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Alfred is aces at dressing your wound or finding your website

Alfred At Your Service

Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred Pennyworth has proven himself useful in many situations, whether it’s helping out at dinner parties, seeing Wayne’s “friends” out with a fresh-baked muffin or even using his archery skills to help Batman fight crime. Now Alfred is moving into new territory by hosting a search engine, Alfred At Your Service, to promote the release of the well-reviewed video game Batman: Arkham City. While it operates like an ordianry search engine, putting in Batman-related phrases like “Harvey Dent” and “Crime Alley” produces quotes from Alfred about the search term.

Ask Jeeves better watch his back.

Via MTV Splash Page



I’m having Ask Jeeves flashbacks.

Ask Jeeves was cool back in the day, back when you could actually ask questions and get answers instead of trying to compete with Google as a search engine.
Me and a buddy one time asked “Are you gay?” and got the response “None of your business.” Blew our little 13 year old minds.

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