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Batman: the hero that Gotham … desires?


Although I risk reigniting the controversy over Catwoman #1, I couldn’t resist posting this reimagining of Guillem March’s cover by DrawAARGHHH — I couldn’t find a real name — that substitutes Bruce Wayne for Selina Kyle. I think it’s the caption that hooked me: “Batman. He’s not the hero Gotham needs, but he is the one that Gotham desires.” Or maybe it was that the bag of diamonds looks vaguely phallic.

See the full image below, along with March’s original. Catwoman #2, by March and writer Judd Winick, arrives Oct. 19.


By Guillem March



you have too much free time.

Yeah, this is pretty idiotic.
Batman’s never come across as a feisty feline who plays off his sexuality.
Let’s kill the stupid, already.

I laughed.


I love me a furry chest! *purrs*

Good one. I’m sure girls the world over are swooning.

Between this, and the popularity of Kate Beaton’s “Sexy Batman” strips from Hark! A Vagrant maybe DC should issue Sexy Batman as part of their Bat-family of titles.

Also, I just noticed that Cat Woman’s right arm is remarkably short in proportion to the rest of her body.

Wow, I didn’t realize how ridiculously dong-like the jewel bag was until seeing the Batman cover.

Speaking as a gay man that Batman looks to feminine to create any arousal for me. He is not acting manly.

Well speaking as a bi man I would hit that more or less immediately.

“Or maybe it was that the bag of diamonds looks vaguely phallic.”

You didn’t think it looked phallic before?

Mathdespair has a point about this Batman being shown with rather feminine hips and waist.

The first time I saw this pic, I thought the bag of diamonds was a sausage… DX

It’s pretty obvious that the bag of diamonds is supposed to be a penis, and the diamonds falling on her breasts represents ejaculate. I mean, anyone who’s seen only a handful of porno pics can clearly see the “ejaculate on the titties” shot on this cover. It’s a standard porno shot.

Right, cause it couldnt possibly just be a bag of diamonds.

I’d argue if she isn’t licking the “diamonds” off the “tip” of the bag or rubbing the diamonds into her breasts or swallowing the diamonds and then opening her mouth to show us she swallowed the diamonds like a good girl should, then you’re probably way off base. And you are. Way way off base. You really need to watch more porn. You’re clearly an amateur when it comes to explaining the subtle nuances of money shots.

While I am willing to acknowledge your self-proclaimed indepth experience with pornography is much more extensive than mine you are wrong in this case. The Catwoman cover has clearly been drawn to be indicative of a classic pornographic shot. Anyone with basic knowledge of the media, women in media studies etc would know this. I suggest you get out a bit more – perhaps take a few classes in this field and maybe you would become a bit more aware of the hidden (and not so hidden in this case) around you.

* that should have read “hidden messages”

Peace out.

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