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NYCC | Archie’s Crusaders characters to return in digital format

New Crusaders

Fans wondering about the fates of the Red Circle characters DC Comics once licensed from Archie Comics can wonder no more — in advance of this week’s New York Comic Con, Archie has announced plans to bring them back next spring.

The New Crusaders by writer Ian Flynn and artist Ben Bates, will be part of a Netflix-like online subscription service offered by Archie and iVerse Media, according to an article in the New York Times. The service will offer an original six-page story and access to an archive of past adventures. “It will be a nominal monthly charge with access to new comics and thousands and thousands of pages from the archive,” Jon Goldwater, the co-chief executive of Archie Comics Publications, told the Times.

The new stories will feature old enemies tracking down the now-retired heroes (who live in the aptly named suburb of Red Circle), leading The Shield to head up “the next generation” of the team. Archie last published adventures of the Red Circle characters in the mid-1980s; DC Comics licensed them from Archie for its short-lived Impact line in the 1990s, then tried to integrate them into the DC Universe a couple of years ago. And again, the titles were short-lived. DC co-publisher Dan Didio confirmed this summer that DC no longer had the license to publish stories about the characters.



Hopefully they’ll publish the online comics as a tradepaperback sometime later – I’d prefer that then downloading them.

What if I didn’t feel like paying for the archive and only wanted the new material?

That said, I’m like the look of the art – should make an easy transition to animation if they consider it. Also surprised that they decided to age the Shield.

Also, will this work on PCs or is this for Apple tablets only. I’m willing to give it a shot if I don’t have to be an iSomething to consume it.

I might be interested if they actually print them in collected editions. Otherwise, no.

Just thought I should let you guys know, the artist’s name is “Ben” Bates, not Bill. He’s currently an artist on Sonic the Hedgehog.

Thanks Duncan …. I made the change.

The Comet looks great. But where are the Jaguar, the Fox and the Black Hood? And must the Fly be a female?

I’ll be interested in buying this/these if they finally are printed, but I won’t be buying anything digital.

Why is everyone hating on digital? I find it’s the best medium for trying new things. I would never have gotten into High Moon, Atomic Robo, or Box 13 if it weren’t for digital comics applications.

Joe Simon owns “The Fly” but Archie owns “Fly-Girl.” I think Jaguar is the face in the middle.

I am looking forward to it. I love those characters and I love the concept.

I like digital. I like this idea, too.

…but I’d prefer if the reader could have an option to purchase just the new material. The super hero fan may not want the option to download non super hero related titles. The fan of the new material may not be a fan of the older material. Its not a good value if one is only interested in a few things available.

That said: I’m very excited about the use (better use in my opinion) of the red circle heroes.

@Dan – After reading the comments, I don’t think anyone was hating on digital. They were all just voicing that they have no interest in digital, but would be interested in the project if it were presented in a paper format. I would also prefer that personally.

Archie has published nice digest sized trades of recent material, so they may do that when they have enough to fill one. I’m liking the art, goes well with the other Archie titles.

i hope this works out better this time. i like the art and the concept

Damn it Archie, you just cant seem to get it right and the talent is at the company damn it, put Tom DeFalco in charge of the superhero line and youll see

Damn it Archie, you just cant seem to get it right and the talent is at the company damn it, put Tom DeFalco in charge of the superhero line and youll see


I agree. DeFalco (or Jim Shooter) should head up the RED CIRCLE/Archie superhero line of comics.

Ad my voice to those hoping that these are collected into TPB editions. (Why leave money on the table?)

— MrJM

Don’t know.

Too animation in look, seems to be aimed at kids.

Access to “archive” of old stuff, but how old? The original stuff? (you can get a DVD of scans of those) The Archie Adventure Series stuff? Mighty Comics period? Red Circle period?

Me, I (and others) are really hoping for PRINTED archives of the old stuff. Prefer TPB, but if it will only be hardcover, will go for that.

I like the sound of this! I may give this a try.

I really like the look and concept of this project. My first exposure to these characters was during DC’s Impact line in the 90s. I fell in love with them.

And although I’m not thrilled with the Digital option (I’m an old fart and like my floppies and trades), I may try it out providing it’s an option for PC users. But ideally, I stand with those who would much prefer some kind of tactile product.

Regardless, I’m looking forward to seeing this advance, and a return to greatness for these characters after DC’s failed and mishandled attempt.

I loved all the Archie Super heroes and especially hope they bring back Darkling who was only seen floating in limbo and not dead!

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