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Brandon Graham previews Prophet, teases Multiple Warheads

From "Prophet"

King City creator Brandon Graham updates his blog with a seven-page preview of Prophet, his collaboration with Simon Roy and Richard Ballermann — part of the resurrection of the Extreme Studios line announced Friday at New York Comic Con. Graham, who’s handling the writing for the series, describes their take on the ’90s Image property as “Fucking future space Conan ish.”

“This is the first really collaborative comic I’ve done,” he writes. “This is the first time I’ve had to work out how to collaborate and try to make it carry the weight of my solo comics. So yeah, this is the first time I’ve cared about collaborating.”

Graham also teases a two-page spread from Multiple Warheads, and shows off some gorgeous images from Orc Stain creator James Stokoe.



I may not be a huge fan of the mans art, but man Liefeld isn’t afraid of hiring exciting talent. Between this, and Ross Campbell on Glory, I’m reminded of the late era Stephenson-Sprouse New Men. (Which actually got me to buy Extreme publishing books back in the day.) I will definitely check this out, being a big fan of Graham from first seeing his shorts in Meathaus.

How many years between Extreme becoming the place known for excellent talent and creative output and Marvel or DC buying it effectively making it Wildstorm 2.0?

Or will this be another non-start like every other time Rob tries to get his characters going again, where a few issues come out then nothing is ever heard from them again until the next relaunch?

Taking bets now people!

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