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Wonder Woman wields a bloody labrys in Cliff Chiang’s promo art

Wonder Woman promotional art by Cliff Chiang

A lovely new piece of art popped up last night on Tumblr for Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang’s upcoming run on Wonder Woman. New to us, in any case, as Chiang writes that it’s actually “an early promo image we cooked up to visualize our take on Wonder Woman. The original version has pants!”

Wonder Woman #1, by Azzarello and Chiang, arrives Sept. 21.



“Hey Cheetah, and I wanna axe you somethin’ !”

Ohhh, Wonder Woman mixed with the awesome Ron Post!

…….And this is supposed to be ‘new reader-friendly’?? How???

“Diana, what is best in life?”

“To Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their men.”

“That is good…”

Mess with an Amazon, and you might not be able to keep all your limbs…

I really am getting interested in reading where Azzarello takes Diana.

Diana: God of War

Is it me or does this art make it look like Diana is wearing an armored bikini?

One of the most powerful and beautiful characters in all of comics, but not feeling that art at all.
What a waste….

A bloody what?!?!?! That’s not very kid frien-….

… Oh. “Labrys.” Carry on.

Love it….go with it

@Acer- How isn’t it? If the “new readers” DC is looking for come from video game and tv/film fan bases, and this new bad-ass Wonder Woman art looks like something from a video game these crazy kids are playing, then it just might appeal to a whole new fan base. Not sure how one picture makes you feel that this can’t be something that new readers will like. Maybe you could explain why you feel this way in more than one sentence?

I like it. There are a few artistic choices in the execution of the piece I personally wouldn’t have made, but I’m good with the overall design and concept.

Not that I don’t like this, but a superhero – one of the so-called big three at that – drenched in blood is kind of an odd image to put out there…

Even Nolan’s Batman movies shy away from blood. you think they’d go the Samurai Jack route and have green blood/oil or whatever.

That’s pretty awesome!

What is it with DC suddenly needing to depict ‘sexy women’ either skanked out in half-skin excuses for costumes, or drenched in bucket of blood in order to sell comic books? That upcoming Red Lanterns cover was bad enough, but it looks like this nuWW wants to compete more with Red Sonja or Hack/Slash.

@Tony C
What I mean is, what if some of the newer readers DC wants are YOUNGER than the ones you mentioned? I remember just the other day, I was surprised when I saw at the comic shop I was at…well, let me pace it like this:
I was at a comic shop I visit when I get the chance, and while I was browsing, I saw a bit of a conversation going on between this family. The parents I’m sure were comic fans, but their kids (two girls, one boy) were like 7-9 years old, and I recall that they each got a comic they wanted–one girl got an issue of Fraggle Rock, the other got Wonder Woman #612 or 613 (from the Odessey story from this year), and the boy got the latest issue of Batman. Frankly, while I did like the sight of kids wanting to read comics, I just think that the content of the Batman and Wonder Woman issues (which have gotten a little more mature in recent years) may not have been suitable for kids that age. Though I did refer them to look for the first volume collecting the Odessey arc.

I think everyone worrying about content appropriate for kids should read Axe Cop.

Look, all I’m saying is I’d rather have her fighting like the Knights of the Zodiac (interesting crossover idea….) rather than Conan the Barbarian.

I hate that Masthead.

I like the perspective though it makes her look like the last survivor on the battlefield. Is the new DCU wonder woman much more militant than before?
And can we please get past the friggin’ pants thing?

It would look cooler with pants.


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