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Ryan Cody offering subscriptions to Icarus via Kickstarter



Ryan Cody, whose Icarus comic we were running here until he had to put it on hiatus to focus on other paying work, is now using Kickstarter to fund the production of at least four monthly issues of the series — a subscription service through Kickstarter, you could call it.

“What I am asking is if you are a fan of comics, of good storytelling, and are willing to give me chance, I will give you a full-color, 22-page comic every month for just a dollar each,” Ryan said. The minimum Kickstarter pledge will be only the subscription amount of $4. Rewards will also be offered that include original pages, covers and a limited edition ICARUS sourcebook.

A 20-page prequel is available for free starting on and — and thanks to Graphicly’s embed feature, you can check it out after the jump. You can find a 32-page prequel on Ryan’s site.



Thanks for posting this. The online sites only have a 20-page prequel, the full 32 pager is available at

Good luck Ryan. Put in my 4 bucks.

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