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Ben Katchor singlehandedly enacts major corporate reforms

Media reports on the Occupy Wall Street movement tend to express confusion about what the protestors want. This usually leads me to express confusion about whether the authors of said reports have access to Google. But regardless, perhaps OWS should consider implementing the modest proposal advanced by The Cardboard Valise cartoonist Ben Katchor in his latest strip for Metropolis magazine. In it, Katchor imagines a world in which CEOs are mandated by law to work in every store they own for fifteen minutes each, every day. Crunching the numbers and allowing for serious workaholism, that basically maxes major chains out at just under 70 branches, reasonably regionalized. But would it really improve worker conditions? Katchor’s example culminates in a “cleanup in aisle five”-type situation that raises serious questions about the policy’s efficacy in that regard, at least where janitors are concerned…



…what business has any of their branches within 5 minutes of each other, let alone all of them? Even your average McDonalds, Subway or Starbucks aren’t *that* close together, and they’re everywhere.

Nice comic. Interesting message too.

Jason, Katchor’s urban landscapes are always on just the other side of believability. But for what it’s worth, in Manhattan, Starbucks are absolutely that thick on the ground. There are four on the block I work on alone!

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