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Art comix creators pay tribute to 90s Image artists with Rub The Blood

The early 1990s era of the founding artists of Image and their lead-up work at Marvel brought a monumental change in the industry. Now a group of fans are banding together to pay tribute to the early 90’s comic book and the works of Rob Liefeld, Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane and others. The thing is, they’re not the type of fans you’d expect.

Rub The Blood is a unique anthology put together by Secret Prison editor Ian Harker and Yeah Dude Comics‘ Pat Aulisio, pulling together some of the most esoteric of Art Comix vets as well as more well-known creators like Jim Rugg (Afrodisiac) and Benjamin Marra (Night Business). The book’s title is a not-so-subtle homage to an early 1990s cover promotion for Rob Liefeld’s Bloodstrike #1 where the blood depicted on the cover had the feel of velvet. Rub The Blood will debut at the 2011 Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Fest in early December, and will presumably be available at subsequent conventions.

I intended to post this last week as the project was soliciting donations via Kickstarter, but by the time this post came up they’d already reached their $1,000 goal — with only 16 backers. It shows that although not everyone in comics remembers this era’s artwork fondly, those that do really do. Although they’ve reached their goal, you can still donate to increase the print run and be a part of this revival. Check out the Kickstarter site to donate and see the video, which includes a 90s era WWF background music track.



Hopefully this gets distrubution through Diamond. I’d preoder a copy in a heartbeat (no pun intended).

I have that issue of Bloodstrike, autographed by Dan Fraga no less.

Probably would get more money recycling it that I would selling it. lol

hey chris, its not getting distro through diamond, most likely just the convention circuit and online purchases

Colour me intrigued. I predict that in ten-fifteen years time early 90s Image art is gonna look kinda rad again. At the moment it’s too close in time and too associated with speculator burn for it to be possible to get any kind of aesthetic purchase on it. I’m looking forward to this anthology – an exploration of the Image ‘uncanny’.

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