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Trailer arrives for DC’s Legion of Super-Heroes #1

David Macho rolls out his fourth trailer this week for DC Comics’ New 52, this time spotlighting Legion of Super-Heroes #1, by Paul Levitz and Francis Portela, one of two relaunch titles starring the teenagers from the future (the other is Legion Lost by Facian Nicieza and Pete Woods).

The Legion of Super-Heroes has been decimated by the worst disaster in its history. Now, the students of the Legion Academy must rise to the challenge of helping the team rebuild – but a threat of almost unstoppable power is rising at the edge of Dominator space, and if the new recruits fail, the Legion Espionage Squad may be the first casualties in a war that could split worlds in half!

Legion of Super-Heroes #1, which boasts a cover by Karl Kerschl, arrives on Sept. 21.



i’m sorry if this sounds mean, but if i was DC i would have a big problem with these terribly amateurish videos being presented in a way that could lead viewers to believe they were officially released promotional items from DC.

I do like that piece of music, but I’m not sure it’s the right fit for this comic. Maybe something from Metroid would have been better. Anyway, still excited to see Legion Academy in LSH later this month.

marvel trailers laugh at these. DC for g-ds sake, make real ones

That was a really horrible choice for music. Not only did it totally not fit with the art or the mood of the quotes, if DC is ernestly trying to appeal to a younger audience with younger heroes and less continuity to worry about for new readers, there was a million more fitting songs they could have picked. The art looks great, but this trailer is a failure. Really makes you wonder what idiot is making these decisions.

Yikes, was that ever lame. What the heck does Macho think he’s doing here? The guy’s just a frigging agent for Spanish artists who can’t speak English/go to NA cons. Why’s he taken it upon himself to make these things? DC *does* have a marketing department, don’t they?

Yes, pleasepleaseplease stress these are not official promotional material put out by DC.

@1:02 did you spot the classic cylon fighter in the background? Also classic music is SURE to drive away young readers. Heck, they play classic music here in Toronto to drive off teens loitering in front of malls and buildings. lol

This video has flaws, and major ones at that, but the bigest thing that gets me is the utter lack of a story of any kind. Movie trailers give some idea of what the story is about. This trailer, like the the few other trailers I’ve watched from DC lately, dosen’t give the slightest hint at what the story is about. And no reason to interest me in buying it other than some good superhero art (which I can probably find in most of DC and Marvel’s titles).

I agree that CBR needs to emphasize that these are not official. I didn’t see the others, but this one was bad. The music does nothing to make me excited about the book and the larger text pieces are difficult to read.

Can you please put that these are not official trailers because this is really bad amatuer stuff and really it isn’t worthy of CBR to post them as NEWS… this is YOUTUBE stuff

and tell this guy to stop this was was the other ones…

I enjoyed the Friday’s “Made with Beer” ad before it. Can’t think of anything a new younger audience needs more exposure to.

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