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Cartoonist tear-gassed at Occupy Oakland

Sketch for Susie Cagle's Occupy Oakland graphic series

The Daily Cross Hatch talks to cartoonist Susie Cagle, who was at Occupy Oakland on Tuesday gathering material for her graphic series about the history of Occupy Oakland, when things turned ugly and the police threw flash grenades and tear gas canisters into the crowd. “As I crouched down to protect myself, a teargas canister rolled right under my face and exploded,” she said. She was helped at the scene by a medic from Anonymous, and she plans to go back; she was shooting a video at the time, which you can view at the site.

The tear-gassing has changed Cagle’s plans:

It was going to be a five-part piece about how different Occupy Oakland is from the rest of the occupation. When the camp was up, it was very different. They were primarily concerned with creating this functional mini-city, rather than doing focused protests and actions, which is very different than the other ones

But as so often happens in the journalism biz, the story has changed out from under her, and she’s going to stick around to see how it plays out. Stay tuned.



Is it wrong that my initial reaction after seeing this headline was “I hope it was Ted Rall”? I need to let go of some stuff.

Good! That’ll teach them!!

IK, some people have a purpose the their are people with nothing better to do. Like i am sure some of them have good intentions but dont realize their encouraging slackers to just camp around and eat charity food. Im glad i live in Boston, the police here wouldn’t put up with their shit.

Dr.Ew, please tell me you aren’t serious with that last post. If you are, do you mind answering why you support making sure a small percentage of people benefit at the expense of the rest of us (yourself included) and why you deride those who would fight for the equitable, common economic interests of the country (yourself included)? Or if you’re a Koch Bro, that’s okay, I already know what you’re up to.

Dr. Ew, I’m surprised that you consider tear gassing, flash grenading and shooting people in the face with rubber bullets as “putting up with shit.”

@Chris: Don’t forget “fracturing an Iraq War vet’s skull with a tear gas cannister”.

Damn those slacking Iraq War vets, with all that camping around and eating charity food they do.

Let me get this straight, the OWS slackers throw bottles, rocks and paint at police and it’s the fault of the police that they used tear gas? Give me a break. If you can’t do the time (in the hospital) don’t do the crime (throwing rocks and bottles).

If you watch the videos you won’t see a damn rock or bottle tossed.

Jeff, at what point are journalists subject to the brutality that you believe the protestors deserve? Reporters rights are protected in war, so why not in civil protest in America?

Someone needs to go down to these occupy camp sites and give them what they really need….job applications for McDonalds, Burger King and Taco Bell.

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