to be called it. That is why I call Casual Friday Man.

Hey, not all us Christians are like him. He just misinterpreted it; I would have read it as merely a grunt of some kind.

And, just because it happens to be a Christian doing this, doesn’t mean we should assume all Christians are like him. You won’t see me spot a black guy running a red light and exclaim, “Darn these African Americans always running these lights!” :p

‘Cause banning all comics by someone as high profile as Grant “GD” Morrison is going to help your shop make money.

And the Dumbass of the Year award goes to…

I am wondering what the rest of the grunts REALLY stood for. Maybe “GNUHH,” = “God Neutered Under Heathen Harbor“, HNN” = “Heaven Not Needed”, and “GGAAAAAA” = “Great Godless Agnostics And Atheists Advancing Autocratic Agenda”. Didn’t he know that DC really means the Devil’s Comics?

I feel bad for his customers. He’s making his customers suffer from what i see is a very unfounded reason. and since superman is involoved, and from the sounds of it a popular comic creator, yeah his buisness will definately suffer some loss in profits.

What about Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Thor and all the other “gods” who aren’t the Christian God? Is he still selling them?

Idiot, probably doing it for the publicity. If not, he’s just deluded. Superman was originally a populist superhero. He was a product of the depression and the New Deal. Morrison’s only returning him to his roots.

Man, this guy is a NUT! Separation of church and state, nitwit!!! Check your religious beliefs at the door, you’re conducting business where a majority of your customers are more SECULAR. Get it through your thick skull!!! Or get ready to be lumped in with Fredric Wertham.

And a big WTF at the several people who commented that this story was a waste of time and then proceeded to waste more of their ‘valuable’ time commenting.

We’re still talking about this? O.o

He has to draw the line somewhere and he chooses “GD” and not at say, oh I dunno, Crossed?

Sooo….. Slow news yeah? Oh NC my home state, why are you never in the news for something good?

It’s a free country. If he wants to boycott a book for whatever reason, let him. I think this is a non story really, but then again maybe it should be a story. It’s nice to see an American exercise his or her freedom. Whether you disagree with that person or not. The way we are unable to disagree and or have our own opinions is the day that America stops being America.

The guy very much has a right to do this but what’s with people making it out to be something patriotic?!?! The guy is doing nothing but be an idiot and we’re suppose to salute him for exercising his freedom? We’re all equally using our freedoms while commenting on this article. We deserve equal amount of salute and praise then.

And to speak like an American I hope the “invisible hand” of the market shows him the error of his ways ;-).

Maybe he should read a book with a main character not based on a concept by Nietzsche.

Remember when Superman was referring to Wonder Woman as “sugar tits” and blaming Jews for all the wrongs in the world? And then he was backhanding Lois and leaving angry messages on the phone. Man, that was seriously disturbed.

Superman’s an arsehole. Him saying GD is the least of his problems.

Feel free to drop by our comic book store and pick up ANY title you want. We TRUST our customers to buy what is acceptable to them and let other people buy what is acceptable in their minds!

I see a few people defending this idiot.

Let’s try a thought experiment. Just imagine if Superman had said NG, and then some liberal-minded, PC-idiot said he’d boycott the book because Superman was really saying “nigger”.

Would you right-wing guys defend his “freedom” then, and say he is a patriot exercising his rights as an American or would you lambast him as a PC asshole?

PS: I’m not Christian, but if I were I’d be pissed at this guy for making Christians look like idiots.

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