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‘Self-confident’ Roy Harper and Jason Todd strut their stuff

While this response by “monkeyscandance” (aka Boa) to last week’s controversy about the depiction of Starfire in Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 certainly won’t be the final word on the subject, it probably should be — because the cartoon’s terrific. The artist zeroes in on the original request for Starfire to be clad in a semi-transparent bikini, to hilarious results.

See the full cartoon below, and check out more of the artist’s work on DeviantArt.




Welp, I can never unsee that.

Lol, now that hot!

Great cartoon.

Now we know: Jason Todd shaves his launch pad. Something I never wanted to know … 8P

@Hugo: Everyone should! Otherwise it’s nasssssssty.

Everybody should wear semi-transparent swim wear, to help get rid of the stigma of doing so. Then once it becomes a social norm this comic won’t seem quite as bad.

…I’m down.

It may just be me, but Jason looks both confident and sexy in that semi-transparent thong. And manscaped. I like.

No joke, if this comic was all three of them running around solving weird crimes in translucent underwear I’d snap it up in a heartbeat. Papa like.

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