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Vasilis Lolos takes on the Dynamic Duo

Batman and Robin, by Vasilis Lolos

I’m a huge fan of Vasilis Lolos‘ work on The Last Call, The Pirates of Coney Island and Northlanders #17. I’m also fond of Robin, in concept if not always in execution. So stumbling across his take on the Dynamic Duo — Robin decked out in baggy gym shorts and Chuck Taylors — just about made my day.

Lolos mentions that he’ll soon be setting up an online store soon, which I hopes means the Batman and Robin piece will be for sale. I’d totally buy that. Check out the blog post for his renditions of Ghost Rider and Spider-Man.



Oh, I LIKE that.

Bit of a Paul Pope/Year 100 vibe.

Did they ever finish Pirates of Coney Island?

No Pirates STILL hasn’t been finished. Neither has Last Call.

Not a fan of Lolos because YEARS later, he STILL hasn’t bothered to update on the status of either of these projects.

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