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Susie Cagle cartoon exposes fake women’s clinics

Susie Cagle’s What Every Woman Should Know is a good example of how sequential art can mimic a documentary film. Cagle herself went to a First Resort clinic, a “crisis pregnancy center” that provides no medical care, just encouragement to go ahead and have the baby. She brings in big-picture statistics about contraception and abortion rates and interviews with representatives of First Resort and Planned Parenthood to provide a surprisingly complete story in just 18 pages.

The comic has a point of view, but Cagle doesn’t go over the top. She actually makes the point that First Resort does have its place, providing support for women who decide to go ahead with their pregnancies. At the same time, she takes issue with their deceptive practices, advertising themselves as more than they really are and giving women misinformation about their choices.

While I’m a fan of Darryl Cunningham’s non-fiction science comics, often they end up being text boxes with pictures. Cagle takes a more flexible approach, composing each page differently and offering information in different ways. I think this comic shows how powerful sequential storytelling can be—simply reading an article about the First Resort clinic wouldn’t have had the same impact.

Cagle’s comic is hosted at Cartoon Movement, which has become an interesting hub for editorial cartoons and journalistic comics. It’s a site well worth bookmarking.



I live in AZ and my town is full of these places.
Of course because we’re an ultra-right-wing state they get a free pass for all their lies and bullsh*t.
On the other hand, Planned Parenthood Clinics are legislated into straightjackets.

wow…good for First Resort clinic!!! The first thing should always be to encourage the Parent to keep the baby. Maybe Susie Cagle’s next book should be about how clinics push for women to abort their babies… now which is a bigger story???

There is a great documentary about this same phenomenon, called “12th and Delaware”. Anti-abortion clinics that set up in the guise of abortion clinics to convince women to go through with the pregnancy. The levels of deception are staggering.

I think the article was if anything too soft on these jokes of places. It was interesting and maddening to say the least.

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